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Manuela Escobar-Facts About Pablo Escobar’s Only Daughter

Manuela Escobar is the only daughter of the greatest Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar. Her father was often described as the “drug lord” or “king of Cocaine.” At Escobar’s prime time, almost 80% of the world’s total drugs were in control of the Medellin Cartel which was formed by Manuela’s father. Although Escobar earned the tag of one of the most notorious drug dealers of all time, Escobar was also a loving father who always kept his family out of his business and was responsible to his family.

Sadly, Manuela’s life had not been the same since her dad’s demise. She is living her life quite privately with a new name and identity now. Besides her father’s notoriety, what about Manuela’s mother? She also has a brother from her parents’ marital relationship. Well, here are many things that need to be answered including her love life, current whereabouts, and her life after her father Pablo’s demise.

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Manuela Escobar’s Age and Her Short Bio

Pablo’s daughter Manuela Escobar was born on 25th May 1984 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. Escobar is 38 years old now and is the only daughter of Pablo Escobar and his wife Maria Victoria Henao. During her early childhood, she had to move from place to place due to the fear of Pablo Escobar’s rival cartels. She spent most of her childhood in the various villa and secret islands bought by her father to keep his family out of the sight of his rivals and Colombian police.

Talking about Manuela’s ethnicity, she belongs to Colombian ethnic background and holds dual nationality of Colombia and Argentina. Manuela attended Jewish High school in Argentina and also completed her graduation.

Who Is Manuela Escobar’s Mother? Were Her Parents Ever Married?

Escobar’s mother is Maria Isabel Santos and her real name was Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo. She was born in 1961 in Colombia. Maria met her future hubby Pablo in 1974 when she was just 13 years old in her hometown in Envigado.

The two exchanged their vow in 1976. At that time, Pablo was 26 years and his wife Maria was 15 years old. Soon after her marriage, she came to know about Pablo’s involvement in various illegal and criminal activities. During several interviews and talk shows, Maria often says her husband was a “fearless man.”

Maria Isabel Santos
Colombian Drug king, Pablo Escobar’s widow, Maria Isabel Santos currently resides in Argentina

Following her husband’s death, Santos also wrote a book named “Pablo and Me: My Life with Escobar” describing her entire life and her relationship with the drug lord. Also, the book featured various facts regarding Pablo’s cartel and his rival cartels in the country at that time.

Who Is Manuela’s Elder Brother?

Manuela is not a single child of her parents. She has an elder brother named Sebastian Marroquin who was born on February 24th, 1977 in Medellin, Colombia. Marroquin is 45 years old as of 2022. Her brother Sebastian is a graduate student who earned a degree in architecture from the Universidad of Palermo. He even changed his name after his father’s demise.

Many might not know but Sebastian Marroquin is an author and his first book Sins of My Father was published in 2009. The book was based on his father building a drug empire and the book also included various criminal activities of Pablo Escobar. He even apologized to the victims who suffered because of his father’s crime and published the book under his new name Sebastian Marroquin.

Manuela Escobar's elder brother
Manuela’s brother Sebastian Marroquin is an author and architecture by profession

Back in 2014, the author again published the book “Pablo Escobar: My Father Which Art in Heaven.”  The book also became a best-seller in Latin America. It is the first book, Juan published under his real name Juan Pablo Escobar Henao.

For his accomplishment in writing, in 2017, Manuela’s brother was awarded the Golden Book Award for “Pablo Escobar in Fraganti” in the category of international author.

Her Father Was Shot By US Force

The increasing violence and war between the rival cartel affected ordinary people a lot during the early 90s. Manuela Escobar’s father was even America’s greatest enemy at that time. Not only the US government but also Colombian and various other countries of South America were after Pablo Escobar. But, he escaped multiple times from prison and there was no sign of stopping Escobar at the time.

It was the 2nd of December in 1993 when the American force with the Colombian army attacked Pablo’s residence in Medellin. The tip from an unknown source led the force to attack the entire residential area and during the clash between Pablo’s gang members and Force, Escobar was shot down while trying to escape from the roof.

Where is Manuela Escobar Today? Her Life After Pablo’s Death

Following the demise of Manuela’s father, Manuela with her mother and brother moved out of the country. Her brother also revealed that the airlines were not ready to provide them tickets under the “Escobar” name. Due to this Manuela, her brother, and their mother had to change their names even.

Manuela Escobar changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos and currently, she resides in Argentina. Once or twice a year, she flies back to her hometown in Colombia.

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar's daughter
Manuela Escobar currently lives in Argentina with a new identity

Following her father’s demise, the Escobar family moved to Brazil and then South Africa, Peru, and finally settled in Argentina. Back in 1999, her brother and mother were arrested on the charge of falsifying documents and laundering drug money. However, everything was settled later and all the charges were dropped down.

Even after settling down in Argentina, Manuela had to struggle a lot and was also denied to go to school either. Manuela’s brother also said that she even attempted a suicide couple of times.

Is Manuela Escobar Dating A Boyfriend?

Well, Pablo Escobar’s daughter has lived her life out of any media limelight. Manuela has never talked about her dating and love affairs so far. She seems quite secret when it comes to the matter of her personal life.

Unlike her brother Sebastian who married his long-time girlfriend Maria Angeles Sarmiento, Manuela is reportedly single as of 2022. Her brother Sebastian also has a son named Juan Emilion Escobar from his wife. However, seeing Manuela’s age we can assume, she might have couple of relationships in the past.

Pablo’s Daughter Manuela Is A Dog Lover

Many might be unknown of the fact that the daughter of the most violent and notoriety man is a peaceful and pet-loving person. Those who go through Manuela Escobar’s IG can clearly notice that she has posted various photos of her dogs.

Manuela Escobar
Manuela Escobar: Daughter of the Colombian Drug king is a pet-loving woman

Manuela has two dogs named Alica and Gris. She also has posted several photos of her pooches on her Instagram handle. Back in June 2021, she posted a photo captioning it,

You guys know that I like dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, breeds, and non-breeds, but since I met Gris I declare myself a fan of #SabuesoFinoColombiano. Did you know that it’s the only 100% Colombian breed? It was just registered in 2015.

Does Escobar Have Instagram?

Pablo Escobar’s daughter Manuela Escobar is quite active on social media platforms. Manuela has an Instagram account where she goes by @manuelaescobar and has around 14.3k followers. She keeps on sharing her lavish lifestyle through her social media handles.

Manuela Escobar’s Lavish Lifestyle: Her Dad Pablo Once Burned $2 Million For His Daughter

There are several facts regarding how rich Pablo really was. He didn’t even have the idea how much did he actually own at the time. On top of that, Pablo once burned nearly $2 million just because his daughter Manuela after she felt cold. So, there is no need to explain how luxurious Manuela’s early life was.

It was estimated Pablo Escobar’s net worth was around $70 billion at the time of his demise. The major portion of his income was, however, illegal and had been earned from illegal weapon supply, extortion, as well as suggmulling drugs to different parts of the world.

Besides, talking about Manuela’s own net worth, it is $1.5 million in 2022.