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Meet Gloria Aung: Full Bio, Career, Boyfriend, & Other Untold Facts

Gloria Aung is a teenage actress mostly known for her character Grace Li, a shy introvert student in the Netflix series Mr. Iglesias. Although Gloria only made it big through Mr. Iglesias, it is reported that the actress has been acting since her early years.

Also, Aung has been in various musicals and screenplays alongside being a good singer. Further, apart from her professional accomplishments, there is equal curiosity concerning her love life and relationships.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss everything about Gloria Aung’s movies and TV show credits, ethnic background, & much more.

Who Is Gloria Aung? Her Age And Ethnicity

Gloria Aung is an American actress who rose to prominence after appearing on the show Mr. Iglesias. Born on 13 November 2003, Gloria is 19-yrs-old as of 2022 and belongs to American nationality.

Gloria Aung Is A Successful Actress
Gloria Aung can speak two languages Burmese and English
Source: IMDB

Although she was born and raised in Los Angeles, her ethnicity is Asian. Gloria Aung’s parents are from Myanmar. Saying so, Gloria is bi-lingual i.e she knows how to speak English and Burmese. As for her religion, she is a Christian and loves Jesus.

Gloria Aung Family And Educational Details

Gloria at such a young age has respected her family’s privacy and has not revealed any information about them. However, according to the sources, Gloria grew up with her siblings. Furthermore, her parents were also supportive of what Gloria pursued as a career.

Though there is no actual confirmation about her father, there are reports that her father’s name is Tim Aung. This comes from the fact that it was Tim who posted videos of Gloria singing from a young age, making people assume that he is her father.

Coming to her educational qualifications, Gloria graduated from high school on June 26, 2021. Also, Gloria stands at the height of 5ft. 4in and weighs around 110lbs.

Gloria Aung Career: She Is An Actress

Gloria first came out as an actress when she appeared in the series Henry Danger in 2015. At the time, she was just 12-yrs-old. In the series, she appears as Girl 1 on the 15th episode of season one.

Gloria Aung with Gabriel Iglesias in Mr. Iglesias
Gloria portrayed the character of Grace in Netflix original series Mr. Iglesias Source: NY Times

Ever since her role in Henry Danger, Gloria has grown as an actress. After appearing in the series, she has been in multiple series such as Bunk’d and Danger Force.

Gloria Played Grace in Mr. Iglesias

Despite being present in multiple series, Gloria couldn’t be recognized as much as other lead roles. However, all of that changed when she was cast by the team of Mr. Iglesis.

Gloria portrayed the role of Grace Li in the Netflix original series Mr. Iglesis. In the series, she is one of the students of lead actor Gabriel Iglesias portrayed by Gabe Iglesias. Grace is labeled as a weird student who is into hacking.

During the 22 episodes that Gloria appeared in, she went from the shy introverted girl who uses a text-to-speech program on her computer to talk to anyone except for her teacher Gabe. However, as the series goes by, Grace turns into someone who can talk to people through Gabe’s encouragement.

In the series, she starred alongside some famous faces such as Sherrie Shepherd, Jacob Vargas, Maggie Geha, Richard Gant, and others.

Aung Is Into Musicals And Plays

Seeing that Gloria has somewhat made it big into the big cinema, we can make a wild guess on how good of a musical actress she would’ve been. Saying so, Gloria was very much into musicals and screenplays when she was young.

Getting into it, Gloria performed in various musicals at a young age. Moreover, her favorite part of the musicals was playing the lead role. She loved portraying Peter Pan in “Peter Pan” and Annie in “Annie Jr.” Likewise, she was also a part of “Suessical the Musical” and “Jr.” as Gertrude and Donkey.

Moreover, Gloria was also a part of a high school musical based on the novel “Grapes of Wrath.” In the musical, she played the role of the Mayor of Hooverville. In a word, Gloria was so good at what she did that she won the National Youth Arts awards for her theatrical performances in children’s theatre multiple times.

Grace From Mr. Iglesias Is Multi-talented

As we mentioned before, Gloria is a fabulous actress in addition to being an avid screenplay lover. However, those are not the only thing Gloria is good at.

In light of that, Gloria is a very good singer too. We can find videos of her as a young girl singing praises for Jesus at the age of eight and nine on Youtube. Besides that, Gloria even has her own account in Soundcloud. She sometimes covers songs by other artists while other times, she writes her own songs and sings them. Furthermore, she knows how to play the piano too.

Gloria Aung High School Graduation
Gloria Aung
Source: Instagram

She even has a highlight for her music section in her Instagram profile. Well, considering all the skills she has including acting, writing, and singing, Gloria is indeed blessed to be multi-talented.

Is Gloria Aung Dating A Boyfriend?

Since she has now come to the age that she understands love, her fans are curious about whether Henry Danger actress Gloria Aung is dating anyone.

However, Gloria has not dropped any hints or details about her current relationship status. So, we can assume that either she is not dating anyone or else keeping her love life to herself.