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Milo William Langdon

Who Is Milo William Langdon? Untold Facts About Liv Tyler’s Son

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Milo William Langdon is the son of actress Liv Tyler and singer Royston Langton. He is an up-and-coming teenager from a wealthy and renowned family.

Milo’s mother Liv is a famous personality. She has worked in multiple movies and modeled for various brands. Likewise, his father Royston is an English singer. He is the lead singer and bassist of the rock band, Spacehog.

In this article, we will get into the personal details of Milo Langdon. We will discuss his parents’ life, his net worth, and what he has been up to.

Milo Langdon Bio, Career, and relationship status

As per his birth date, Milo is 17 years old as of 2021. He is the eldest son of actress Liv Tyler. He has two more half-siblings on his mother’s side. They are Sailor Gene Gardner and Lula Rose Gardner. He has a step-brother, son of his step-father Dave, Gray Gardner.

He was born on 14th December  2004, in a rich and famous household. According to his birth date, his Zodiac signal is Sagittarius. Moreover, Langdon is an American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Milo William Langdon with mom Liv Tyler
Milo William Langdon enjoying his walk.

Currently, Milo is studying in high school. Reportedly, he has no source of income or any net worth. Some media claim Milo has been provided $1 million by his rich parents. But till now the rumors have not been addressed.

Additionally, Milo has acted in a movie. He was featured on Kingdom of the Solar quotes by Christian Frates in 2019. Obviously, Milo received a paycheck of $50,000 from his role. Soon enough, Langdon is surely to make a remarkable name in Hollywood.

More on Langdon’s relationship status, the 17-year-old teenager is single. He does not have a girlfriend yet. But following his family name, rich assets, and lovely face, Langdon has his fans growing all over the world.

Milo Langdon’s parents

As we mentioned, Milo Langdon is the celebrity kid of actress Liv Tyler and Royston Langton. Liv and Roy met 22 years ago back in August 1998. The pair were smitten with each other. After three years of dating, they were engaged in February 2001.

They had a long engagement of two whole years. Finally, the pair exchanged the wedding vows on March 25, 2003. They had a beautiful but private ceremony in Barbados. Within a year of their marriage, Liv gave birth to Milo.

The Langdons were pretty happy for quite some time. But they announced their separation in 2008. Even though the reason for the separation has not been revealed, the couple got a divorce quickly.

Presently, Tyler and Langston have a joined custody of Milo. He spends time with his mother and his half-siblings. According to a close source, Milo enjoys watching football with his step-father Dave.

Milo Langdon and his legendary family

Obviously, Milo has a famous celebrity mother and a singer father. But he has famous relatives all over the place.

His grandfather is the legendary Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler. His grandmother is an American singer and Playboy model Bebe Buell. Liv’s adoptive father and Milo’s grandfather is Todd Rundgren.

Moreover, Milo has famous aunts as well. He is the nephew of famous personalities Mia Tyler and Chelsea Tyler. He also has a half-uncle named Taj Monroe Tallarico.

From aunt Mia’s side, Milo has a cousin named Axton Joseph Tallarico. And on his aunt Chelsea’s side, he has another boy cousin named Vincent Frank Foster.

What is Milo Langdon doing right now?

As per his mother Liv’s Instagram, Langdon is enjoying his teen years. He loves being an older brother to his two half-siblings. Liv also constantly posts about Langdon feeding his small brother and sister.

Milo feeding his brother
Milo feeding his brother Sailor Gene Gardner.

Milo is pretty close with his half-siblings. The Gardner family along with Langdon enjoy watching soccer. Liv took her whole family to a photoshoot with the famous footballer, David Beckham. Right now, Milo is enjoying as much as he can with his incredible family members.

Despite liking kids, Milo has not met his cousins yet. Currently residing with both of his parents, Langdon barely has time for himself. Some sources claim that he aspires to be a singer just like his family members. Yet, Milo has not addressed these reports.