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Rebecca Curci-The Untold Details About Shawn Michaels’ Wife

Rebecca Curci is an ex-member of Nitro Girls, a dance group that performed regularly on WCW Monday Nitro. She used to perform under the nickname Whisper.

Apart from this, Rebecca rose to fame as the wife of  Shawn Michaels, widely recognized as one of the greatest professional wrestlers in the history of WWE. He is known under the stage name Heartbreak Kid. Moreover, the lovely duo who has been married for over two decades is also the parents of two kids together.

Well, here are several other interesting details about her including her first meeting with her husband Shawn, their enduring marriage, and more.

Rebecca Curci’s Early Life: Her Father Was A Teacher

Rebecca was born on 16th June 1973 in Tampa Florida. Although her parent’s name still remains unknown, many tabloids claim that her mother was a nurse at a local hospital and her father is a former English teacher who taught at his hometown high school. Not only that, Curci even has one sister Carol Siener.

As for her education, she attended South San Antonio High School, in San Antonio, Texas.

Besides, Curci has American citizenship and belongs to Caucasian ethnical background

Rebecca Once Worked For WCW: What Is She Doing Now?

Rebecca was interested in dancing from a young age. She even joined a dance school at the age of nine and started her career back in 1997 as a member of Nitro Girls. Shawn’s wife Curci had performed in several episodes of WCW till 1998.

Rebecca Curci during her job at Nitro Girls
Rebecca Curci with her team at Nitro Girls

In 1999, Rebecca decided to marry her partner, Shawn. So, the same year, Shawn’s wife decided to resign from Nitro Girls. Unfortunately, Eric Bischoff (president) didn’t let her leave the job. Afterward, the president and Rebecca both came up with an agreement.

Following that, Rebecca said she would take care of her child and help her husband for the following three years. As of 2022, she isn’t involved in any kind of job and is a stay-at-home mother.

How Did Rebecca Curci Meet Her Husband Shawn Michaels?

Michaels was the one who fell in love with Rebecca while the retired wrestler saw her on Television. In the meantime, Rebecca was a member of the Nitro Girls. Since then, he got his eyes on her, and every time he used to open the TV just to see her. Shawn has described her in his book named Heartbreak & Triumph as, “the most beautiful, sexiest woman I had ever seen.”

Before meeting her face-to-face, Rebecca’s husband Michaels also shared his feeling about her with his best friend Rich Minzer. After some time, Rich saw Rebecca and her team around his place and he instantly called Michaels to tell him about that. Rich then himself went on to talk with Rebecca and he also said everything about Michaels’ feelings toward her.

Later on, Rebecca gave him her contact number for Michaels, but Shawn took his time to call her, so he would not leave the impression of a stalker.

The same thing he has written in his book, Wrestling for My Life. He wrote,

“I was reluctant to call Rebecca because I felt like a stalker.”

So, after taking his time, he decided to call her but she didn’t receive his call. Thankfully, she returned his call that evening and the lovely duo talked for two hours that evening.

The wrestler also talked about their prolonged phone calls,

“We continued talking every night for the next two weeks. Neither of us slept much, and we would talk until four in the morning. Then we’d hop on the computer and e-mail each other back and forth. It was puppy love running amuck.”

Talking about their first encounter, they didn’t meet face-to-face for the next few weeks, instead kept busy talking on the phone. And for the first time, they met in San Antonio, Texas.

Rebecca and her partner Shawn again met during Curci’s photoshoot. This time Shawn expressed all his feelings at the airport. As for the answer, Rebecca couldn’t reject his proposal, she said yes to him.

Are Rebecca and Her Husband Shawn Still Married? Their Wedding Details

The beautiful duo, Rebecca and her hubby Shawn decided to exchange their vows on 31st March 1999, at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, in Las Vegas. They wed in front of only an Elvis impersonator.

Rebecca curci with her husband Shawn Michaelswho was a WWE wrestler
Rebecca with her husband Shawn Michaels

The couple is leading a blissful marital relationship ever since and is now already married for over a couple of decades. Before Rebecca, her spouse Shawn was married to Theresa Lynn Wood.

Chris Jericho Accidentally Punched Rebecca Curci in the Ring

It was the moment back in 2008 when Rebecca and her hubby Shawn were inside the ring to announce Shawn’s retirement from WWE. But, Shawn’s rival Chris Jericho didn’t let that happen.

At that time, Chris tried to punch Shawn in the face, but he ducked and the punch straightly went to Michaels’ wife’s face.

Michaels then looked at Chris and said,

“I want you to do me a favour…I want you to go home sit your wife down, your kids down, look them in the eye and tell them that daddy will never, ever be Shawn Michaels.”

Before it gets more complicated, Rebecca turned the situation to stable saying,  “Is this the best you have, Jericho?”

Curci is The Mother of Two Kids With Her Husband

After one month of their marriage, Rebecca was pregnant with their first child. And the couple welcomed their first son Cameron Hickenbottom on January 15, 2000. On  August 19, 2014, they welcomed a daughter as a second child named Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom.

Rebecca curci also a former member of Nitro girls, is with her children and husband Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels with his long-time wife Rebecca and their Kids

As of 2022, Curci lives on a family ranch in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and kids.

Rebecca Curci’s Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Rebecca has an estimated earning of $300,000 as of 2022. Apart from Rebecca, her hubby Shawn has a net worth of $10. Her spouse has mostly made his money from his refulgent wrestling career.

Besides, talking about her social media handles, Rebecca has created her account on every social media handle be it Facebook or Instagram, but she doesn’t seem to be that interested in the platforms.