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Alexandre De Meyer

Meet Alexandre De Meyer: Here’s Everything About Danielle Colby’s Ex-Husband,

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Alexandre De Meyer gained fame among the general audience through his relationship with History’s reality star, Danielle Colby. Individually, he is a French citizen who has established himself in the US as a graphic designer and a sort of beer connoisseur.

Ever since his relationship with Colby came to an end in 2015, fans have been wondering about his endeavors; asking all the questions. Has he moved on? What actually went wrong between him and Colby and all such things.

So, know what De Meyer’s up to these days. Get in-depth insights into his early life, his relationship with Danielle Colby all the way up to his current love affair.

Who Is Alexandre De Meyer?

Other than the ex-husband of the American Pickers star, De Meyer is a graphic designer from France. He was born in Voiron, France. While his birth year is still unknown, he has been known to celebrate his birthday on March 22nd.  He is the son of Mimi De Meyer, a Lille native. As of the present she lives in Rhone-Alpes, France.

De Meyer grew up with his sister in the French Alps and hails from a working-class family. The former husband of Danielle studied commerce at Lycée Édouard Herriot in Lyon, France.

Alexandre De Meyer
Alexandre De Meyer. Source: Facebook

He then went to Lycée Pierre Beghin and after that studied at College Robert Desnos in Masny, France. 

De Meyer initially got his hands into graphics by designing banners, postcards, cover fine arts, and so on.

In the design world, he is famous for designing the blueprints for the famous Michelin Museum in Clearmont-Ferrand France.

Meyer currently runs Neuf Vies (Nine Lives), an online website that sells t-shirts, posters, and postcards. He sells a variety of artistic items via its Facebook page. In addition, the artist creates cover artwork as well as logos. He also works in a screenprint workshop called Going Blind and owns a printing shop in Chicago, Illinois.

Alexandre De Meyer’s Relationship With Danielle Colby

Alexandre met Colby after he designed her logo for her boutique “4 Miles 2 Memphis” back in 2011. Although the duo never mentioned when they tied the knot, rumors suggest they had their big day about one year after their first meeting.

Alexander De Meyer with his ex-wife, Danielle Colby
Alexander De Meyer with his ex-wife, Danielle Colby. Source: Facebook

Alexandre De Meyer and Colby quietly divorced back on June 5, 2015. In November 2015, De Meyer asked for spousal support following the divorce.

The ex-husband also filed a petition for lawyer fees. Their divorce came to an end on 30th December 2015.

Before De Meyer, Danielle was the wife of Chad Cushman with whom she shared two children. Presently, Colby is in a relationship with her boyfriend-turned-fiance Jeremy Scheuch.

Who Is Alexandre’s Ex-Wife, Danielle Colby?

Born December 3, 1975, Colby is an American reality television personality who is mostly famous for appearing on History’s reality series, American Pickers.

She is prominent as the shop manager. When she is not running stores, she spends her time in Puerto Rick to help rebuild the Island while dedicating her rest of the time to orphanages, animal shelters, and raising awareness on the human trafficking crisis.

Danielle currently resides in Puerto Rico.

Alexandre Has a New Girlfriend 

De Meyer is currently believed to be in a relationship with Sarah Sapien. She is a graduate of Barrington High School, Chicago, Illinois.

De Meyer first introduced Sapien to the general public through his Facebook on October 18, 2017.

Alexandre De Meyer with his girlfreind, Sarah Sapien
Alexandre De Meyer with his girlfriend, Sarah Sapien. Source: Facebook

While he didn’t caption her image with words that could have confirmed his relationship with her, the smooch he shared with Sapien pretty much established the fact that things were deep between him and the raven-haired lady.

Thereafter, Sapien continued to appear alongside De Meyer on several of his social media doings.

De Meyer had first commented on Sapien’s Facebook picture on July 25, 2014, with a big red emoji.

Alexandre De Meyer’s Net Worth

While not out in the open, it looks as though De Meyer is doing very well in terms of finances. If we are to take from his Facebook activities, Dumbledore is doing good for a graphic designer. He is believed to be an owner of a bar, Hopleaf, or at least have some good share in it.

De Meyer’s active social media post flaunts he is quite comfortable when it comes to money. To say it yet with a grain of salt, he could very likely be worth in the region of six figures or so.