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Marshall Williams Manning-All About Peyton Manning’s Twin Son

Marshall Williams Manning is the twin kid of Peyton Manning, a former National Football League quarterback. He is famous for his prolific NFL career and also has a history of record-breaking performance, securing 509 career drop goals. Besides, having such a high-profile celebrity father, is Marshall’s mother also a famous personality?

As Marshall is the son of a renowned player, many fans are often curious to know if Marshall also plays football like his father. Is the star kid also following in the footstep of his father? Furthermore, where is Marshall now?

Well, here are several queries regarding Peyton Manning’s son that we are going to discuss today including his age, childhood life, cousins, net worth, and many more. Let’s explore everything about him!

How Old Is Marshall Williams Manning? Early Life And Family Details

Marshall is 11 years old star kid who was born on March 31, 2011, in Indianapolis. He is the twin child of Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley Manning. Marshall shares his birthdate with his twin sister Mosley Thompson Manning. Their parents had kept the pregnancy news secret and even after they welcomed a set of twins, the public was notified only after ten days.

Furthermore, Marshall is the grandson of Olivia Williams Manning and Archie Manning, a professional football player. From Marshall’s mother’s side, her grandparents are Marsha Thompson and Bill Thompson. Likewise, the star kid’s great-grandfather Elisha Archibald Manning was originally from Mississippi.

Regarding Manning’s ethnicity, the star kid has a mixed ethnic background as his father belongs to English and German roots as well as has a little bit of German and Swiss ethnic background. And his nationality is American.

Who Are Marshall Manning’s Cousins? His Twin Sister

Marshall has two uncles named Eli Manning and Copper Manning. Eli Manning is the father of Lucy Thomas Manning, Ava Frances Manning, Charles Elisha Manning, and Caroline Olivia Manning.

Likewise, Copper is the father of Arch Manning, May Manning, and Heid Manning. So, altogether, Marshall has seven cousins. All the cousins are often seen at family functions and gatherings and share close bonding with each other.

Mosley thompson Manning Twin sibling
Marshall Williams Manning has a twin sibling named, Mosley Thompson Manning

As mentioned earlier, Marshall also has a twin sister named Mosley Thompson Manning.

Who Is Marshall Williams Manning’s Mother?

Marshall Manning’s mother is Ashley Thompson, born on December 2nd, 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee. His mom Ashley is a successful real estate businesswoman and is the owner of her own real estate company. Apart from her start-up, Thompson is also a minority owner of her hometown NBA team, The Memphis Grizzlies, sharing ownership with some other renowned celebrities like Penny Hardaway and Justin Timberlake.

Besides business, Marshall’s mom Ashley is also actively involved in various charity activities. She is the co-founder of the PeyBeck Foundation along with her husband. The foundation basically works for underprivileged and at-risk youth in Louisiana, Indiana, and Tennessee. Ashley raises funds from various activities for breast cancer as her mother lost her life due to the same disease.

Ashley Manning
Marshall’s mother is a real estate businesswomen

On top of that, Marshall’s mother was also actively involved in helping the frontline workers in Tennessee during the COVID-19 outbreak by providing meals and several other financial support.

Marshall’s Parents Are Together For Almost Two Decades

The beautiful couple Peyton and Ashley are together for over two decades now. The two first crossed each other’s paths while Ashley was in town for visiting the university, which Ashley attended afterward. Luckily, Peyton and Ashley were next-door neighbors and their introduction was first conducted by Ashley’s parents.

Eventually, the two started dating and maintained their long-distance relationship. Peyton went to Tennessee and played football for the University of Tennessee and his wife-to-be, Ashley went on to pursue a marketing and finance degree at the University of Virginia.

Marshall Williams Manning's parents
Peyton Manning and Ashley Manning are together since their marriage

After her graduation, Ashely and her husband-to-be reunited and the duo exchanged vows in Memphis on 17th March 2001. It’s been 21 years since they got married and the couple is still together and is happily married without any disputation and separation rumors.

In 2011, when Peyton had a major neck injury while playing football, the player gave credit to his wife for his fast recovery. He also revealed that his wife Ashley had encouraged him and not let him retire early.

Does Marshall Williams Manning Play Football Like His Father?

Well, the star kid belongs to a family where most of his family members are into games. In this regard, people often raise the question of whether the son also plays like his father, and the answer to this is yes. Marshall may not be as good as his father was but the 11-year-old has grown interested in football over the period.

Peyton Manning and his son play together. Marshall had attended almost every match of his father playing. Back in 2015, right before the match against Arizona Cardinals at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Thursday night in Colorado, Marshall was seen warming off alongside his dad. The activity of a four-year-old little boy was quite fascinating and Manning nearly stole the show.

Marshall Williams Manning
Peyton Manning’s son, Marshall Williams is often seen with his father in the football stadiums

Furthermore, the incident also caught the eye of thousands of people who were present over there, the eye catch incident is one of the moments that father and son shared together. Furthermore, it also showed the close bonding between Marshall Williams and his father.

Is Marshall Active On Social Media Platforms?

Well, up to now, the star kid is still a minor to have his own social media handles. His father, Peyton Manning often posts videos and photos of his son Marshall on his Instagram handle where he has almost 256k followers. The star kid’s father, Peyton goes by @Peytonmanning on his Insta handle. Likewise, he is also quite active on other social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

How Rich Is Peyton Manning’s Son, Marshall Williams Manning?

Marshall is living his life in the lap of luxury as both of his parents have quite good earnings. But, the celebrity child is too small to have his own earnings, and due to this, Marshall doesn’t have his own net worth.

On the other hand, Marshall’s dad Peyton has an estimated net worth of $250 million as of 2022. The former NFL quarterback has earned the majority of his income from his successful football career. Likewise, his mother also earns quite a good amount of money from her respective profession. She has an estimated net worth of $ 2 million as of 2022.

In addition, the Manning family currently resides in Denver, Colorado. His parents bought the 16,464-square feet mansion for about $4.5 million in 2012.