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Meet Alexa Jeong, Twin Daughter of “The Hangover” Actor Ken Jeong

Alexa Jeong is a celebrity child, well known for being the daughter of famous stand-up comedian and actor Ken Jeong. She is one of Ken’s twin daughters.

Ken Jeong aka Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong is an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, writer, and licensed physician. He rose into prominence for playing Leslie Chow in The Hangover film series. Other than that, Ken is also known for his roles in the NBC series Community, and the ABC sitcom Dr.Ken.

Alexa is at a very young and impressionable age, so how has her parent’s fame changed the way she thinks? what does Alexa want to do when she grows up? To answer these questions, along with information about her early childhood, education, ethnicity, and parents, keep on scrolling.

Alexa Jeong Early Life And Education

Alexa Jeong was born to her father Ken Jeong and her mother Tran Ho in California, United States. She was born on May 26, 2007, along with her fraternal twin sister Zooey Jeong.

Owing to the fact that she is a celebrity daughter, her life is shrouded in mystery. Alexa is currently studying at a private school that remains unnamed. In an interview with Ellen, Ken revealed that his daughter Alexa was into gymnastics and had joined a gymnastics class in 2015. Since both of her parents are highly educated, Alexa Jeong seems more focused on her education.

Alexa Jeong childhood photo
Alexa Jeong when she was a child

Alexa’s grandparents are both of Asian descent, so even though she was born in the USA, Alexa is of Asian heritage. Alexa’s grandparents on her father’s side are South Korean, whereas on her mother’s side they are of Vietnamese lineage. Hence, Alexa Jeong herself is half Korean and half Vietnamese.

How Has Her Father Ken Jeong Being A Celebrity Affected Alexa

Alexa’s father Ken, grew up in an unfamiliar environment. His parents left their close friends and family and came to an unfamiliar land, in search of new and better opportunities. Ken tried to fully utilize the opportunities his parents had provided him so that he and his family can have a better life.

Alexa Jeong’s Father Ken’s Life In Brief

Ken Jeong was born to South Korean immigrant parents, in Detroit, Michigan. His father D.K Jeong received his Ph.D. in economics from Wayne State University. Ken, influenced by his father’s educated past, participated in quiz bowls and was elected to the student council.

Ken, later became a doctor when he obtained his M.D. at the UNC School of Medicine in 1995. The father of two worked as a physician and a part-time stand-up comedian from 1998 to 2006. But after his big break in 2006, Ken followed his passion and became a full-time entertainer.

Alexa Want To Follow in Her Mother Tran’s Footsteps

Even though Zooey and Alexa are twin sisters, their personalities are very different. Unlike her sister Zooey who has appeared in multiple shows alongside their father Ken Jeong, Alexa prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Alexa’s mother Tran Ho, is a Vietnamese American, a family physician, and a breast cancer survivor. Just like her husband Ken, she has an M.D.  from UCLA and is a licensed medical practitioner.

Alexa’s father Ken Jeong said in a conversation,

“I don’t mind what they do. It would be hypocritical for me to mind what they do. But they want to be like mommy.

I could not be any happier,” added the doting father.

SIsters Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong posing besides a stuffed Koala bear
Alexa Jeong with her sister Zooey Jeong (right)

As of 2022, Alexa is just 15 years old and still in her sophomore year. But until now, she looks more interested in her mother’s profession rather than her father’s and wants to pursue the same career path her mother did.

Her Mother Is A Cancer Survivor

Ken and Tran Jeong welcomed their twin daughters in the year 2007 and we’re excited to enter parenthood. But, their excitement was short-lived as just one year later Tran was diagnosed with stage III triple-negative breast cancer and given a 23-percent chance of survival.

The news was devastating for the family of four. Alexa was just one at the time, so for her children, Tran drew strength from within and fought back against cancer. Seeing his wife’s grace and poise, Ken realized he’d have to stand up and be the man his children’s mother needed him to be. So, he became the man who would match Tran’s strength and became her constant support throughout her battle with cancer.

Ken Jeong and his wife Tran Jeong dressed up as scooby and daphne
Alexa Jeong’s father Ken Jeong and mother Tran Jeong

Finally, after her grueling treatments which included 16 chemotherapy sessions, and a mastectomy, followed by radiation, Tran became cancer-free. After the exhausting two years, in 2010 the family of four regained their happiness after Trans won against cancer.

The Aftermath After the Cancer And Its Effect On Ken

In 2011, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Ken penned a lengthy blog in the Huffington Post, praising his wife’s courage to fight cancer.

Ken expressed his relief after his wife won the battle with cancer in the blog writing,

“When Tran was told she was cancer-free, it was the greatest moment of my life. In a way, it surpassed our wedding and the birth of our girls because it meant that we would be able to celebrate both of those moments, for the rest of our lives. In those two years, I fell in love with my wife all over again and discovered a deeper love and appreciation for her than I ever had. For that, I am thankful.”

Alexa’s parents said that it was their humor that got them through their tough time. They were just trying to find light in the darkness.

Alexa’s Parents’ Marital Situation

Ken and Tran have been married for over 18 years. The couple met each other when they were both working at Kaiser Permanente in the Woodland Hills, California in 2002. They soon hit it off and after a few years, the lovebirds tied the knot in September of 2004, in a privately organized wedding.

The pair welcomed their daughters Alexa Jeong and Zooey Jeong on May 26, 2007, nearly three years after their marriage. Just like any couple they did have hardships in their relationship. As mentioned previously, Alexa’s mother Tran got diagnosed with cancer in 2008. But the family got through it with each other’s support and are now running on their 19th year of marriage.

Ken, Zooey, Alexa and Tran Jeong boating on a family trip
Alexa Jeong boating with her family in Maui

Alexa’s parents have a very admirable relationship. Ken and Tran have selflessly helped each other throughout their career. Even though Tran had cancer she forced Ken to follow his passion and take up the role in The Hangover. Similarly, Ken helped Tran throughout her fight with cancer through humor and emotional support.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Alexa Jeong is only 15. She doesn’t have any source of income and is dependent on her parents for money.

Alexa’s father Ken, on the other hand, is pretty settled down. Through his work as a family physician, a successful actor, and a world-class comedian he has amassed a net worth of more than $14 million.

Ken and Tran Jeong own a $3.5 million home in Calabasas, California which the couple bought in 2016. The pair along with their twin daughters Alexa and Zooey, currently reside in the 6,700-square feet luxury house located in the gated residents.

Is Alexa On Any Social Media

Like most teenagers Alexa might be active on social media, but similar to her personal life, she keeps it very private. Her father Ken, said in an interview with Ellen, that both his daughters Alexa and Zooey have him blocked on Instagram and muted on Twitter. The father of two jokingly told Ellen, that the reason that his daughters don’t think of him as a cool dad.