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Miles William Guggenheim: All About Elisabeth Shue’s Son

Miles William Guggenheim is a star kid famous as the son of Davis Guggenheim and Elisabeth Shue. While his father is a successful American writer, director, and producer, his mother is an actress famous for her role in Battle of the Sexes, Death Wish, and many others.

As a son of celebrity parents, Miles has gained wide popularity from an early age. Well, many of his parent’s fans are already curious to know about him. In this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about Elisabeth Shue’s son Miles William.

Let’s start.

Miles William Guggenheim Bio, Parents

Well, Miles William was born on 11th November 1997, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a hospital in Los Angeles, California. As we said earlier, he is the son of father Davis Guggenheim and mother Elisabeth Shue. The news of his birth was disclosed only a few days later by Elisabeth’s publicist Stephen Huvane.

Miles William Guggenheim With His Parents And Sibling
Miles William Guggenheim With His Parents And Sibling

As of 2022, William is 24 years of age and will celebrate his 25th birthday in coming November. Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to a mixed ethnic background since his mother is of German and English ancestry whereas his father is Caucasian. As for his nationality, he is American.

Miles’ Parents Named Him After His Late Brother

In case you are wondering what was the inspiration behind Miles’ name. Well, he was named after his older late brother William Shue. As per the reports, he died in a tragic freak swing accident on 24th August 1988.

At the time, the family was on a vacation, & Elisabeth’s brother Andrew Shue was the one who witnessed the accident.

Miles William Guggenheim Has Two Siblings

Apart from his late brother, Miles has two siblings, a sister named Stella Street Guggenheim and a brother named Agnes Charles Guggenheim. Well, Stella, born in March 2001, studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a high school gymnast. Similarly, his brother Anges was born on June 18, 2006, and is currently focused on his studies.

His Grandfather Was a Documentary Film Director

Like his parents, Miles William Guggenhei’s grandparents Marion Davis and Charles Guggenheim were also renowned figures. Well, his grandfather Charles was a celebrated documentary director. He also was the winner of four Oscar Awards from twelve nominations in the world of documentary filmmaking.

Before discovering his passion for filmmaking, Miles’ grandpa served in the United States Army. He, unfortunately, died on 9th October 2002, at the age of 78 in Washington, D.C.

Just for a fact, Miles’ grandfather was dyslexic but had later recovered.

Miles William Guggenheim’s Educational Background & Career

Talking about his academics, Miles attended Brown University in the year 2016. There he received his bachelor’s degree in Modern Culture and Media & Creative Writing in 2020. While Miles has now received a decent degree, his father had a different idea when it came to educating his kids.

Back when Miles was still a 3-year-old kid, his father Davis, in an interview with The New York Times, talked about how the life he wanted to interfere with his kid’s studies and vice versa. He said,

The ideals of the kind of life I wanted to lead were hitting up against the reality of where I was going to send him to school. The private schools we visited were incredible — but so removed and detached.

What Does Miles Do For A Living At Present?

With a degree in Modern Culture and Media & Creative Writing, Miles William Guggenheim is definitely leading a successful career. As per the sources, he works as a part-time writer for The College Hill Independent.

Apart from this, he has kept most of his professionals out of the limelight.

Does Miles Guggenheim Have A Girlfriend?

As far as his relationship status at present is concerned, Elisabeth Shue’s son Miles is single and not dating a girlfriend in 2022. However, he has kept most part of his past relationships away from the media.

Apparently, Guggenheim does not prefer talking about his love life in the open. That said, we would love to see him find a girl of his choice and come public about it.

His Parents Are Married For Decades

It is very rare to find couples in the Hollywood film industry who have managed to be together for decades. Well, Miles’ parents Elisabeth and Davis are one of those few couples.

Miles William Guggenheim Parents Elisabeth Shue, & Davis Guggenheim Are Married Since 1994
Miles William Guggenheim Parents Elisabeth Shue, & Davis Guggenheim

Reportedly, they married in 1994, in a small wedding ceremony. Back in the day, none of the duos were as established in the entertainment industry. As of now, the husband and wife are together for around three decades and they share a strong relationship to this point.

They reportedly met for the first time in a bowling alley and clicked right away. In an interview with The Washington Post, Davis revealed how he had an instant connection with her. He said,

fell in love with each other right away.

The couple reportedly married after a year of dating.

How Much Is Miles William Guggenheim’s Net Worth?

With a successful career in a professional field, Miles has earned a decent fortune. As of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of around $200,000. On the other hand, his parents are super rich with both of them having a net worth of over $20 million.

At present, Miles resides in her parent’s house located in Los Angeles, California. Her mother bought an 832 sq ft property for $1.65 million.

He Is Not On Social Media

Unfortunately, Guggenheim is not on any social media platforms, be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. It looks like he does not enjoy showing off his life in the media. Over the years, he has maintained a low-key life & barely makes a media appearance.