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Desmond wilson with his wife Cicely Johnston Wilson

Meet Cicely Johnston: Notorious Model & Wife of Desmond Wilson

Cicely Louise Johnston is the celebrity spouse of the legendary American actor and writer Demond Wilson. More than just a wife, Cicely is a famous model and actress of the early seventies of Hollywood.

Cicely Johnston is a household name in the American entertainment scene. She has won the hearts of American as well as African-American fans everywhere.

However, she came into the limelight after marrying the sumptuous actor Demond Wilson. Along with her husband’s troubles, Cicely has made quite the headline involving in controversies.

In this article, we will discover the personal and professional life of Cicely Johnston. In addition to that, we will talk about the cheating scandals revolving around the Wilson couple.

Cicely Johnston wiki/ bio

Cicely Johnston is of African-American origin who has an American citizen. She has kept many parts of her early life hidden away from the media outlets. Unlike common celebrities, Cicely believes in the privacy of her family members.

Before becoming a model, Johnston started her career as an Air-hostess/stewardess. She tried to come into the modeling career and did get some gigs.

Desmond Wilson with his wife Cicely Johnston Wilson
Demond Wilson photographed with his wife Cicely Johnston.

During her brief time in Hollywood, Cicely received the opportunity to work in certain movies. In 1974, she was featured in a movie called Caged Heart.

Other than that, she did not get enough roles or jobs in the entertainment field. She had to go through financial hardships, along with the loss of her career.

Ultimately, she quit her show-business profession and settled down with Desmond Wilson.

Cicely and Demond’s marriage and children

Cicely and Demond first met in the early 1970s and got close really fast. They did not waste any time and decided to get married on May 3, 1974.

Even at the time of the wedding, Cicely kept the wedding very lowkey and only invited her close friends and family. Especially, there was a ‘no press‘ rule at their wedding.

Their marriage was such a popular pop culture shock that their photo was featured in the newspaper.

Desmond wilson with his wife Cicely Johnston Wilson photgraphed together
Desmond Wilson’s Press photo announcement of his marriage to Cicely.

After their marriage, the couple started their suburban life in the Hollywood area of Beverly Hills. They shared an amazing mansion with 27 rooms filled with extraordinary antiques.

Eventually, the couple had a big family filled with six children. They ended up having two sons and four daughters. They are Christopher Wilson, Demond Jr. Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Nicole Wilson, Louise Wilson, and Mellisa Wilson.

Among the Wilson children, only two kids have come to the limelight. Christopher Wilson plays Little League baseball and soccer. And Sarah has followed her father’s footsteps as she is a writer and occasional actress.

Cicely’s net worth

As Cicely does not have her own career, her net worth comprises her husband’s income. As of 2021, Demond Wilson is said to have a net worth of about $1.2 million.

The Wilsons’ net worth consists of worthy assets such as Rolls Royce and apartments in California. Presently, Desmond earns heavy royalty from his books:  The New Age Millennium and Second Banana.

Cicely Johnston cheating scandal

In Hollywood, we come across many failed relationships and marriages often cause by cheating. Although the case is not the same in Cicely’s case, she did have to deal with cheating scandals and marriage problems.

According to sources, Cicely caught her husband Demond cheating on her, and she was devastated to discover this. Because of the sudden shock, Cicely’s health condition took a hit.

Demond Wilson at Sons and Sanford
Demond Wilson during his time at Sons and Sanford,.

Both of them suffered a lot during that timeframe. Cicely was hospitalized for several months and her health condition was worsening every day. And for Desmond, he felt isolated from everything and couldn’t reach out to anybody.

Moreover, Demond turned towards the life of drugs and cocaine. At this point, he started spending about $1000 on cocaine daily. The couple was very close to losing their family and house.

However, they both pulled through and supported each other. Later on, Cecily forgave her husband and Demond started his honest life momentarily.

Where are Cicely and her husband Demond now?

After the downfall with health and wealth, Demond turned his life around for the better.  In 1984, he sold his Beverly Hills home and relocated his family to a smaller place in Orange County.

In his newfound life, the pastor revealed that he now neither drink, smoke, or dance. Likewise, he also made a comment in his interview regarding his newfound life.

Demond said:

“I went from sinner to saved by grace, the old Demond Wilson is dead.”

Demond actually helps troubled youth and is an ordained pastor. He devotes most of his time to his church. And quite frankly, his wife is very supportive of his lifestyle and encourages religious behaviors in the house.

At the present, the couple is living a healthy and happy life together. In addition to children, the Wilsons are grandparents to three grandchildren as well.