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Naomi Burton Crews

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Naomi Burton Crews gained fame by being the adopted stepdaughter of famous actor and former professional football player Terry Crews. Besides, being a famous celebrity child she is also a reality TV star.

So. who is Naomi Burton Crews? Who is her famous step-father? How is her relationship with her siblings? What is her relationship status? Does she have any children?

Today, we will learn all the known details about Naomi Burton Crews’ personal life.

Naomi Burton Crews’ Early life: Who is her biological father?

Naomi was born on 7th March 1987 in the United States. She is the only daughter between Charles Burton and Rebecca King. She was adopted by her famous stepfather Terry after her mother’s remarriage. After adoption, she goes by the name Naomi Burton Crews.

Naomi Burton Crews
Naomi is the only kid between Rebecca King and her ex-partner, Charles.

In her early years, she was raised alongside her siblings in Flint Michigan. She has four half-siblings Azriel Crews, Wynfrey Crews, Terra Crews, and Isaiah Crews. She went to a local high school in her state. Information regarding her educational background has not been disclosed to the media. As of 2022, she is 35 years old.

Her parent’s separation

Her mother Rebecca was married to her father Charles for a long time. The duo was deeply in love in their younger years but they weren’t built to last. Although Naomi was born in 1987 soon after her birth, the pair parted ways.

Since she was young during her parent’s separation we aren’t sure about her relationship with her biological father. Her parents still have not disclosed any details of their separation to date.

Who is her famous step-father? How is their relationship?

Her stepfather is Terry Crews who is a well-known actor in Hollywood and a former professional football player. He came to the limelight long before his acting career as an NFL linebacker. After retiring from NFL he shifted his career into the acting field.

Naomi's Stepfather Terry Crews
Naomi’s Stepfather is a famous actor.

He gained fame through his iconic comedic role in White Chicks and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Since then he has expanded his career roles and worked as an actor, TV host, producer, and painter. He is also the host of America’s Got Talent.

Her stepfather adopted young Naomi right after her marriage to her mother so their bond seems to be good. She soon became known as a celebrity kid after her adoption. Over the years he has treated her as his own daughter and raised her together with all his biological children and they are all seen together in all his promotional events.

Her relationship with her half siblings

Naomi was adopted into the Crews family and is a half-sister to all of her siblings. She seems to have a pretty good bond with all of them as she grew up with them. All of them are usually seen together in public events. What’s more, the Crews siblings also hang out a lot with Naomi’s daughter.

Naomi Burton Crews Family
Naomi has four half-siblings.

Out of all the siblings she seems to have a very good relationship with her sister Azriel. As her sister often posts throwback pictures of when they were younger on social media and wishes her on birthdays every year.

Naomi Burton Crews relationship status?

Celebrity relationships are usually complicated, whether they are in one or not, it’s hard to tell. Only close people will have a general idea of their relationship status.

In the case of Naomi, she has never mentioned any boyfriend or been seen with any guy on social media to date. There have been assumptions regarding her relationship but we are not sure of them. Until she shares the information with the media we can just speculate that she might be single for time being.

Naomi has a daughter from her relationship, Terry Crews’ first granddaughter

Although there has been no information regarding her relationship, Naomi is the mother of one daughter named Miley Crews. Initially, she revealed her pregnancy during an episode of the reality show, Family Crews. Her daughter was born in 2010, though her exact birth date is not known.

The Crews family happily announced the new member to their family once her daughter was born. There has been no mention of the father of the child and Naomi continues to remain silent regarding this matter.

Her daughter usually joins her family in public events and is often seen on her famous stepfather Terry’s social media. Judging by the public interaction Naomi seems to absolutely adore her child and so does all the Crews family.

Naomi Burton Crews Career

Naomi first gained fame as the stepdaughter of her famous celebrity father. Usually, most celebrity kids follow their parent’s footsteps in their career path but for her, it wasn’t the case. Although her first television appearance was in reality series about the Crews family. This put her in the spotlight in media but she chose an entirely different career path after the show ended.

She once admitted she desires to be her own woman, striving to carve a name for herself, separate and apart from her family. Currently, she works as a licensed cosmetologist and yoga instructor. Other details of her career route remain unknown to the media.

Does Naomi have any Social media presence?

Unlike most of her family members, she is not that active on social media. Although she has Facebook and Instagram accounts she chooses to keep her privacy.

Her Facebook name is Naomi Anna Marie and she occasionally posts there while her Instagram @nano_bubbles is private. So, we do not know much about her personal affairs through her social media.

Her Net Worth

Naomi has accumulated wealth through her career as a reality TV star, cosmetologist, and yoga instructor. We do not have any information regarding her annual salary. Her estimated net worth as of 2022 is $1 million.

Meanwhile, her famous celebrity stepfather has a net worth of $25 million as of 2022. His primary source of income comes from being a TV host and actor. Her mother also has a net worth of $20 million. Most of her wealth comes from her acting career.