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Marcy Wudarski: Into The Lives of Baby-mother & Ex-wife of James Gandolfini

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Marcy Wudarski is an American film producer. She is famous for her marriage to actor and producer James Gandolfini. Her ex-husband is a recipient of three Emmy Awards and has appeared in movies like True Romance, The Last Castle, Enough Said, & others.

With fame comes the many fans and so many questions of those fans. Similarly, Wudarski is no exception, fans are always eager to know more about Gandolfini’s ex-wife. Plus, after his untimely demise of the Sopranos star, the question of his baby’s mother has gained even more traction.

So, in this episode, we will deal with the life of Mary Wudarski. We will look into her early life, her relationship and marriage with James Wudarski, their children, her professional life, and many other kinds of stuff. So, let us dive right in.

Marcy Wudarski was born in a military family

Marcy Wudarski was born Marcella Ann Wudarski on February 6, 1967, in Hudson, Florida, the United States of America. She is 54 years old as of the year 2021.

Marcy Wudarski is a successful American film producer
Marcy Wudarski Is A Successful American Film Producer

Wudarski was born into a military, working-class family. Her father, Edward B. Wudarski, was a former Army lieutenant colonel, and a retired comptroller for the Department of the Army in Washington. Both her father and her mother, Mary Ann Wudarski, were natives of Pennsylvania.

Her parents are no more in this world

Unfortunately, both of Marcy’s father and mother are no more. Born in March 1920, Marcy’s father Edward died on 23rd March, six days after his 66th birthday in 1986.

The late old colonel was a veteran of the Korea war and world war two, as well. On the other hand, Marcy’s mother Mary died on 19th October 1998, in Hudson, Florida. She was 67 at the time of her death.

Educational background of Marcy Wudarski

Marcy graduated from Bayonet Point Junior High School in Hudson, Florida in 1981. The details about her further education seem to be under the wraps.

Marcy Wudarski’ professional career: She is a film producer

Born into a working-class family, Marcy started working very early in her life. She worked multiple jobs just to make the ends meet. She primarily worked in the movie industry and had a certain attachment to it.

So, she became a film producer. The movie, ”Wish you were here” was produced by Wudarski. It was a very entertaining movie and received wider acclaim by fans and critics alike. Other than this, we do not know much about her professional life. Well, we wish her will on whatever noble venture she is up to.

How did Marcy Wudarski meet her late ex-husband James?

Well, Wudarski met the popular later actor Jame after he hired her as his assistant. It was in 1995 and Gandolfini’s career was growing at a rapid pace. He had a major part in hit Hollywood movies like, Get Shorty and Crimson Tide. As his career was growing, he hired a new assistant, a pretty blonde named Marcy Wudarski. Marcy had never even heard of Gandolfini before, but she accepted the job.

Talking to the New York Post much later, Marcy recalled her first acquaintance with her late husband and said:

‘He was nobody when we met. I was working between jobs, working for a movie company, and a friend suggested I be a part-time helper, do some piddling things for ‘this actor you never heard of who’s made a couple of nothing movies’.

Wudarski surely was oblivious of the stardom Gandolfini was about to achieve with the blockbuster series, The Sopranos.

Marcy Wudarski moved in with her then-boyfriend James in 1996

Soon after Marcy started working for James, they began dating. Initially, the couple moved in together into James’s West Village Apartment he had bought in 1996 before The Sopranos had even started.

Marcy Wudarski's late former husband James Gandolfini
Marcy Wudarski’s late former husband James Gandolfini

After the show started and money started pouring in, they purchased the adjoining apartment and started furnishing it themselves with stuff they bought at stores.

Marcy and James Gandolfini married each other in 1999

Well, Marcy and James exchanged vows in March 1999. From the first meeting in 1995 to getting married in 1997, they had come a long way together. They had a low-key wedding, an intimate gathering with only close relatives, friends, and family present.

Both of them were very much in love with each other. After The Sopranos became a big hit, James bought a $15,000 necklace for Marcy which she wore to the Emmys.

Marcy Wudarski with her son Michael Gandolfini.
Marcy Wudarski with her son Michael Gandolfini

Marcy was already pregnant with Gandolfini’s child when they tied the knot. A couple of months after their marriage, Marcy gave birth to Michael Gandolfini on May 10, 1999. Their son Michael is an actor as well.

They lived in the neighborhood of World Trade Center when 9/11 occurred

When the two jetliners, hijacked by terrorists, smashed into World Trade Center, Marcy and her family were only about two miles from the WTC in their West Village Apartment. It was a very dark time not only for the Gandolfini family but for the whole of America and the world.

The new parents were especially worried about their then-toddler son, Michael.

As things were just starting to look fine, their relationship hit an unexpected turn. As the matter was further complicated and resentments arose, James unexpectedly filed for divorce in 2002. Marcy was mystified by the decision.

Marcy Wudarski’s divorce was a very bitter one

According to online sources, from the beginning of 2001, their marriage was already starting to look grim. On February 1, 2001, Gandolfini left Marcy’s duplex in the West Village apartment and he never went back. A year later, in March 2002, James filed for divorce.

The divorce proceeding was excruciatingly hard for the couple. In October 2002, The National Enquirer published a story and wrote that Marcy claimed Gandolfini had entered drug and alcohol rehabilitation in 1998, and the co-stars like Edie Falco had tried to get him to stop.

James, thus, sat down with The National Enquirer in 2002 and admitted he had problems with drugs and alcohol four years earlier. Furthermore, he also added that it was Marcy’s emotional volatility and temperamental behavior that soured their relationship.

In December 2002, Wudarski and Gandolfini were finally divorced. She got the West Village Apartment, worth $2 million dollars, and their son Michael, then 3 years old, continued to live with the mother. James got himself an apartment downtown in the Tribeca neighborhood.

Despite the harrowing ordeal of the divorce, they separated on an amicable note. Talking to the New York Post after divorce, Marcy said:

‘I always believed Jim would be there for me. That he’d take care of me and love me, as I did him. That we’d be together for 90 years. His family became my family.’

It’s sad that their relationship had to end like that, but life happens, doesn’t it?

Marcy’s ex-husband died of a heart attack on vacation in Italy

Her ex-spouse James Gandolfini died of a heart attack on June 19, 2013, while he was on a vacation in Italy. It was his son, Michael, who discovered his body in the bathroom of a 5-star hotel. It was shocking news for everyone around the world, the actor was just 51-years-old.

Marcy also attended the funeral service of her ex-husband in Saint John’s Church, one of the biggest churches in New York City. The whole cast of Sopranos was present in the service, along with thousands of well-wishers, fans, friends, and relatives.

James Gandolfini Was married Twice

After his divorce from Wudarski, James married for the second time. This time, he married actress & model Deborah Lin on August 30, 2008, in her hometown in Honolulu, Hawaii. Before they tied the knot, the couple dated for around two years.

Around four years after their wedding, the former duo also welcomed a daughter named Liliana Ruth Gandolfini in October 2012.

Where is Marcy Wudarski now?

After her divorce from Gandolfini, the 54-year-old Wudarski has led a relatively secretive life. We rarely see her at public events, neither is she frequent in front of the press.

It is also unclear if she is dating a new man or if she got married again. Moreover, she is active on Instagram, but her account is set to private, so it is hard to know what is going on in her life.

Meanwhile, she is busy raising her son, who is growing up to be an exceptional man like his father.

Marcy’s son Michael wants to be an actor

Following the footsteps of his father and living up to his Hollywood heritage, Michael has decided to become an actor. Michael even acted as a young Tony Soprano in the 2021 film,  “The Many Saints of Newark”. James must be smiling up in heaven. And Marcy is very proud of her son’s accomplishments at the tender age of 22.

How much is Marcy Wudarski Net Worth?

As a successful individual, Marcy definitely has made a good sum of money. However, she has not revealed an exact sum of her wealth so far. On the other hand, Gandolfini had around $70 million in net worth at the time of his death.