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Ron White’s Ex-Wife Lori Brice: Everything You Should Know About Her

Lori Brice is an American celebrity famous as the ex-wife of Ron White. Her ex-husband is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author. He was one of the charter members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Though Lori divorced her husband years ago, the former celebrity spouse has still been a hot topic in the media. In fact, a lot of White’s fans have been curious about his ex-wife Brice’s life at present? So, where is Lori Brice now? Did Ron’s ex-spouse ever get married again?

In this article, we will discuss not only her personal life but also her professional life. Let’s begin.

Who is Lori Brice? Her Early Details and Age

Ron’s former partner Lori was born in the United States back in 1962. As of 2022, Brice is 60 years of age. Born to Christian parents, Ron White’s ex-wife Lori is an avid Christian follower.

She spent most of her childhood along with her parents in her hometown in very ordinary circumstances. However, Brice has not revealed much about either her father or mother.

Lori Brice Was Married To Her Ex-Husband Ron White: Their Wedding and Divorce

As we already said, Lori was married to stand-up comedian Ron White. The couple married on August 1, 1981, in a private ceremony. Their wedding was held in Caldwell County, Texas. A lot of their close friends and family members were attendees on their big day.

Ron White Divorce His Ex-Wife Lori Brice After 12 Years of Marriage
Lori Brice’s ex-husband Ron White

Their marriage was hugely covered in the media. In fact, Lori gained enough recognization and fame only after She walked down the aisle with the famed stand-up comedian.

A few years into their marriage, things between them turned sour. It didn’t take them long before they finally decided to end their marital bond. After being married for around 12 years, the couple divorced in 1993, citing irreconcilable differences.

Brice Has a Son With Her Ex-Spouse

From her marital relationship with White, Lori is a mother of a son named Marshall White. Her only child was born in 1991 and is 31 years old as of 2022.

Lori Has a Son Marshall White With Her Spouse ROn
Lori’s Son Marshall White

Well, both Brice and Ron share a great bond with their kid. In one of his interviews, the comedian talked about having and raising a kid. He said,

It’s amazing because I was not an easy kid to raise, and he’s smart, he’s got a great heart, real talented. He protects me.

Talking about their son, Marshall did his high school at Weddington High School and later attended Full Sail University and studied Recording arts.

Did Lori Brice Marry Again? Her Love Life After Divorce

While Lori gained instant fame after marriage to Ron, the ex-celebrity-spouse has been a recluse since her split. There are many who want to know if Brice tied the knot after her divorce from then-partner White.

However, things are unclear when it comes to her relationship status at present. That said, there are several sources that claim Lori Brice has remained single since her divorce.

Her Ex-Husband Ron Married Twice After Divorcing Her

Lori’s ex-partner has married three times, twice after her divorce from her. He married for the second time to Barbara Dobbs in 2004. Though the couple had a good start to their marriage, things didn’t remain the same for a long time.

Just around four years of marriage, the duo called it quits and their divorce was finalized in 2008. Unfortunately, none of the duos have revealed the exact reason for their separation.

Lori Brice With Her Third Wife Margo Rey
Lori Brice With Her Third Wife Margo Rey

Ron’s third marriage was with Margo Rey, a Mexican singer, and songwriter. They tied the knot in 2013 and divorced in 2017. White initially stated that he had never married Rey legally but on August 6, 2019, L.A. Superior Court stated that they were married under Texas Law.

Later, in 2020, Ron also filed a legal complaint to terminate the $25,000 he paid in spousal support. He had been paying his wife since November 2019 but requested to stop because of his zero income during the coronavirus pandemic.

Where Is Lori Brice Now?

Ever since her split with Ron, Lori has kept herself completely away from the limelight. There are no updates on her whereabouts at present. However, there are rumors that she lives along with her son in Winter Park, Florida.

But since Lori Brice has not made any public appearance, nothing can be said for sure. Also, she is not on any social media platforms which makes it even more difficult to trace her life at present. We hope she is healthy and happy wherever she is.

How Much Is Brice’s Net Worth?

Talking about her net worth in 2022, she is worth around $1.5 million. With all the wealth she has, she lives a luxurious life at present.

On the other hand, her former husband is extremely rich with a net worth of $40 million.

Lori Brice’s Husband Ron White Short Bio:

Her hubby Ron was born on December 18, 1956, in Fritch, Texas. Born Ronald Dee White, he is a stand-up comedian, actor, & author. He began his career in the late 90s and in January 2000, he toured with Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy as a part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

As a comedian, Ron has released several solo works like Tater Salad a.k.a. Busted in Des Moines, Drunk in Public, You Can’t Fix Stupid, Behavioral Problems, and many others.

Likewise, he has also authored a book named I Had the Right to Remain Silent, But I Didn’t Have the Ability, which appeared in the bestseller list in the New York Times.