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Melyssa Davies Wiki, Age: Untold Facts About James Murray’s Wife

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Melyssa Davies is a celebrity wife known for being the wife of comedian James Murray. Her husband is mainly famous as a Comedian and an actor. The most notable work of Melyssa’s husband James is the TV series, Impractical Jokers.

The two met in the year 2019 and tied the knot soon after. However, prior to their marriage, Melyssa Davies’ actor-husband had married someone else as an act of revenge. So, what was the reason behind it, and who is the mysterious lady? Also, how did Melyssa and Murr meet for the first time?

In today’s article, we are going to discover more about Melyssa’s age, parents, career, relationship with Murray, and other interesting facts. Let’s take a closer look.

How old is Melyssa Davies? Details on her family

Melyssa Davies aka Melyssa Kim Davies was born on March 13, 1995, in Pennsylvania, United States. She is 27-yrs-old as of 2022. Born in the US, Melyssa holds an American nationality. Going to her ethnicity, she is Caucasian. Growing up, she spent most of her time in her hometown

Melyssa Davies With Her Parents, & Family Members
Melyssa Davies with her family: Kim, Brittany, Melyssa, Amanda, and Ed (from left)
Source: Facebook

Melyssa was born to her parents, mom, Kim DiNofa Davies, and dad Ed Davies. Sadly, her parents divorced a long time ago. Likewise, talking about her siblings, she has one biological sister named Brittany Davies. Similarly, she also has a half-sister from his father’s side called Amanda Davies.

Although her parents are now divorced, Melyssa shares a good relationship with her dad. Furthermore, the family took a family portrait together during Melyssa’s wedding ceremony.

What Does James Murray’s Wife Melyssa Davies Do For a Living?

According to some tabloids, Melyssa finished her nursing course prior to meeting her love of life James Murray. They also claim that she worked in the field of geriatric and hospice care since 2020.

However, as of 2022, Melyssa Davies is the CEO and master designer of her own company. She founded her company WithoutTheRoots in 2019. It is a small business that sells hand-made products in the USA. The business mainly focuses on products for home decors such as candles, charcuterie boards, wall mounts, custom wreaths, etc. Each of the pieces is unique and hand-made.

How did Melyssa get inspired for her business?

It all started when Melyssa moved to Princeton, NJ with her then-husband-to-be in October 2019. They were decorating the house when Melyssa determined that she would be the one to take all responsibility for house decor.

Soon Melyssa was trying and experimenting with various things until finding what matched the vibes of their home. She put small pieces together by her own hand and gave them meaning, so the final products turned out to be more precious.

And that was the start of it all. She liked what she did. That’s how her small initiative to decorate her own home turned into something she owns as a business now.

How Did Melyssa Davies Meet Murray? The Beginning of Their Own Fairytale

In June 2018, James Murray debuted his novel Awakened. At the night party of his debut boo, Murr and Melyssa met for the first time. The two soon started talking and became friends. Moreover, the relationship progressed quite quickly and they started dating shortly after.

In an interview with People, Murray disclosed that Melyssa made him feel himself. He further told:

“We hit it off that night immediately. We had immediate chemistry and our relationship was immediately different than any other I’ve had in my life. It was the first time in my life that I felt like myself. Thank God I wrote that damn book!”

Well, thanks to his debut novel, Murr is now with his beloved love Melyssa.

Melyssa Davies Is Married To Her Husband James Murray
Melyssa with her husband James Murray Source: Insta

Murr Proposed To Melyssa Outside Their House

Although it wasn’t in the plan to propose to Melyssa outside their house, Murray had to do so. Originally, he had planned to propose to her in Turks and Caicos where he first said “I Love You” to her.

“Melyssa and I took our first vacation together in Turks and Caicos, and that’s where I first said I loved her many, many months ago,” he explains. “So I was going to propose in the same spot, playing Scrabble, the same exact way I told her I loved her and spell out, ‘Would you marry me?’”

However, they couldn’t go due to Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. So, Murray made the special proposal outside their home with a cute setup of picnic and champagne and a Scrabble board. He proposed with a beautiful Tiffany & Co. solitaire round diamond on a plain band thinking it would be something that Melyssa likes on 30th August 2019.

The Couple Is Now Happily Married

Almost after a year of being engaged and living together, Melyssa and James finally tied the knot on 25 September 2020 at Lake House Inn, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Due to covid regulations, they could only invite one-quarter of the guest on their list which included her family, friends, and other co-stars from Impractical Jokers.

“It’s been interesting. But all that matters is that our closest friends and family were there, and all that matters to me, truly, is that this one person was there besides me, and that she said yes.” said Murray to the People.

Melyssa Davies marriage Impractical Jokers actor
Melyssa Davies is married to Impractical Jokers actor/producer James Murray
Source: Instagram
The bride Melyssa was draped in a beautiful white gown with a long veil. Meanwhile, the groom was in a black suit, a bowtie, and his signature glasses.

Her Husband James Murray Is An Actor

In addition to making his name as a comedian, Melyssa Davies’ husband James Murray is also an actor and producer. Debuted from the movie Private Parts, James has been in various other movies such as Criss-Cross, Time Thugs, & The Comedy Roast of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, some of his most remarkable TV series are Down to BusinessGods of Medicine, & MacGyver. However, he rose to fame through his appearance in the Impractical Jokers. Besides being a cast member, James even has been the executive producer of Impractical Jokers. He has produced a total of 129 episodes from 2011 to 2021.

As a producer, James’ other works are The Misery Index, Jokers WildSay Whaaat? and so on.

Melyssa’s Husband Married Someone Else As An Act of Revenge

The whole Impractical Jokers is about a series of awkward and outrageous dares among four friends. As revenge for making him skydive, James planned even greater punishment for his co-star Sal Vulcano.

He married his sister Jenna Vulcano while Sal was tied up by a tape. The wedding happened on 13 March 2014 in an episode of the third season called Brother-In-Loss. Not only that the couple was even legally married as they signed the papers. Furthermore, they even went on a honeymoon. However, they soon annulled their marriage after they spent their honeymoon night.

You can watch the clip here.

What is Melyssa Davies’ Net Worth?

Coming to Melyssa’s net worth, the celebrity wife hasn’t yet revealed her net worth. However, analyzing the income that comes from her own business, we can say that she must have gathered a fortune.

Likewise, her husband James Murrays’ net worth is over $7 million as of 2022. He earned most part of his wealth as an actor and producer.