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Who Is Elaine Starchuk? Her Bio, Career, Husband, Children, & More

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Elaine Starchuk is a Canadian entrepreneur and a former celebrity wife. She rose to fame after she got married to the American musician and the co-founder of Motley Crue, Tommy Lee. Besides, Elaine has done modeling for a number of modeling agencies.

Their marriage only lasted for a couple of days but it was enough for Elaine to get famous all across the country. Because of their short-term marriage, there are many who are thinking if Elaine was really married to Tommy or not.

Starchuk has been living a low-key life following her divorce from the American singer. So, today, we are exploring all the secrets of Elaine Starchuk’s life. Let’s begin.

Elaine Starchuk Was Born & Raised In Canada

Elaine Margaret Starchuk was born to Canadian parents on April 7, 1964, in Vancouver, British Columbia. She belongs to the White ethnicity and holds a Canadian nationality. Elaine hasn’t shared much information about her parents, and childhood days in the media.

However, Elaine has shared a couple of photos with her mother on social media.

Elaine Starchuk As a Kid With Her Mother
Elaine with her mother.

Talking about her education, well she is a high school graduate. She studied at a local school in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Elaine Starchuk’s Marriage to Tommy Lee Ended in Just Days

Canadian model and entrepreneur, Elaine started dating singer Tommy Lee in the early 1980s. After a short courtship, the pair got married on November 24, 1982. Elaine and her newlywed husband, Lee, however, couldn’t handle their marriage at all.

elaine starchuk husband Tommy Lee
Elaine and Tommy during their young days.

They separated just a week after they tied the knot and finalized their divorce a year later in 1985. The couple doesn’t share children. They divorced nearly four decades ago, however, they haven’t disclosed the reason for their divorce as of yet.

Her Ex-Husband has been Married Four Times

Besides Elaine Starchuk, her ex-spouse Tommy Lee has been married to three other women. Just a year after Tommy and Elaine divorced, the former married Heather Locklear. His second wife is an actress. They remained married for around seven years before they officially parted ways in 1993.

After his second divorce, Lee moved on with model Bobbie Brown. The couple also became engaged, but they called off their engagement shortly after. In 1995, Tommy Lee met actress and model Pamela Anderson, and just four days after their first meeting, they tied the knot.

Elaine's ex-husband Tommy was once married to Pamela Anderson.
Elaine’s ex Tommy was once married to Pamela Anderson.

According to People, Lee and Anderson eloped on the beach in Mexico. They gave birth to two children. On June 5, 1996, Lee and Pamela welcomed their first child, a son, Brandon Thomas, and on December 29, 2017, they welcomed their second son, Dylan Jagger.

Less than a year after they welcomed their second child, Lee and Anderson separated, however, they reunited shortly later. In 2001, they separated again and didn’t reunite ever again.

For the fourth time, Tommy Lee married social media celebrity, Brittany Furlan on February 15, 2019. They became engaged exactly a year before, on February 14, 2018.

Elaine Starchuk Had Many Boyfriend Before Marrying The Second Husband

Like her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, Elaine Starchuk has a long list of relationships. As per WhosDatedWho, Starchuk dated David Coverdale, Vince Neil, and Gregg Giuffria before she started to date, Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee ex-wife Elaine Starchuk
Elaine also exchanged vows once again.

Moreover, the source reveals she dated a couple of more men, including Nikki Sixx, Taime Downe, after her divorce from Tommy Lee.

Meanwhile, Elaine Starchuk was married to Todd Marshall for four years in the nineties. However, the pair hasn’t talked about their marriage in the media at present.

She Tried Her Hand in Modeling

Elaine Starchuk developed a keen interest in modeling in her early teen days. She started pursuing her dream after high school. As per the sources, she migrated to America, where she started modeling.

There she modeled for a couple of renowned modeling agencies and some magazines as well. In the United States, she modeled for Playboy Magazine, Penthouse Magazine, and more.

Starchuk Is Also An Entrepreneur

Former model Elaine Starchuk lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, now. There she has been running a lash-producing company named Enlightened Lashes. Elaine is the founder and CEO of the organization.

What is Elaine Starchuk doing now?
Elaine is a businesswoman.

As per her Facebook profile, she has been working in the organization since 2006 while according to her LinkedIn profile, Starchuk founded the Enlightened Lashes company in 2010.

Elaine Starchuk Loves Doing Yoga

During her young days, Elaine used to live like there’s no tomorrow. She enjoyed her life to the fullest, going to numerous parties, hanging out with many celebrities. But in that midst, she somehow felt lost.

Later down the road, Starchuk came across Yoga. Since she started doing Yoga, her life literally turned around. She shares a lot of posts related to Yoga and preaches messages related to love and peace.

Elaine is an Animal lover

Going by her Facebook account, one thing is for sure, the former celebrity spouse is a big animal lover. Throughout her Facebook feed, we can find a lot of photographs of animals, from dogs to cats to bees.

She is an open advocate of not using pesticides on flowers just so bees can feed into all-natural pollens. Once she shared a post related to her cat who died in December 2019 at the age of 12.

Elaine Starchuk loves animals
Elaine’s post related to her late pet cat.

Her pet animals are like her children. Although she doesn’t have any biological kids, it looks like she doesn’t need one. After all, she has multiple pet animals to keep her company.

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