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Meet Dallas Xavier Barrino: Who Is His Biological Father? Full Bio

Dallas Xavier Barrino garnered media attention as the son of Fantasia Monique Barrino. His mother is a famous singer. She is also popular as the winner of American Idol’s third season that happened in 2004. Other than that, Xavier’s mother is also incredibly known for winning many awards including Billboard and Grammy too.

Dallas has received a decent amount of media limelight thanks to his mother. However, all of this popularity came with a price for Xavier’s mom. His mom was raped in high school by a classmate for which, she dropped out resulting in her being functionally illiterate.

So, what is the truth behind it and how is Xavier’s mom coping with it now? Well, in this article, we are going to discover the answers to the above questions. We will also talk about Dallas Xavier Barrino’s father, birthday, recent whereabouts, and so forth.

Fantasia Barrino’s Eldest Son Dallas Xavier Barrino Bio, Age

Born on December 13, 2011, Fantasia’s son Dallas is will be 12-yrs-old as of 2022. His mother announced the pregnancy in her concert saying “God has given me a child and I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all”.

Dallas Xavier Barrino Age, Bio
Dallas Xavier Barrino celebrated his birthday on December 13
Source: Insta

The 12-yr old was 7 lbs., 9 oz., and 21 inches long at the time of his birth. On his arrival, his American Idol winner mom said to the People:

“I feel so blessed that my son Dallas Xavier was born healthy, and is a wonderful new addition to our family.” “I thank all my fans for their well wishes and continued support.”

The young baby has turned into a handsome gentleman.

Dallas is From North Carolina

Dallas was born in North Carolina. Furthermore, his mom Fantasia was also born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. Going to his ethnic group, Dallas is an African-American while he holds an American nationality.

As for his educational background, he is attending classes at Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy.

Dallas Xavier Barrino Hails From a Family of Musicians

Well, we could say that Dallas hails from a family with musical background. Saying so, his mother Fantasia Barrino is a famous R&B singer. She rose to prominence after winning the American Idol in 2004. After that, Xavier’s mom has only given superhits including her first debut single “I Believe“. The debut song was number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Well, that was just the beginning. Fantasia went to give superhits such as Free Yourself, When I See You, Bittersweet, Lose To Win which brought home many awards. The singer was even inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame in October 2014.

Like his mother, Xavier’s grandparents Diane and Joseph Barrino were also in the musical field. They would travel around places and perform there. Moreover his uncles Nathaniel, Perry, and Julius Barrino even had a music group formed called The Barrino Brothers. In addition to that, his mom is the first cousin of the famous K-Ci & JoJo which consists of Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey and Joel “JoJo” Hailey.

Who is Dallas Xavier Barrino’s Father?

Dallas is famous as the stepson of Fantasia Barrino. But her mother hasn’t officially revealed who the baby’s father is. However, rumors surfaced that his father is Antwuan Cook as his mother dated him around the time Dallas was born.

Dallas Xavier Barrino Father Antwuon Cook & Siblings
Dallas Xavier Barrino with his father Antwuon and half-siblings Jack & Chris
Via Cook’s Instagram

Also, the fact that Antwuan has Xavier’s photo all over his Instagram and Youtube while calling him Dallas Cook shows that Dallas is Antwuan’s son. Dallas often hangs out with his father and half-siblings as per the Instagram posts.

Xavier’s Parents’ Messy Relationship

Dallas Xavier’s parents Fantasia and Antwuan were in a relationship starting in 2010. However, their relationship was a messy ride with lots of hurdles.

In August 2010, a case was filed against I Believe singer by Antwuan’s ex-wife Paula Sloan Cook. The district court of  Mecklenburg County alleged that Barrino pursued Antwuan despite knowing he was a married man.

She faced the charges under North Carolina’s Alienation of Affection Law. However, later the court officials found that Paula was lying about their divorce filed date. The divorce was originally filed on September 14, 2009, and Paula had manipulated it to be on June 2010.

Later the court found that the relationship between Barrino and Cook started in 2010 after the divorce was already filed. Saying the court ruled in favor of Fantasia.

Are His Parents Married?

Although the former couple was blessed with a baby boy, they never got married. Fantasia even claimed they only dated for 11 months. Furthermore, according to NY Daily News, Fantasia confessed in court that she aborted Antwuan’s baby.

When the judges asked if she told Mr. Cook about aborting his child, Barrino claimed she had informed him. Furthermore, Fantasia even tried to commit suicide by overdosing on aspirin after Antwuon’s ex-wife Paula accused her of being a homewrecker in August 2010. In a TV interview, she talked about suicide attempts indicating:

“It just became heavy for me, so I just wanted to be away from the noise”

A year later, Barrino welcomed her son Dallas. At the time of Dallas’s birth, she had already ended things with Antwuon.

Is Dallas Xavier Barrino Son of Fantasia Barrino?
Dallas Xavier Barrino with his immediate family

His Parent’s Present Relationship Status

After Xavier’s parents went through the court with all the mess, they decided to go separate ways. After breaking up, both of his parents have moved on with new partners.

His mother Fantasia tied the knot with a businessman named Kendall Taylor on June 18, 2015. The two started dating in 2013 and were engaged by September 2014. Likewise, Xavier’s father Antwuon has also allegedly patched up with his ex-wife Paula. He often posts about her on Instagram.

Dallas Xavier Barrino’s Siblings

Dallas has four half-siblings in total i.e two from his mom’s side and the remaining two from his dad’s side. His two siblings from his mom’s side are both sisters.

Xavier’s elder sister Zion Quari Barrino is from his mother’s past relationship with Brandel Shouse when she was just 16 born in 2001. Again, her younger sister is from his mom’s marriage to his stepdad Kendall. Her name is Keziah London Taylor born on May 23, 2021. All three siblings have an age gap of 10-yrs.

Now Dallas Xavier Barrino With His Half-Sister
Dallas Xavier Barrino with his half-sister Keziah London Taylor
Source: Instagram

Similarly, he has two elder half-brothers from his father’s side. They are Jackson Cook and Christian Cook.

Xavier’s Mom Was a Victim of Sexual Abuse

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Fantasia opened up about being raped when she was just in ninth grade. She further revealed that it was her classmate and even the incident took place at the school.

Fantasia further mentioned:

I  had a crush on this guy. He was the best ballplayer, and all the girls wanted him. I thought I had no chance with him. One day during a game after school, I was flaunting around in an itty-bitty dress. I was flirting, and he told me, “You’re going to get something you don’t want.” And that’s exactly what happened.

The singer further went on to say that she felt it was her fault and didn’t tell anyone about what had happened. However, her mother noticed the unusual behavior and took the lead to ask her what was wrong. She then told her everything and it was informed to the school officials. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t get the punishment he deserved. After that, returning to school was hard for Xavier’s mom. So, as a result, she dropped out of high school.

In the present time, Fantasia reminisces about how she thought it was her fault that she got raped.

 “One point in time I was saying it was my fault – just because of the way I was dressed, I caused it on myself”

Nevertheless, now she has learned that it wasn’t her who was at the fault but the boy who raped her.

Dallas Might Follow in His Mother’s Footsteps

Like his mother, Dallas is also into singing. In a Youtube video posted by his father, Xavier is singing alongside his mother. So, we can assume that the young boy might follow his mother’s steps to continue her legacy.

Social Media

As for his social media presence, Dallas Xavier Barrino has an Instagram account under the username @cool.kiddallas with over 5k followers.

Quick Facts about Dallas Xavier Barrino

  • His star sign is Sagitarrius.
  • He is crazy about Sonic, Mario, and Legos.
  • Xavier loves playing basketball.
  • Dallas likes Pokemon.
  • He was honored as STEM Star Student of the Week.