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Robin Stapler- Insights into the life of Ex-wife of Alfonso Ribeiro

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Robin Stapler, also known as Robin Michele Stewart, is a former American actress. We know her for her roles in TV series like Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001), Martin (1992-1997), and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1997-2002). However, she got famous for her role as Kelly in the television series called, In the house.

On the other hand, she received huge media attention after she married American actor Alfonso Ribeiro. The lovebirds was married for several years before calling it quits. So how did they first met? Do the share kids? Why did they divorce?

Robin is a very quiet figure in Hollywood. She does not make much noise as other glamorous actors and actresses. But, her work speaks volumes about her. She is quite an extraordinary actress with a certain obscure charm about her. She debuted in the industry with the short movie called The Disco Years in 1991. Robin has 13 credits to her name. She has also appeared in many shows on television.

Robin is a very reserved woman. She stays away from the limelight as much as possible. But, we are really curious about the silent ones, aren’t we? Fans are always curious about what Robin is up to these days, after her divorce. So, let’s explore the avenues of the life of lovely Robin Stapler, the ex-wife of actor Alfonso Ribeiro.

Who is Robin Stapler?

Robin Stapler is a former actress. Her other name is Robin Michele Stewart. She was born on September 21, 1972, in Canada. She is a Canadian-American national, but she is of British descent.

We do know she has a brother named Dennis Stewart and a sister, SJ Marie. Her sister is also married and has a daughter.

Robin Stapler sibling
Childhood picture of Robin with her brother.

She does not want the media to hound her parents and that’s why she rarely ever talks about them. Well, good for her and her family. It is certainly peaceful without flocking the paparazzi. Plus, our Robin is a very introverted person. She likes to be away from the media gaze.

Robin has chosen not to disclose any information regarding her educational background. But, from what we could gather from different sources, it is safe to infer that she is a graduate student.

Her Age and Body Measurement

Owing to her superb genetics, Robin is a very beautiful woman. Her beautiful blue eyes add a certain mystique to her persona.

She has blond hair, which compliments her blue eyes. Robin stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs about 68kg.

Robin is 50 years old, as of now. She celebrates her birthday every September. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Insights into the professional career of Robin Stapler

She started her career with a role in a short movie, The Disco Years in 1991. In the short film, she played the role of a character named Denise in the movie. Shortly after, she landed the role of Cynthia in TV series called Boogies Diner in 1994.

It led her to another Tv series called Martian (1996) where she played a very minor role. It was more of an appearance than a full-fledged performance. Robin also appeared in The Steve Harvey Show (1998) and Diagnosis Murder (1996).

Robin Stapler wiki
The current photo of Robin.

She eventually rose to fame after her role in the comedy show called, In the House. She played the role of Kelly in the show, while later on, she portrayed the role of Robin (a character with a similar name). She also met her ex-husband Alfonso Ribeiro on the set of the show.

Robin worked alongside many famous names in the show, such as Kim Wayans, LL Cool J, Debbie Allen, Jeff Wood, and Maia Campbell. Alfonso mainly played the lead roles in the show, as he was one of the main characters. Meanwhile, Robin played supporting roles in the show.

Robin Stapler and Alfonso Ribeiro: Their Married Life

Robin and Alfonso met each other while they were working on the TV show “In the house”. Born and raised in New York City, Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, director, show host, and avid race car enthusiast.

Alfonso played the role of Carlton Banks on the popular series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990). You may not know it but legendary Michael Jackson discovered Alfonso in the Broadway Musical “The Tap Dance Kid“.

Robin Stapler husband
Robin with her ex-hubby, Alfonso.

Coming back to Robin and Alfonso, the duo fell in love with each other while they were filming the show “In the house” in 1997. Both of them wanted to take their relationship to another level, so they married each other. The couple tied the knot on 20 January 2002. They had a very simple wedding with only a few close friends and family present.

They have a daughter together

Robin Stapler and Alfonso Ribeiro have a daughter together. Her name is Sienna Ribeiro, and she was born on October 8th, 2002.

After the divorce between her parents, Sienna’s custody was jointly shared by her parents until she turned 18. She graduated high school from Calabasas High School in 2021.

Sienna Ribeiro, daughter of Alfonso Ribeiro and Robin Stapler.
Sienna Ribeiro, daughter of Alfonso Ribeiro and Robin Stapler.

Sienna is incredibly famous on TikTok for her lip sync and dancing videos. She also appeared in the digital short horror film, Unwritten. What’s more, Sienna is also set on following on the footsteps of her mom and dad and join the entertainment industry.

In an interview, Alfonso talked about his daughter’s interest in the industry. He said, “Sienna definitely has the bug. She’s auditioning and she’s working.”

In addition, he’s been pretty “hands-off” when it comes to her career, however, he still showcases his support. “I’m always peeking in. But I’m allowing her to find her place in what she wants to do.”

Alfonso also revealed in the same interview that she wants to pave her own career in the industry and don’t want to be recognized as Alfonso’s daughter.

Divorce between Alfonso Ribeiro and Robin Stapler: What happened?

Despite the good start, the marriage of Alfonso Ribeiro and Robin Stapler could not last. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, the couple divorced on 19 February 2007. It was an intense divorce; they debated fervently for child custody.

Robin Stapler Sienna
Robin with her girl Sienna.

Finally, they shared custody of their daughter, Sienna, with each other. It must be hard raising their daughter with their busy schedule.

Robin Stapler: Life after divorce. Is she single? She is a businesswoman

Yes, Robin Stapler is currently single. After the divorce from Alfonso Ribeiro, Robin has not been in any relationship. She is a single mother and raised her daughter until she turned 18. Meanwhile, her ex-spouse Alfonso is currently married to Angela Unkrich with whom she has three kids, Anders Reyn, Alfonso Jr., and Ava Sue Ribeiro.

Going through her Instagram account, where she is very active, she regularly shares updates from her life. As of now, she is more into the fitness industry and runs her own company named, RipFix, an athlete hand care product company.

She has created a separated Instagram page for her company where she promotes the product.

Is Robin Stapler back to acting?

Robin has left the entertainment industry in order to raise her daughter, at least it seemed so. Her last role on the silver screen was in the TV series, The Parkers (2000).

But, recently we got to see Robin in the TV series “Here to There”, where she played the role of Alannah. And, it makes sense, her daughter is all grown up now and we are really glad to see her shining on the screen.

Hope we get to see more of her in the coming years.

Robin Stapler Net Worth

A decade-long career in acting surely paid off. Relative to other celebrities, Robin is not very rich. But, she earns a decent sum which surely is greater than what we earn. Robin Stapler has a net worth of about $500,000.

Meanwhile, her ex-spouse, Alfonso has a total fortune of $4 million.

Is Robin Stapler active on Social Media?

Yes, Robin Stapler is active on social media, especially on Instagram. On the platform, she goes by the username @look.its.robin. In the bio, she mentions herself as an actor, fitness educator, healer, and entrepreneur.

Regardless, she is very considerate regarding her privacy. She has always kept her private life and public life separate.