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Miguel Leon Tyson-The Untold Facts About Mike Tyson’ Son

Miguel Leon Tyson is the son of an undisputed world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson. Mike is one of the most powerful and most celebrated boxers the world has ever witnessed. The legendary boxer who started his professional boxing career at the small age of 18 is often stated as “Kid Dynamite” and “Iron Mike” for his prolific career inside the boxing ring.

The relationship between father and son is also something to watch for. They share quite amazing bonding. The father-and-son duo made a media headline after the former veteran boxer shared an Instagram reel where Tyson was training and teaching some of the boxing moves to his son Miguel. Seeing the video, many fans assumed that Miguel Leon has quite good boxing moves and people are curious to know if the star kid has also followed in the footstep of his dad.

Apart from being the son of such a popular father, what about Miguel Leon Tyson’s mother? Are his parents still together? Furthermore, we will also talk about his family’s tragic story after his sister’s demise and several other interesting facts regarding Mike Tyson’s son Miguel Leon.

How old is Miguel Leon Tyson? Early Life

Tyson is 20 years old as of 2022. He was born in 2002. He belongs to the African-American ethnicity and has an American nationality. Talking about his parents, Miguel is the son of Boxer Mike Tyson and Sol Xochitl. Miguel is not only the son of his parents but he also had a younger sister named Exodus Tyson. Unfortunately, she died at a very small age in an accident.f

On other hand, his dad was born on 30th June 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, America. Tyson was among the three kids of his parents, his father was reportedly a cab driver.

Who Is Miguel Leon Tyson’s Mother? Are His Parents Still Together?

As mentioned earlier, his mother is Sol Xochitl. She was born somewhere in 1975 in America. At that time, Mike was already in a marital relationship with his second wife Monica Turner. However, the former couple divorced and set their way apart in January 2002. Tyson’s wife Turner used to work as a pediatrician at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Miguel Leon Tyson mom
Miguel with his mom as a child.

Though his father and mother were never married, they spent almost seven years together. Even though Miguel’s parents are not together, he shares a good bond with both his father and mother.

He Lost His Sister

Miguel Leon’s sister Exodus Tyson was just four years old when she lost her life. Back in 2009, Mike Tyson’s daughter was playing on the treadmill and it was where the little girl caught in a treadmill cord. Her neck apparently got stuck in a treadmill cord. The little girl’s brother Miguel was also present and informed him about the incident to his mother.

Mike Tyson's younger daughter
Exodus was really close to her father Mike Tyson

Exodus Tyson was then immediately admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center but it was already too late and the four-year girl later died. During this incident, her father Tyson was in Las Vagas and as soon as he came to know this, he flew back to his home in Phoenix.

He Has Five Other Half-Siblings

Miguel Leon Tyson has altogether five half-siblings excluding her late sister. His oldest half-brother Mikey Lorna Tyson is from his father’s relationship with a nurse Kimberly Scarborough.

From his father’s second marriage to Monica Turner, he has two half-siblings, a brother, Amir Tyson, and a sister, Rayna Tyson. Likewise, from his father’s third marriage with Lakisha Spicer, he has two more siblings, Milan and Morocco.

Miguel Leon Tyson’s Impressive Boxing Moves

As Miguel is the son of the world’s most celebrated boxer, many people are curious to know whether his son is also interested in boxing or not. Well, the answer is Yes. Seeing his growing interest in boxing, we can assume that he might also pursue a career in the same field as his father.

In January 2018, Mike Tyson posted a video on his Insta where he was seen teaching his son some of the boxing tactics. The video went viral and many of Tyson fans have also passed positives response to his son’s boxing moves.

In this regard, one of the fans wrote, “Nice!!! Looking like the young mike.”

While another one stated,

Without a doubt he can do it, especially with the greatest champ of all time training him. If he goes after it with the same heart and drive Iron Mike did there will be no stopping him.

However, the retired boxer captioned the video by saying that Miguel hasn’t any intention of getting into the ring professionally and the training is just part of their daily routine to stay healthy and fit.

Mike Tyson captioned the post, “He just started. Not trying to box just trying to stay fit, Morning workouts with the Baddest Dad on the Planet.”

Miguel Leon’s Other Interests Than Boxing

Apart from boxing, the star kid is also a musician. He can play various instruments like guitar, drum, and piano. Some of the sources also claim that the multi-instrumentalist once performed in the phase of The Smith Center.

Mike Tyson and Miguel Leon Tyson
Mike Tyson and Miguel tyson shares quite good bonding

Besides, the star kid has also worked for some charities. Back in 2018, Miguel went to visit an orphanage in Haiti.

Is Mike Tyson’s Son Miguel Leon Tyson Dating Someone in 2022?

As Miguel Leon is the son of a former legendary boxer, many of his fans are often curious to know about his son Miguel’s dating and love life. When it comes to concern for his dating life, his secretive nature is clearly reflected.

So, it is difficult to find out whether he is dating someone or not as of 2022. Rather than involving in love affairs and relationships, the star kids might be more focused on his career.

His Social Media Presences

Although in this world where everyone wants to expose themselves, Miguel Leon seems to be quite secretive. He has an Instagram account but it is private.

On the other hand, his dad is quite active on his social media platforms. Mike Tyson has around 19.2 Million followers on his Insta handle where he keeps on sharing his daily lifestyle.

How Rich Is Miguel Leon Tyson? His Net Worth

There isn’t a doubt that the celebrity kid has quite a lavish lifestyle as he is the son of one of the richest boxers in the world. Miguel has an estimated net worth of around $ 600k.

Besides, his dad Mike Tyson has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The “Baddest Man on the Planet” has earned a fortune from his elite boxing career.

Physical Appearances

Talking about his physical appearance, Tyson has an impressive height of around 5 feet 10 inches. The star kid has dark brown eyes and black colored hair.