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Maria Aquinar

Maria Sandra Muir Aquinar, rose into stardom after she married the heavy metal, and hard rock singer Sebastian Bach during the mid-1980s.

Sebastian Philip Bierk is a Canadian singer who achieved mainstream success as the frontman of the American rock band Skid Row. He has also appeared in film and television shows and is currently continuing his music career as a solo artist.

Everyone admired and praised their perfect marriage, but why did the couple later decide to split? What was the reason for the former flames’ seemingly perfect marriage ending? To find the answer to these questions along with some interesting facts about Maria’s early life, career, kids with Sebastian Bach, and what she is currently doing keep on reading.

Maria Aquinar Childhood and Early Life

She was born on the 26th of December 1963, in the city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. But, she was raised and grew up at, 99 swimming river road, Middletown in New Jersey, USA.

She graduated from Brookdale Community College in 2019. As of 2022, she is 58 years old.

Maria was born in the 60s, so we don’t know much about her early life. However, we do know both her parents were present during her upbringing and she had a normal childhood.

Sebastian Bach’s Ex-wife Career and Livelihood

Sebastian’s ex-wife Maria, has a career that is shrouded with mystery. Though, it is safe to assume that her relationship with the popular singer opened up many career paths for her.

She made her first public appearance, in a video documentary about her husband in 2004, titled ‘Sebastian Bach; Forever Wild’. She also appeared in the reality television series called ‘Supergroup’ for four episodes in 2006, with her husband.

In the episodes, she participated in photoshoots with adult movie star Tera Patrick.

Sebastian Bach wife Maria Aquinar
Maria Aquinar also worked as a model.

Through her role in ‘Supergroup’ along with her beautiful appearance, she gathered a lot of attention which gave her modeling opportunities in the following years. She was rumored to be a very sought-after model during the 90s and early 2000s.

Besides modeling, Maria also worked as her now ex-husband’s manager before their split.

The History between Maria and her former spouse Sebastian Bach

It’s not clear when the now-former husband and wife met each other, but they started dating each other in the mid-1980s. Neither Maria nor Sebastian were famous when they met each other.

Sebastian stated that he knew Maria was different, from the moment he met her. He further added that Maria was the first girl that he ever met who didn’t sleep with him right away.

In a video posted on youtube titled ‘I married Sebastian Bach,’ Bach said,

Maria Sandra is my soulmate, she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She protects me, she makes love to me and she gives me coffee in the morning.” 

Marriage and Children

Bach was recording some demo when he received a call from Maria. In the call, she revealed that Bach was soon going to be a father. Soon after, on March 4, 1988, the couple had their first child, a son whom they named Paris Francis Muir Bach.

Bach was only 19 and Maria was 24 when Paris was born. The singer was in a New York airport, on his way to Maria, when he heard that he was now the father of a beautiful baby boy.

Only four more years after the birth of their first son, they took wedding vows with each other in July of 1992.

Maria Aquinar Wedding Sebastian Bach
Maria and Sebastian on their wedding day.

Following their marriage, they welcomed their second son London Siddhartha Halford Bach on January 17, 1994. During this time, Bach was having arguments with his bandmates in Skid Row. 

Finally, in the year 2007 on July 15, they welcomed their final child and only daughter and named her, Sebastiana Maria Chantal Bach.

Why did the perfect couple file for divorce?

The duo was close to hitting the twenty-year mark as a couple when they started having problems in their relationship.

Sebastian noted that the main reason the relationship started to fail was because of the internet. In an interview with Revolver magazine, he explained that we should leave the past in the past and not dig it up or it is bound to confuse us.

Things between the partners started getting bitter when a book named The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, was published in 2010. The book accused Sebastian of carrying a case full of sex toys during his tours, which he would use on multiple women backstage. When confronted, the former Skid Row singer denies all accusations.

But, after 18 long years of being together Maria, filed for divorce and the couple separated in September of 2010.

There were rumors of Sebastian having meetings with model Minnie Gupta during the latter years of his marriage with Maria, which he denies any part of. But later on, after the divorce, Sebastian got engaged to Minnie so we leave the speculations up to you.

Her Appearance and Ethnicity

Maria Aquinar is 170 cm tall, which is about 5 feet 7 inches. She has a super slim body complemented by her brunette hair and brown eyes. Due to her physique, she has worked as a model and is used to taking extra care of her appearance.

Through her birth name, we know that she is of mixed European heritage. She is most likely of Greek/Scottish descent.

What is Maria Aquinar doing now?

Maria left with her daughter to start a new life in New Jersey, after her divorce in 2010. There have been reports that she has started participating, and is helping people lead a fitness lifestyle. Through her Instagram page, we can also find that she is living a vegan lifestyle.

Maria is also rumored to be dating adult actress Tera Patrick.

Maria Aquinar son Paris
Maria with her son Paris.

Sebastian on the other hand got engaged to model Minnie Gupta, which he later broke off in 2014. He is currently married to Suzanne Le, to whom he proposed on December 28, 2014.

Recently on December 24, 2021, on Maria’s birthday, her mother passed away after her long fight with cancer. She posted pictures of her mother and some of her childhood photos on her Facebook page commemorating her mother’s death.

Relationship between Maria Aquinar and Sebastian Bach after the divorce

Even though the couple’s relationship ended in a divorce, they are still good friends each other. The former flames are still on good terms, so as to not affect their children’s life.

Surprisingly, Sebastian’s now-wife Suzanne and Maria get along pretty well. Maria has also posted that Suzanne was the best stepmother you could ask for.

Maria Aquinar Suzanne Le
Maria with her ex-spouse Sebastian’s current wife Suzanne.

After meeting her husband’s former wife, Suzanne added a picture on Instagram and captioned it,

” I think it’s pretty awesome when everyone comes together for the sake of the children, and it’s even better when you become great friends out of it!…I think @mariabierk should move to L.A! Any single, Eligible men in L.A? Need your credit score.  😆 kidding”

Sebastian met Suzanne through his friend David Draiman. Suzanne is a longtime friend of Davis’s wife Lena Yada.

Social Media

Maria has an Instagram and Facebook account where she is not active at all recently. Her latest Facebook post was her informing us about her mother’s death.

Maria also has a now-abandoned Twitter account. Her latest post on Twitter was from 2018, where she wished her followers a happy new year.

Maria Aquinar’ Net Worth

Maria Aquinar has a net worth of around $1 million. She acquired the majority of her money, through her divorce settlement with the former rock singer Sebastian Bach.