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Robert Noah came to the spotlight as the father of famous comedian, actor, writer, and TV host Trevor Noah. His son is a renowned comedian who became famous for hosting The Daily Show, a satirical show airing on Comedy Central.

Besides being a celebrity parent, Robert is also an international chef and well-established businessman. We’re sure you might be really curious to know who is Robert’s wife aka Trevor’s mom?

Moreover, people also want to know so who is Robert Noah? How is his relationship with his famous son? What does he do now? Let’s find out all the answers to these burning questions.

Robert Noah’s Early Life

Robert was born in the 1930s. He was born and raised in Switzerland alongside his older sister. His exact birth date and biological family remain a mystery to the general public. He grew up as a reserved and rational person who prioritizes cleanliness.

The media always tends to be curious about celebrities and their family background. After gaining media attention being a celebrity’s parent general public has always been curious about his early life.

Trevor Noah's dad Robert Noah.

Robert is a Catholic who is of Swiss-German descent. He seems to be a very reclusive person who likes to keep his privacy and hasn’t shared any information regarding his educational background. He seems to be a well-educated businessman.

Robert Noah’s Career and professional life

Robert was a Swiss ex-pat living in South Africa in the late 1970s. Previously he had worked as a chef in Montreal and New York before relocating to South Africa. He was a project manager overseeing the expansion of a Swiss supermarket chain in South Africa. Robert is also a business owner who has opened bars and restaurants.

He was an international chef who opened one of the first integrated steakhouse restaurants in Johannesburg, South Africa during the apartheid period. He took a special license that allowed him to serve both black and white patrons. It became a successful restaurant although it eventually had to close due to a few white people filing petitions to the government.

How did Robert Noah meet Trevor Noah’s mom?

Robert first met his past lover Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah in the 1980s when they were living in the same apartment owned by a German person. His ex-girlfriend was 24 yrs old and he was 46 yrs when they met. They had a genuine bond and fell in love soon after.

Robert and Patricia’s relationship was illegal under the apartheid legislation, which was an institutionalized racial segregation system that was established in South Africa in the early 90s.

Robert Noah's Wife
Robert’s ex-girlfriend Patricia Noah.

His ex-lover wanted a child with him and was fine with him not being in the child’s life. Although he refused to have a child early on, later on, he agreed to it. They had their son Trevor out of wedlock.

Their son was born on February 20, 1984, a decade before apartheid ended. It was a serious crime to even mingle between two different races, having a child put them in a tough situation. He never got married to his ex-girlfriend.

Robert has always been quite a reserved person when it comes to his personal life. He also does not believe in marriage as he thinks it makes people control others. After his past lover, there has been no hint of other love affairs or relationships that the media could see. We can assume that he continues to remain single and is currently not in any relationship as there has been no information regarding this matter.

Robert Noah’s relationship with his son

Robert and his son share a different relationship than most parent-child relations. As his son was born during the segregation period for almost a decade, they could not act as a proper family out in public. His son wrote in his book that they had to hide and meet until the end of apartheid, as it was a crime to have a different race relationship much less a child.

Robert seems to have a deep love for his son although he went out of contact when his son was 13 yrs. old. After he shifted to Cape Town circumstances were quite different. As his past lover got married to her then-husband, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange who was jealous of him. Eventually, that led to the downfall of his communication with his son.

Years later, his son managed to get in touch with Robert and they have mended their relationship for the better. He seems to be proud of his son’s accomplishments, as he had made a scrapbook of every single article written article from the start of Trevor’s career. He may be a proud father and has a better relationship with his son but he still refuses to share much about his past or current life.

Who is his famous son Trevor?

His son Trevor Noah is a famous comedian, TV host, writer, actor, and political commentator. He made his acting debut playing a small role in the South African soap opera Isidingo released on 2002. After this, he started hosting a radio show called Noah’s Ark which he later dropped to focus more on his comedy career.

Robert Noah's son
Robert’s son.

In 2012 his son moved to the United States and a year later he got his big break as the first South African comedian to appear on The Tonight Show. Around 2015 he became the host of The Daily Show. Due to this position his son has since become one of the most successful public figures flourishing in his career.

His son also published his first book Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood in November 2016. It is based on a collection of his personal stories about growing up around the end of apartheid and finally people gaining freedom. The book went on to become one of the New York times’ best sellers.

Robert Noah’s Social Media presence

In case of Robert, he seems to stay out of media attention including having no presence on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, his famous son is quite active on social media platforms. He also has a blog that has links to performance videos, an online merch store, and contact to his social media platforms.

His Net Worth

Robert has accumulated wealth through his career as an international chef and business owner. The media has speculated his net worth to be about $2 million. His current primary source of income is not disclosed to the public.

Meanwhile, his son who is a famous public figure has an estimated net worth of about $100 million.