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Meet Violet Moon Howey- Daughter Of Former Husband Wife Steve Howey & Sarah Shahi!!

Violet Moon Howey, is an American star kid and second born of actor Steve Howey and his former wife Sarah Shahi. Her father Steve is best known for Shameless, DOA: Dead or Alive, while her mother is known for Person of Interest, and The Rookie.

The rising star is already a renowned name despite being a child. Just a few minutes after Violet was born, she made it to the headlines for her risky birth which was covered by several online tabloids.

Today we will talk about Moon’s upbringing, her childhood, siblings, family, and more. Tag along with us to find out more about Violet Moon Howey.

Violet Moon Howey Was Born at Home: How Old Is She Now?

The celebrity kid was born on 1st March 2015 at home in Los Angeles to her mother Sarah Shahi and her father Steve Howey. She is 7 years old as of 2022.

Violet Moon Howey with her parents
Violet Moon Howey is the second child of former couple Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi

Sarah gave birth to Moon at home with the help of a midwife and a licensed OB/GYN. Besides, she also has a twin brother, Knox Blue Howey who is two hours younger than her.

Moon has mixed ethnic ancestry as her mother is Persian and her father has Scottish descent. In addition, Violet’s paternal grandfather is the longtime acting coach and director Bill Howey.

Moon’s Older Brother William Was Also Homebirthed

Moon’s older brother, William Wolf Howey was born on 8th July 2009 and is 13 years as of 2022. During his birth, Wolf weighed around 8lbs and 6oz.

Just like his twin siblings, William was also brought into this world through the water delivery process. After his birth, Sarah talked about her experience during an interview with Pregnancy where she said,

“The lights were dim and we had the heater going, so it was nice and warm, He came out into a tub of water and then my husband brought him up for air, “

She continued,

“I never thought I would be one of those wacky chicks who say ‘I loved my labor’ but I loved every part of it.

It was the best day of my life,” concluded Sarah.

Why Did The Former Couple Prefer Home Delivery Over Hospital?

The former couple, Steve and Sarah decided to welcome their children at home after watching a documentary called The Business of Being Born.

Furthermore, after welcoming their first son, Sarah revealed she preferred home birth due to her belief in the body’s natural ability to give birth without the help of doctors and nurses.

She said,

“I had a home birth because I really believe in the body’s natural ability to give birth. The medical profession has kind of warped women’s minds into thinking we don’t know how to birth and we need doctors and epidurals and Pitocin,”

Similarly, Howey expressed his idea of home birth saying,

“You have more control during a home birth and with hospital births, there is a system in place and we didn’t like the whole system, Sarah did not like the idea of being injected with stuff and having a c-section.”

Due to her determination to bring all of the kids into the world in a peaceful, and warm environment, Sarah and Steve went with the home delivery.

Violet Moon Had a Somewhat Risky Delivery

Although Shahi had very simple and quick labor while delivering her children, Violet came out with a cord wrapped around her neck. She explained the horrific moment during a podcast. There she said,

“I was in the tub, I was in the zone. Violet came out. You know, how it is. But she was blue and not breathing. She had a cord wrapped around her neck.”

As per her then-husband Steve, the cord was tightly wrapped around her neck making her hard to breathe.

Violet Moon Howey, William Howey, Knox Howey, and Sarah Shahi
Violet and her twin brother Knox alongside their mother Sarah and brother William

The midwife immediately took Moon in her hands chanting ‘come on baby girl, come on baby girl’. All while Violet was starting to turn blue.

The doctor who was also present there started to twitch her legs. After doing this for a while, Moon’s body color started to change and she let out her first cry.

Why Did Steve & Sarah Name Their Daughter Violet?

The former partners reportedly went through a variety of different names before finalizing Moon as her middle name. As per themselves, Moon or Mahmonir is Shahi’s mother’s maiden name.

Howey shared,

“Moon is the English translation of Sarah’s mom’s name, We were going to name her Moon, but we decided that was better as a middle name. We liked Ruby and Olive — we liked colors for a girl — and then I came up with Violet.”

He also added that Knox’s moniker is ‘old timey’ and Wolf was because he wanted to go with an animal name.

Violet’s Parents’ Relationship – Why Did They Part Ways After 11 Years Of Marriage?

Violet’s parents, Steve and Sarah first met on the set of The CW series Reba back in 2004. They began dating shortly after that and got engaged five years later in June 2007.

Two years later, the former lovers tied the knot on 7th February 2009 in a private wedding ceremony.

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi
Steve and Sarah part ways after 11 years in 2021

Unfortunately, after 11 years of marriage, Sarah filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences in May 2020. Their divorce was officially finalized on 29th January 2021.

As for now, the former husband-wife are good friends and share the joint custody of their three children.

According to various sources, the reason behind their divorce was their busy schedules. During an interview, Howey talked about how the couple went from spending all of their free time together to dividing it between work and their three children.

Is Violet Moon Howey Active On Social Media?

The 7-year-old is not active on any kind of social media platform as of this writing. However, she has been featured in her parent’s socials a few times along with her brothers.

Her father Steve has over 1.8 million followers on IG and over 351.7k followers on Twitter. Likewise, her mother Sarah has over 230.2k followers on Twitter and over 1.3M followers on Instagram.

Violet Moon Howey Parents are Wealthy with Millions of Dollars in Net Worth

Given the fact that Moon is just 7 years old, it is probably long before she starts her own career and earns herself. However, she currently lives a lavish childhood with her parents as both of her parents are successful actors and have accumulated a good net worth from their careers.

Moving on to her father’s net worth, Howey is worth around $2 million in early 2022. He amassed his wealth from a successful career in the entertainment world.

Steve Howey and his children William, Violet, and Knox
Violet Moon enjoying her pool time with her father and two brothers

Likewise, he owns a $1.8 million house in Sherman Oaks, California where he currently resides. So far, Steve has appeared in films and TV shows like Bride Wars, Unleashed, Making Babies, Totally Tooned In, ER, Any Day Now, and many more.

Some of his notable TV credits are Reba, Ctrl, Shameless, and SEAL Team. As per a reliable source, Steve earned $100,000 per episode for his role as Kevin Ball in Shameless.

On the other hand, Moon’s mom Sarah has a net worth of $3 million in 2022. She began her career in 1997 and has over 50 TV show credits to her name.

Sarah’s most notable work credits are Alias, The L Word, Life, Fairly Legal, Chicago Fire, The Rookie, and Sex/Life.

Violet’s Mother Sarah Is Currently Dating Her Co-star Adam Demos

Shortly after her divorce from then-husband Steve, Shahi started dating her new beau Adam Demos. The pair first met on the set of Sex/Life and hit it off right away.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos
Sarah and beau Adam began dating in 2021 shortly after she filed for the divorce

Since Sarah and Adam went Instagram official with their blooming romance, they haven’t looked back. The pair often expresses their love for one another via their respective social media platform.

While Sarah has already moved on, Howey is reportedly single as of now. Following their divorce, he is keeping his personal life as low as possible.