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Rachael Henley

Rachael Henley is a well-known actor and the sister of adorable actress Georgie Henley. Similar to her sister, Rachael portrayed an older version of Lucy Pevensie in the film series ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

Her sister Georgie Henley played Lucy Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia. Her role in Narnia won her several accolades including an Empire Award nomination. Despite being the oldest of the Henley siblings, Rachael lives in the shadow of her younger sister Georgie. Does she hate it? OR does she perhaps feel happy about not being in the public limelight?

To answer these questions and learn more about her early childhood, adult life, net worth, and relationship status, along with some interesting facts about her, keep on reading.

Rachael Henley Early Life 

Rachael Henley was born on March 1st, 1988 in the little spa city of Ilkley, West Yorkshire, England. She is the oldest of three siblings, the middle child being named Laura Henley, and the youngest being Georgie Henley. All three sisters spent their childhood in the town of Yorkshire.

Rachael Henley childhood
Rachael when she was a child.

They were born to father Michael George Harry Henley and mother Helena Amedy Henley, who raised their children in a loving and nurturing environment. From a young age, she was quite interested in Ballet, Jazz Dancing, Jazz Singing, and mezzo-soprano singing.

Let’s Take A Look At Rachael Henley’s Education Status

She got her education from Bradford Grammar School, located in Bradford, England. She completed high school at the age of eighteen, in 2006. Her sister Georgia, would later go on and attend the same school, and also complete her higher education there.

Even though Rachael had acted in a movie previously, she mentioned wanting to perfect her acting skills. So pursuing her passion, she applied to the prestigious private college Royal Central School of Speech & Drama located in London. Henley enrolled in this college in 2007.

rachael henley with her friends in mikron theatre
Rachael Henley after a play in the Mikron Theatre

Henley was part of the drama team at CSSD and also did Ballet there. During her time at the university, she also picked up jazz and learned to play the flute. She graduated from CSSD in 2011.

Rachael’s Appearance And Ethnicity

As of 2022, Rachael is 34 years of age. She is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall. She was born in March, making her a Pisces.

Rachael Henley is of caucasian ethnicity, and from a family of English ancestry. She is a devout Christian. Henley is a gorgeous woman with brunette hair, complemented by a pair of deep blue eyes.

Rachael’s career as an actress

Growing up, Rachael was always fond of being on camera and had dreams of being featured on the big screen.

She debuted her acting career as a grown-up Lucy Pevensie, in the movie ‘Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe’. At the age of just seventeen, while she was still in high school, she took up the role and displayed her flawless acting skills as the co-ruler of Narnia.

rachael henley sisters georgia henley and laura henley
The Three Henley sisters on a dinner.

Along with Rachael, her sister Georgia also played the role of a younger Lucy who discovered the gateway to Narnia. After Narnia, Rachael took a break from her acting career and went to the University.

What Roles Did Henley Get After Graduating University?

After her return in 2011, Rachael landed herself a role in the movie Confessions, where she took up the role of Linda. Georgia’s eldest sister Rachael continued her acting career and got a role in the short movie named The Code where she played the role of Patricia, in 2013.

The two sisters came together again, as leads in a movie called Perfect sisters, where Rachael and Georgia acted as Sandra and Beth respectively. The movie was released in 2014; it is a crime thriller about two sisters who kill their biological mother.

Perfect Sisters is the last time we see Rachael on the big screen. She seemed to have gotten tired of the lifestyle and had completely given up on her acting career until recently. As of 2022, she acted as Rachel in the short horror movie, Rachel.

Henley’s Relationships

Currently, Rachael Henley is not in a relationship with anyone and is single. Rachael is a firm believer in the philosophy that, not everyone needs a relationship to be fulfilled in life.

Rachael dated American actor and singer Luke Benward in 2006. But their relationship lasted for only two years and ended in 2008.

Reportedly, Henley also hooked up with actor Keanu Pires in the year 2009.

rachael henley boyfriend
Rachael with her ex-boyfriend Matthew Christopher.

Rachael also started dating Matthew Christopher in early 2014. The couple broke up after two years of dating in late 2015.

Net Worth

Rachael Henley, through acting and other ventures, has gathered a good amount of fortune. Since she is very private about her personal life,  her true net worth is not known.

However, her sister Georgia Henley as a very well-known actress has amassed a pretty big fortune. Her net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

Social Media

Rachael has a very active Instagram account. She frequently posts a picture of herself with her dog Berlioz.

rachael posing with her dog
Rachael Henley with her dog Berlioz.

She also has a Twitter account, where she doesn’t tweet as much. Her last tweet was from March 17, 2022, complaining about the customer service of British Airways.

Fun Facts About Rachael Henley

Rachael’s favorite celebrities are Andrea Riseborough and Jennie Rosewater.

In her blog, Rachael mentions that she loves the movie Tall, Dark & Hopeless and her favorite television show is  Leave to Enter.

Henley loves eating pizza, chicken, fried rice, and noodles along with her favorite drinks sprite and coca-cola.

In her bio, she has written that she has been sober since January 1 of 2019.