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Rayna Tyson-Unknown Facts About Mike Tyson’s Daughter  

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Rayna Tyson is known as the daughter of former professional boxer Mike Tyson. Her father Tyson is regarded as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time in boxing history. While the ex-boxer was in his pick, Tyson has also nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet” with a total of 44 KO wins out of 58 matches throughout his entire boxing career.

Unlike her dad, Rayna is pretty much into the acting industry rather than sports. And Rayna also worked as a crew member in an acclaimed psychological thriller Joker, which starred the actor Joaquin Phoenix who won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role too.

Besides, Tyson’s daughter was once in the media headlines for getting involved in a feud with the rapper Boosie Badazz for his homophobic remark in 2020. After her hard reaction toward the rapper’s transphobic comments, Rayna’s sexuality also became the talk of the town. Let’s also explore several other hidden facts about Ryan’s life including her parents, net worth, and many more!

How Old Is Rayna Tyson? Details On Her Early Life

The star kid is 26-year-old as of 2022. Rayna was born Ramsey Tyson on February 14, 1996, in Bethesda, Maryland. Her parents are Monica Turner (mother) and Mike Tyson (father). She spent the majority of her early days in Bethesda, where the family lived in a $4 million worth house.

Rayna is NYU graduate
Rayna (left corner), her brother (middle), and their mother (right corner)

Furthermore, the abode gave a catchy view of the Congressional Country Club golf course. Likewise, the boxer’s ex-wife Monica once said that their children used to cheer on golf legend Tiger Woods from the residence.

Following her parents’ divorce, the luxurious mansion was handed to her mother Monica as a divorce settlement. And after their kids were grown up, Turner listed the house for sale for $9.75 million in 2020.

Academics: She Is A New York University Graduate

On April 5, 2014, Rayna’s proud dad posted a status on his Twitter congratulating her on getting accepted into New York University. He wrote,

“I’m so proud of my daughter Rayna. She’s been accepted into NYU Film School.”

In 2018, the star kid completed her studies at the college. Before her graduation, Tyson was also nominated for Best Film Student at the University.

Rayna Tyson Has Several Siblings

Rayna has five half-siblings and a biological brother. She has two siblings Miguel and Exodus Tyson from her father’s relationship with Sol Xochitl. Sadly, their daughter Exodus died at the young age of four in 2009. Similarly, Rayna posted a lovely image of her late sister on the occasion of her 14th birthday.

Her half-sister died at the age of 4
Rayna with her late sister Exodus Tyson

Furthermore, her other two half-siblings include Morocco and Milan born from her father’s third marriage with Lakiha Spicer. And one elder half-sister Mikey Lorna Tyson came from the relationship her father Mike was with Kimberly Scarborough.

Her Biological Brother Amir Has A Established Career

As said before, Rayna has a biological brother Amir Tyson. He is a graduate student of American University and majored in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in History from the college. He later worked at ESPN as an intern. Her journalist brother joined the network in 2017 and is still working hard for the cable sports network.

Rayna with her brother Amir and father Mike Tyson

Besides, Tyson’s brother Amir is also in the business world. The passionate entrepreneur is the founder of a clothing brand named Debnoir Attire.

Rayna Tyson’s Career Details: Worked Behind The Scene

Back in 2017, the star kid made her appearance as a crew member in The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. Likewise, a couple of years after in 2019, Rayna worked for the smash-hit psychological thriller movie Joker. But, currently, there isn’t any news about her TV projects. Well, we hope the celebrity child will come back to the film industry sooner or later.

On the other hand, her brother Amir has also seen in a couple of TV projects. The businessman appeared on the talk show I Wish You Knew (2018-19). Similarly, Amir also had a small part in the comedy Best Sheep.

Rayna Tyson’s Parents’ Unstable Marriage

Rayna’s parents Monica and Mike first met at a party at the New Jersey estate of Eddie Murphy in 1990. But, a couple of years after they came across, things started getting complicated. In the meantime, the professional boxer was also found guilty of raping an 18-year-old beauty pageant contestant Desiree Washington and got sentenced to jail for six years.

Although the former flames couldn’t meet each other as usual, Rayna’s mom Monica would still frequently go to see Tyson while in prison. Gradually, their feelings grew even stronger when Mike’s then-girlfriend went to visit him nearly every two weeks.

And finally, in 1995, Mike was released from prison. A couple of years after the bail, in 1997, Rayna’s parents exchanged their vows at the Bethesda house. But, soon after their marriage, Tyson again got himself into legal problems. In 1999, the boxer was convicted of assaulting two motorists and imprisoned for 1 year.

Rayna’s mother Monica was still staying together despite all that problems but couldn’t hold herself when Monica found Mike having extra affair. So, the former couple got legally divorced in 2003. Talking about the divorce settlement, Monica received $10 million as alimony.

Rayna Is A Bigender: She Went To Confront Boosie Badazz For His Homophobic Comments

The daughter of a famous boxer and his second wife Rayna is an impassioned supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Not only that but Tyson is also a nonbinary and transmasculine. Well, if someone tries to bad mouth or go against an LGBT group, the response would be worse than they think.

Firstly, watch the full video down here.

Now, as you have understood what the rapper Boosie Badazz has said in the podcast video in 2020. Before that, the artist made transphobic comments in his Insta live about Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s trans-daughter Zaya. And after receiving a huge backlash, the artist came up with bad remarks in an interview with Mike Tyson in his podcast. He said,

“Don’t cut [her] f**king d**k off, Dwyane”

Similarly, the comments weren’t appropriate for Rayna. She even went to Los Angeles from NY to meet him face to face and talk about the matter.

She disclosed the reason why she wanted to confront the rapper to Rayna said,

“[I saw it as] a good opportunity to educate someone about trans issues. He went into it with such little information. I decided I wasn’t going to intervene or step on any toes unless the conversation was completely out of hand.”

She further added,

“Part of the reason why I wanted to talk to Boosie about it is because I’m a nonbinary person who’s socially transitioned amongst my friends and started a medical transition. I felt like I couldn’t not say something.”

Is Rayna Tyson Dating Anyone? Her Love Life

Back on May 3, 2021, Rayna first posted an image of a girl named Jozee on her Insta, captioning, “cutest🥺.” After that, the star kid shared several images of themselves in which both of them looked really closed. But, it wasn’t confirmed if they were dating or not at the time. And eventually, on the occasion of 2022’s Valentine’s Day, Rayna shared a photo. She wrote,

💓 ~look at my valentine!~ 💓( and most favorite person ever !)
I love you :,)

Rayna is currently in a beautiful relationship and shares everything about her love life openly
Rayna with her beau Jozee

So, it is safe to say, Tyson’s daughter is now dating her partner Jozee. The couple is spending their days together happily and we also hope for them a blissful future ahead.

Her Social Media Platform and Net Worth

The 26-year-old Rayna Tyson is active on social media handles like Insta. She mostly posts images of spending quality time with her close ones on Instagram under the name @madumzeroni.

On the other hand, her net worth is about $500,000 in 2022.