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Samantha Taffer with father Jon Taffer

Meet Samantha Taffer: Here’s Some Untold Truth About Jon Taffer’s Daughter

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Samantha Taffer is the celebrity child of the famous reality star Jon Taffer. Samantha is mostly famous because of her title ‘Taffer’. However, she has shed light on her own in the entertainment industry.

Samantha is an actress as well as a television star. She has worked on multiple networks and makes appearances on her father’s shows as well.

So, inside the Taffer life, who is Samantha dating? How is her relationship? Does she have any children?

Read the article to find more about the beautiful daughter of Jon Taffer, Samantha Taffer.

Personal Life of Samantha Taffer

Samantha is one of the low-key star kids who do not like to show off. But we do know that Taffer was born in 1989 to father Jonathan Taffer and his ex-wife. However, the identity of her mother has not been revealed yet.

Samantha had a pretty healthy life growing up. Her father Jon kept her away from the paparazzi and did not let any media outlet gain any information on her.

However, when Samatha came of age, she wanted to work closely with her father. So on an episode of Jon’s Television series Bar Rescue, Samantha made a cameo.

Samantha Taffer with her future-husband, Cody Hurley.
Samantha Taffer posing in a beautiful Blue Silk Dress.

Likewise, Samantha does not have any siblings on her biological parents’ side. In fact, she is the only daughter of Jon Taffer. Hence, the Taffer father-daughter duo enjoys their bonds pretty well.

As per step-siblings, Samatha does not have those either. But she is pretty close with her stepmother, Nicole Taffer. 

Nicole treats Samantha just like her own daughter and Samantha loves Nicole just like her mother too.

Samantha Taffer’s relationship status

Samantha Taffer is actually a married woman. After dating for a long time, Samantha married her other half, Cody Hanley. The two tied the knot on September 13, 2015.

With a strict father, Samantha had problems dating in her early teens. So, she has no history in the department of ex-boyfriends. So her one and only lover turned husband is Cody.

After her marriage, Samantha goes by the name of Samantha Taffer Hanley. The two share an amazing bond and have a very mature relationship.

Before their marriage, the lovely couple used to live together. During their live-in relationship, they adopted a dog as well. Samantha constantly shares the photo of the dog on her social sites.

Samantha Taffer with husband Cody and her dog
Samantha Taffer with husband Cody and her dog

In the photo, Samantha is seen with her future husband Cody. Moreover, the dog in the photo is a gorgeous French Mastiff which is a very powerful and muscular breed among dogs.

Even more, Samantha believes that having a dog is equally amazing as having a child in your life. The blessed couple proudly refers to themselves as ‘Fur Parents’.

Samantha Taffer children

Samantha Taffer is actually a mother. After four years of blissful marriage, Samantha ended up having a beautiful son with her husband Cody Hanley.

Samantha and Cody named their beautiful son Rhett Hanley. The newly born Hanley was welcomed on May 21, 2019. According to his birthdate, Rhett is a beautiful Gemini boy born on a Tuesday.

The couple made their parents very happy by welcoming their grandson. Moreover, Jon Taffer could not contain his happiness at all. He posted a beautiful photo to commemorate Rhett’s birthday.

Currently, Samantha’s son Rhett is over a year old as of 2021. Samantha is also presently involved in her child’s life and captures many moments with her infant son.

Samantha Taffer’s famous father Jon Taffer

As we all know, Jonathan Peter Taffer is an American entrepreneur and television personality. Mostly, he is known as the host of the reality series Bar Rescue on the Paramount Network.

The 66-year-old Taffer is a household name in the business industry. He is considered one of the most popular bar consultants in the world. Obviously, he helps struggling bar owners to upgrade and bring in more profits in their businesses. 

amantha Taffer with father Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue
Samantha Taffer with father Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue

Talking about his personal life, Jon Taffer was previously married to a secret mystery woman for a long time. During his marriage, the duo had Samantha. But nobody talks about Samantha’s biological mother at all.

At the present, Jon is married to the wonderful wife and stepmother, Nicole Taffer. As many avid fans know, Nicole worked alongside Jon in his TV show, Bar Rescue.

But Nicole and Jon do not have a child together. The Taffer couple solely raised Samantha without her birth mother. And the love between Nicole and Samantha is no different than a biological mother-daughter duo.

Samantha Taffer social media

But an interesting fact about Samantha is that she is one of the low-key star kids who do not like to show off. Even on social media, Taffer likes to maintain her privacy as much as possible.

But she is available on social media. Her Instagram username is @samantha_th1007 which is currently private. But she is on Twitter as her handle is @SamiT727.

Samantha Taffer’s Net Worth

Samantha Taffer’s net worth is still a mystery as of the year 2021. She has not revealed any parts of her earnings and likes to live a peaceful and simple life.

However, Samantha’s father Jon Taffer has a whopping net worth of $11 million. He lives quite a lavish life with his family in California.

But on Samantha’s part, she is also a pretty eligible and rich woman. With a rich father, Samantha has had it all which might be the reason behind her secrecy on net worths.