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Meet Hope Violet Garrett: The Only Daughter Of Actor Brad Garrett

Hope Violet Garrett is a college student of Fashion and Design in Los Angeles who is better known as the daughter of actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian Brad Garrett. Brad is mostly known for his role as Robert in the movie Everybody Loves Raymond. Hope’s father has also made a name for himself as a great comedian.

Besides, the actor Brad’s only daughter, Hope is a talented woman who has a keen interest in fashion, design, and music. Besides being a celebrity kid, Hope is a very hard-working person. Throughout her life, Garrett has worked for many companies despite her young age.

In this article, we will talk about Hope and her personal life. Does Hope have a boyfriend? Who is her stepmom and does the star kid have any siblings? Get the answers to all the questions in this article below.

Hope Violet Garrett Birth, Parents, And Siblings

Hope Violet Garrett was born in January 2000 and is currently 22 years old. As mentioned earlier, Hope is the daughter of actor and comedian Brad Garrett. The Pacifier actor had Hope with his ex-wife, Jill Diven. Hope is also the granddaughter of Al Gerstenfeld and Barbara Gerstenfeld.

Furthermore, the star kid has an older brother Maxwell Bradley Garrett born on October 1998. The siblings have an age gap of 2 years.

Hope Violet Garrett as a child attending an event with her family
Hope with her father, Brad Garrett, mother, Jill, and brother, Maxwell

Talking about her ethnicity, Hope is of mixed ancestry as her father is Jewish and her mother is Caucasian.

The meaning behind her name is faith or desire for fulfillment.

Hope Violet Garrett Education: She Is A Student Of Fashion And Design

As mentioned, Hope is an undergrad studying fashion and design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles California.

Before this, Ms. Garret was a high schooler at Oaks Christian School (grades 9-12), class of 2018. Also, while studying in her high school, the star kid also volunteered for Rustic pathways. At the time, Garret used to care for elephants at an elephant sanctuary in Northern Thailand in addition to helping build a school in Fiji for 2 weeks as well as teaching them English.

22 year old daughter of Brad Garrett, Hope Violet Garrett
Hope enjoying her 22nd birthday. Instagram

Besides, Hope was very interested in fashion and design from an early age. Thus, the celebrity kid went to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to complete her higher education. As of now, Hope is yet to graduate from her college.

Hope Is a Music Lover

Brad’s daughter, Hope is constantly posting pictures of herself going to music festivals with her friends. She has attended various festivals of artists such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Adam Levine, and many more.

She has even met with a popular artist, the Hotline Bling singer, Drake.

Hope Violet Garrett’s Professional Life

Despite being a student, Hope has already worked for a few companies. Her first job was in a company named Daisy Dukes where she worked as a retail salesperson. She worked for the company for around 2 years.

After her first job, Garrett became an intern in The Real in 2019. Hope was an intern for the company for almost 2 years.

As of now, Brad Garrett’s daughter Hope Violet Garrett is working as an assistant at Justine Logue (joined Aug 2022) while completing her college education.

A Bit About Garrett’s Parents And Their Marriage

Her parents Brad and Jill met each other for the first time when her mom was working as a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas, Nevada. After dating for a few years, her father proposed to Jill on the set of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Hope Violet Garrett dad and mom Brady and Jill
Hope Violet Garrett’s mother, Jill and father, Garrett

Soon after their engagement, the couple got married in 1998. Reportedly, her parents had a very private wedding ceremony. The wedding took place at Beverly Hills Hotel in California. Considering how luxurious and expensive Beverly hills is, the marriage must have cost a fortune to the former couple.

The previous couple shared a blissful and happy marital life for around 9 years before going their separate ways.

How Old Was Hope Violet Garrett When Her Father and Mother Separated?

Hope’s parents got divorced on 7 November 2007. Back then she was just seven years old. Before her father and mother got divorced, they were already living a separate life since 2005.

A year after their separation, Diven filed for divorce from her then-husband and their divorce was finalized in November of the following year.

Garrett’s Mom Won The Majority Custody of Her Children

According to some online sources, Jill and Brad also fought for the custody of their children but in the end, Jill won the fight. Hope’s father must have been disappointed to lose custody of his children.

Hope and her father, Brad Garrett
Hope with her father, Brad

On the other hand, Hope’s mom benefitted a lot from the divorce. Brad had to share a significant amount of his wealth with his former wife Jill. The couple divided most of their assets such as cars, retirement assets, and many more.

Hope’s mom also received money from Brad for child support. For Hope, she received $12,600 per month whereas her brother received $7,400 per month until they were 19 or high school graduates.

Hope Violet Garrett’s Stepmother

After separating from his ex-wife, Hope’s dad married a beautiful woman named Isabeall Quella. The couple got married on November 11, 2021, in Montecito, California.

The lovers met each other for the first time at Vose Galleries in 2008. Soon after, the partners started their romance. After dating for some years, Hope’s dad decided to pull the trigger and proposed to Quella in December 2015. Their engagement took place at New York’s Waldorf Astoria.

Brad and Quella had planned on marrying sooner but there was always something that got in their way. They apparently had to postpone their marriage four times because of Covid 19, wildfire, and mudslides.

Does Hope Have A Boyfriend?

As of now, not much is known about her relationship as she hasn’t said anything to the public. Although Hope has been pretty active and sharing about her outdoor activities on her Instagram, she is yet to open up about her love life or if she has any romantic affiliations.

In the meantime, the college student doesn’t miss to show glimpses of what is going on with her life and her family. She often posts pictures of herself with her actor father, his current, her friends, and her brother.

Hope Violet Garrett’s Net worth

Much like her dating aspects, the answers to Hope’s so far financial gains are also a mystery. And to be honest, considering her young age, it might be a bit unfair to the lady to bring her into the rich league already. Nonetheless given that she is in the fashion industry, the day, when the media talks about the achievements of this actor’s daughter, seems sooner.

Regardless one thing that is pretty undeniable is the fact that Hope must have had a very comfortable life considering who her father is.

Talking about her father, Brad has an estimated net worth of around $50 million which he earned from his career as an entertainer.