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MLB Sportscaster Lauren Shehadi: Her Bio, Age, Career, Husband, Children

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Lauren Shehadi is an American sportscaster and news reporter. She is famous for her works in MLB Central, Turner Sports, and various other sports-related television shows. Her work for networks like CBS Sports and NBC was also exemplary. Apart from her exceptional professionalism, she is also famous for her gorgeous look and hot physique.

Despite being the most noteworthy in the field of sports journalism, we do not hear much about her personal life. In fact, as we were looking into various sources, there was very little information available on the web. However, we have worked hard to deliver some hard-earned information regarding Shehadi to you in this article.

So, who is Lauren Shehadi? In this episode, we will look into her personal life, family, career, husband, and many other things. Thus, without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

Lauren Shehadi Early Life and Parents

She was born on May 23, 1983, in McLean Virginia, the United States of America. But sadly, details about her parents and siblings remain confidential. However, we get to see her father on her social media account now and then. But she has not revealed his name.

For instance, back on June 21, 2015, Shehadi posted a picture of her father when she was younger. The caption on the photo was:

Look at my dad. What a boss. Happy Day!

Here, take a look yourself.

She is certainly in a close relationship with her father. His photos constantly pop up on her social media accounts. The details about her siblings as well as her mother are nowhere to be found. But given the love she shares with her father, it’s safe to say she loves her mother all the same as well.

Here is another post she dedicated to her father. They look so good together and their relationship looks so playful.

Lauren Shehadi Ethnicity, Age, and Astrological sign

Shehadi is of Lebanese descent. She is 38 years old and her astrological sign is Gemini. People with the Gemini sign have an enthusiastic and curious personalities. We can thank her oriental descent for her fabulous body and seemingly ever-present sex appeal.

Educational Background: She graduated from the University of Florida.

Shehadi went to Langley High School in McLean Virginia and graduated in 2001. She was really interested in journalism from a very young age. With that in mind, she attended the University of Florida.

While she was there, Lauren worked as the host of the online web show called Gatorzone. Her internship in The Best Damn Sports Show Period really helped her gain the necessary experience in the broadcasting field. Moreover, she also served as a sports anchor for KXMC-TV in Minot, North Dakota.

She played softball for the Saxons.

Not only is Shehadi a superb sports journalist but also an athlete on her own accord. She played softball for the Saxons during her college days. Lauren does not shy away from few swings during her job as well. Here, look at this short video.

Love Life: Is Lauren Shehadi married? Who is her husband?

Lauren is clearly private about her personal life. Although the fans are always discussing and speculating about her love life, she has chosen to remain silent.

However, when she posted a photo of herself promoting a non-profit on February 24, 2018, fans caught the whiff of her engagement. As you can see in the photo below, she dons a massive ring on her fingers. It clearly looks like an engagement ring. Despite that, Lauren has made no comments regarding the matter of her engagement, leaving her fans more anxious than ever.

Lauren Shehadi engagement ring.
Look at that beautiful ring.

We saw the MLB sportscaster flaunting her rings on numerous occasions after the initial post in 2018. The exclusive details are yet to see the light of day. But one thing is certain, the mystery boyfriend, husband or partner is surely the luckiest man in the world and cause of envy of many baseball fans around the globe.

No matter what the truth is, we wish the couple nothing but happiness and prosperity.

Professional Career of Lauren

After her graduation, Lauren joined and CBS College Sports Network. The 38-year-old sportscaster covered the college basketball and baseball games. Shehadi also worked as a co-host of the SEC Tailgate show and the ALT Games with Jonny Moseley for the CBS College Sports Network.

Lauren Shehadi on her work.
Lauren Shehadi on her work.

In 2012, Shehadi joined the MLB Network. There she worked as co-host besides Matt Yallof on the show The Rundown, Heidi Watney, and others. The show features fan previews of baseball games and live interviews.

Nowadays, she hosts MLB Central alongside Mark DeRosa and Robert Flores.

She also hosts a podcast

In 2018, Lauren started hosting the podcast called The Podium (in collaboration with NBC Sports and Vox Media). It focuses on athletes and events of the Winter Olympics of 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

In the same year, Lauren also covered the 2018 American League Championship as an on-field reporter.

Nominated and became a finalist of Playboys’ Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year

The Lebanese descent reporter was the finalist of Playboys’ Sexiest Sportscaster of the year 2010. The other finalists were Erin Andrews, Bonnie Bernstein, Charissa Thompson, and Molly Sullivan.

Did Lauren Shehadi leave the MLB?

No, Lauren did not leave the MLB Network. She just went to report CBS and Turner’s March Madness coverage in 2020.

As a matter of fact, she has been with MLB Network since its infancy. She is happy with the network and will not leave it anytime soon.

How Much Is Lauren Shehadi’s Net Worth?

During her decade-long career, the MLB Network Shehadi has amassed a vast fortune. If the sources are to be believed, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her annual salary from various TV networks amounts to near $100k.

She also works with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation which helps families affected by the Multiple Sclerosis disease.

She is really popular on social media.

With the net follower about to cross the 100k mark, Lauren is very popular on Instagram. Meanwhile, thousands of her fans follow her on Twitter for Baseball related news and events.