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Lula Rose Gardner: Facts About Liv Tyler & David Gardner’s Daughter

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Lula Rose Gardner is the daughter of Liv Tyler and her husband, David Gardner. Lula is the celebrity child of the famous actress and model Liv Tyler. Liv is famous for her role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Likewise, Lula’s father David is a sports manager and best friend of the star footballer, David Beckham.

This article will explore the life of the gorgeous child, Lula Rose Gardner. We will dive into her bio, her siblings, and her parents. Find out all about her in the article below.

Who is Lula Rose Gardner?

As we established, Lula Rose is the second child of actress Liv. She is also the grandchild of legendary singer-songwriter Steven Tyler. With famous parents, Lula is obviously famous for her rich and legendary family name.

Baby Lula was born on July 8, 2016. By her birth date, Lula falls under the Cancer zodiac.

Gardner is pretty popular on her mother’s social media. Liv constantly posts admiring pictures of all her children. But she especially posts about her one and only daughter. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, she posted a cute photo of her kids sleeping.

Liv Tyler with her children Lula Rose and Sailor Gene Gardner
Liv Tyler with her children Lula Rose and Sailor Gene Gardner.

She clicked the beautiful image after settling down for the day. As a mother who is always there for her children, Liv dedicated this photo to other mothers and her children Lula, Milo William, and Sailor.

Moreover, she captioned the photo:

💗 Night night UK Momma’s . Happy happy Mother’s Day , today and everyday 💗 what a blessing. Never been so tired 😂🙈🥰 completely content. I love you beyond Milo , Sailor and Lula Rose.

It is easily understandable that Liv is enjoying her life with her baby daughter and son. Moreover, Lula is an active child who constantly plays around the house and causes trouble. Liv does not hesitate to post those moments as well.

Who is Lula Rose Gardner’s mother Liv?

Liv is an A-list Hollywood star who has been in multiple movies and music videos. Liv was born to the legendary singer Steven Tyler and Playboy model Bebe Buell. 

She was born on 1st July 1977, making her 45 years old as of 2022. She has an adoptive father named Todd Rundgren. Lula Rose’s mother has lived quite an interesting life.

Liv Tyler with her children Lula Rose and Sailor Gene Gardner
Liv Tyler with her children Lula Rose and Sailor Gene Gardner.

In 1998, Tyler began dating British musician Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog. They became engaged in February 2001 and married in Barbados on March 25, 2003. Although the marriage did not last, Liv does have a son with him named Milo William Langdon.

For a long time, Lula’s mother did not want to date. But eventually, she met David Gardner in 2014 and fell in love. The splendid duo did not waste a second and became engaged in 2015. Shortly after, they tied the knot and settled down immediately.

Lula Rose Gardner’s father is a sports manager

Unlike Lula’s mother Liv Tyler, her father David Gardner is more famous in the sports industry. The British sports manager had his whole life settled in Manchester, UK.

David was previously married to a British socialite, Davinia Taylor. At their wedding, renowned football player David Beckham served as the Best Man. From David’s marriage to Liv, Lula has a half-brother named, Grey Gardner.

David and Liv had an unusual relationship that they both did not anticipate. Tyler and Gardner met through their mutual friend and model, Kate Moss. Thanks to Kate, David found a lovely soulmate in Liv.

How many siblings does Lula Rose Gardner have?

Lula has many brothers in her family. She has two half-brothers from both of her parents’ previous relationships. Additionally, she has only one biological brother.

From Lula’s father’s previous relationship, Lula has a brother named Grey Gardner. Her father has full custody of his son Grey. They currently live together in their home in London.

Lula Rose with her siblings Sailor Gene and Grey Gardner
Lula Rose with her siblings Sailor Gene Gardner and Grey Gardner.

Likewise, Lula has a half-brother named Milo William Langdon. Milo was born from her mother Liv’s relationship with Royston Langdon. Liv has shared custody of Milo with Roy. Therefore, Lula enjoys some days with her brother too.

Finally, Lula has one biological older brother named Gene Sailor Gardner. Gene is the first child from Liv and David’s relationship. Lula and Gene have only one year gap so they both enjoy their childhood together.

What is Lula Rose doing right now?

Currently, Lula Rose is enjoying her time in Great Britain. Her mother Liv constantly shares their lovely home and surrounding in Manchester on her social media handle.

Lula Rose was once seen in a stadium with former footballer David Beckham. Moreover, the whole family was filmed in the Manchester Stadium, Old Trafford. As her father is a sports manager, Lula is more likely to be pictured in such events.

As we can see in Liv’s Instagram posts, Lula is a very active child who causes a lot of trouble.  With such an energetic body, Lula might grow up to be a sportsperson as well. Until then, Lula is busy being a mischievous toddler enjoying her childhood in Manchester.