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Melissa Brim, Everything To Know About Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mother

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Melissa Brim is an American businesswoman and television actress. She is the ex-girlfriend of a world-renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather. The relationship with Floyd Mayweather catapulted her into the limelight. She made a name and fame for herself using the push granted by Mayweather’s name. They have a baby daughter together named Iyanna Mayweather.

Melissa Brim has worked on various television shows and documentaries. She also worked on the famous HBO boxing documentary “24/7”. This show made her visible to the public eye. And Brim used this show to voice the privileges and struggles that come with being engaged to a celebrity.

With the on and off relationship with Mayweather and a troublesome daughter to raise, Melissa’s life was a rollercoaster ride. So, let’s delve deeper into the life of the mighty Melissa Brim.

Who is Melissa Brim?

She was born on September 30, 1975, in St. Louis, Missouri. She is an American businesswoman and television star. Melissa was born to a mixed-race couple, James and Tina Brim.

Brim treasures her family above anything else. So, she is very proud of her ancestry. She also has a brother named Bubba.

Melissa Brim now
Melissa Brim is the former girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather.

In 2008 Melissa appeared in the famous HBO boxing documentary “24/7.” As she was in a relationship with Floyd she earned the nickname of “Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama” in the show. Brim said the relationship was both “a gift and a curse”.

She also owns a boutique store in Las Vegas.

Melissa is a high school dropout

Melissa dropped out of high school after she got pregnant in her teens. She had a son. His name is Devion Cromwell. Melissa has not disclosed the information regarding who the father is. Floyd later adopted Devion and raised him as one of his own.

Melissa Brim's son, Devion
Floyd Mayweather’s adopted son, Devion Cromwell.

Devion is active on his Instagram account.

Mellisa Brim and her rise to the limelight

Being a teen mom, the early years were hard for Mellisa. She started working at the early age of 16. She worked hard for her dreams, even waited tables but never lost hope. As he had faith in herself and knew things will change soon.

The change came in the guise of a multi-millionaire boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

Melissa Brim and Floyd Mayweather Relationship

Melissa and Floyd met each other in the lounge of the Las Vegas casino. It was the 1990s, and she was too young to even be in the casino. It startled Mellisa when she heard a young boxer named Saheed had an eye on her (Yes, Floyd did not even use his real name at first) and wanted to meet her. She did not know what to do with his invitation. She pursued the invitation anyway and they talked for a while and even exchanged numbers.


Melissa and Floyd
Floyd Mayweather and his ex-girlfriend Melissa Brim.

That was the start of their relationship. Soon they began talking on the phone and hung out with each other.

Melissa Brim and her daughter with Floyd Mayweather

Mellisa and Floyd have a baby daughter together. She gave birth to a daughter named Iyanna Mayweather in 2000. They both share tremendous love and care for their daughter.

Melissa Brim daughter
Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim.

Soon after Iyanna came into this world, the relationship between Floyd and Melissa deteriorated. Floyd’s ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris (Mother of Mayweathers other children), became the issue. So, they broke up. Plus, there were also rumors of Floyd’s mistreatment of Mellisa.

Despite their separation, Floyd provided amply for his daughter both financially and emotionally. He always took care of her.

Besides, after breaking up with Floyd, Melissa hooked up with another man. We do not know the details of this man. It was a very clandestine affair.

Floyd apologized to Melissa for his violent behavior towards her

Floyd later apologized to Melissa for the way he treated her. According to reports, he had physically abused her. They reported he slammed her into a car door once and even hit her in the neck.

Floyd even served a brief term for allegations of domestic violence. After some time, the retired boxer asked for forgiveness. Melissa accepted his apology. Floyd even gifted her one of his supercar, the beautiful Mercedes AMG G63.

Soon, the former flame made it up became close friends after that. They still are on good terms with each other. Both of them co-parent their children mutually.

Melissa is an ambitious woman

Melissa always worked on herself. She is an expert masseuse. Brim even has a license for massage therapy and cosmetology.

Brim owes her fame to her ex-boyfriend, Floyd. But Melissa has clearly grown past his shadow. She is making a name for herself now. Though Mayweather gave her the push she needed, she is up in the sky collecting stars in her name all by herself.

She started a boutique in Las Vegas in 2009. She calls it Devanna Love Boutique. It is a combination of the name of her two children Devion and Iyanna. Floyd provided her with the funds to start this venture. Now she is doing all right on her own.

Melissa Brim Net worth

Melissa brim has an estimated net worth of about $700k. She owns multiple properties. The boutique in Las Vegas is doing well and brings in a lot of money for her. Floyd has also gifted her with a brand new house.

Brim has her own skincare brand called Rich skin. And it is definitely making her richer.

Melissa Brim and Floyd’s daughter charged with murder

Yes, you heard it right, MURDER.

Melissa Brim and Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna was arrested for stabbing a woman. She stabbed a woman named Lapattra Jacobs. Here’s how the scene unfolded.

Lapattra was chilling out with Iyanna’s fiance rapper YoungBoyNBA. When Iyanna asked her to vacate the house, Lapattra did not comply. Subsequently, they got into a fight. Things escalated quickly as Iyanna got hold of knives and stabbed Lapattra.

Iyanna was bailed out of jail by her mother Melissa on a $30,000 bond.

Melissa showed support for her daughter by posting a video on Instagram with a caption that reads “Got your back forever”.

We can see them holding hands together in the video.