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Fausto Gallardo

Meet Fausto Gallardo: Facts About Marcela Valladolid’s Ex Husband

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Fausto Gallardo is a Mexican politician and an environmental activist who is otherwise famous as the ex-husband of Mexican-American chef, Marcela Valladolid. Gallardo’s ex-wife is prominent for her work as a judge on the Food Network series Best Baker in America.

A while ago, Gallardo got the attention of tabloids owing to the infamous love affair of his then-wife, Valladolid, and decorated British celebrity culinary artist, Paul Hollywood. The betrayals likely turned lives of four with each of their future taking a whole new turn. But the focus of the day belongs to the ex-husband of Marcela.

So what is the environmentalist doing these days? Is he all by himself? Has he moved on with his life? Also, what are the people affected by the aforesaid debacle doing as of recent?

Fausto Gallardo Early Life And Career

Fausto Gallardo originally Fausto Gallardo Garcia was born on June 1, 1970. His mother, Olga Gallardo is an avid art lover and presumably an artist herself. The politician cum activist has two brothers.

Gallardo studied at Cesun Univesidad, Tijuana, Mexico. He is also the former student at Colegio La Paz in Tijuana. Some of his early jobs include being a Director General at Harvest Meat Company (Denver, Colorado) and REGIDOR at XX Ayuntamiento de Tecate (a City Council).

Fausto Gallardo with his son, Fausto Jr
Fausto Gallardo with his son, Fausto Jr

Presently, Gallardo’s professions entail him working as the deputy XXIII Legislature of the Congress of Baja California, state leader of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico, and the deputy of the XXI Legislature of the Congress of the State of Baja California. He started his job at Deputy XXIII Legislature of the Congress of Baja California on August 1, 2019. In addition to advocating green, the Mexican also provides his voice for the rights of stray dogs.

On June 30, 2021, Alonso Edgardo Leyva Pérez replaced Fausto Gallardo García. This was after Gallardo, himself requested temporary leave to function as a local legislator.

Fausto Gallardo And Marcela Valladolid Married Life

The early phase of Gallardo and Valladolid’s relationship remains a mystery to date, though, their marriage is believed to have lived through a considerable amount of time. In fact, they were together up until their son, Fausto Jr’s adolescent years. The couple had welcomed him on April 27, 2004.

When Did Gallardo and Marcela’s Marriage Took A Bitter Turn

The pair had initially divorced in 2008 but remarried in 2012. The reason behind their first rift is a bit of a riddle. However, the second conflict emerged primarily through Valladolid’s infamous affair with British Celebrity star, Paul Hollywood.

Amidst the happening of his wife’s extramarital relationship, Gallardo reportedly tried to patch things up, but his estranged chef wife was quite against reconciliation.

Fausto Gallardo was married to Marcela Valladolid
Fausto Gallardo’s ex-wife, Marcela Valladolid’s. Source: Instagram

In May 2013, The Sun revealed Valladolid had even told her ex-husband that she’d met “a rich Englishman,” and that she had no interest in a reunion.

One of their friends said after returning to Tijuana from the US, Marcela had grown cold to him, hardly talking to Gallardo at their son’s communion. As per sources, Marcela had confessed her love for Paul to her ex-husband on several occasions.

The Affair Between Marcela Valladolid and Paul Hollywood that derailed her marriage with Fausto

It was only after the latter’s fling with a British celebrity chef, Paul Hollywood that the relationship between Fausto Gallardo and Marcela got the attention of the media.

The affair allegedly began in 2013 shortly after Valladolid and Hollywood appeared together as judges on The American Baking Competition. Their flirtatious on-screen behavior and off-screen tweets got people talking from the beginning of the show.

The judges continued to send each other flirty tweets even after filming for their TV show had wrapped up. The news of their liaison also had an impact on the show. The studio axed the show due to the poor ratings.

Paul Hollywood had an affair with Marcela Vlladolid
Paul Hollywood had an affair with Marcela Valladolid. Source: Distractify

Valladolid-Hollywood affair also impacted another life. Alexandra who had been with the British chef since the late 1990s suffered from her husband’s infidelity. After the news of his illicit romance broke out, the Great British Bake Off star put out a statement confirming he and Alex, who he had married in 1998, were parting ways.

Though he initially did not say it was his fling with Marcela that led to his marriage downfall. It wasn’t until July 2013, when Paul admitted his blunder.

He publicly acknowledged the extramarital thing with his co-judge to be the biggest mistake of his life. Paul and Alex tried to give their relationship a second chance yet they ultimately decided to end things for good and all in November 2017. They finalized their divorce in 2019.

Fausto Gallardo’s Ex, Marcela Valladolid Moved On With A New Partner 

After her fiasco with Paul, Marcela moved on getting engaged to Phillip D. Button. The Mexican-American chef’s fiance is the founder and the CEO of Seven XV Ventures. The business is about a global entertainment, and sports company that partners with talent, athletes, and brands to develop and produce content for distribution across all media platforms. It also focuses on creating branded lifestyle ventures.

Marcela Valladolid with fiance, Paul D Button
Marcela Valladolid with fiance, Philip D. Button, and their children. Source: Instagram

Button holds a B.A. in History with a specialization in Business Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles. At UC, he played for their nationally ranked NCAA Division 1 soccer team.  He and Marcela with their children reside in San Diego. It is believed Marcela has the majority custody of her son with Gallardo, Fausto Jr.

She welcomed her first child with Philip, in April 2014, who they named, David. Two years later the Mexican-American chef had another baby, this time a girl named Anna in December 2016.

Has Fausto Gallardo Moved On Too?

As of the present, Gallardo seemingly is going through a lot of political pursuits. His Insta as well as Facebook mostly tells about his job as a politician and green activist.

Fausto Galaardo
Fausto Gallardo. Source: Getty

There’s hardly the talk about his personal affair and few or two moments of him with his son, Fausto Jr. Considering that it’s pretty safe to say, the former partner of Marcela is single and choosing to stand on his own; at least when he is home.

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