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Sarai Burgos-Inside The Life of Bernice Burgos’ Daughter

Sarai Burgos rose to the media limelight for being the daughter of an Instagram model and a reality show star, Bernice Burgos. Bernice got recognization after being featured on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Furthermore, Sarai’s mother is popular for posting her rampant sorts of bikini pictures on social networking sites, especially on Instagram. She has over 7 million followers on Intsta as of 2022.

Moreover, Sarai Burgos’s mother Bernice is also an entrepreneur who has a clothing line to appeal to women of all shapes and sizes. She has worked as the face of several brands as a model. Besides her career accomplishments, the prominent media personality is also quite famous for having multiple high-profile relationships and love affairs. Despite that, the model has remained silent about the name of her daughter Sarai’s dad yet. So, let’s know who is Sarai Burgos’s biological father. How long had her parents been together?

In this article, we will explore various interesting facts regarding Bernice Burgos’s daughter, Sarai Burgos. Let’s check it out all!

What is Sarai Burgos Age? Birth Details and Details

Unfortunately, the exact birth details of Sarai are yet to be revealed. However, sources say Burgos was born in 2006 which makes her 16 years old as of 2022.

Talking about her ethnicity, the star kid belongs to an Afro-American ethnic background and holds an American nationality. The details of her education qualification are, nevertheless, still missing. But, seeing her age, we can say that Burgos must be in her school days.

Young Sarai Burgos with her mother
Bernice Burgos’s youngest daughter, Sarai Burgos

On the other hand, her mother Bernice Burgo was born on April 17th, 1980 in Bronx, New York. As of 2022, the model is 42 years old. She is a child of Puerto Rican parents

Who is Sarai Burgos’s Biological Father?

As mentioned earlier, Sarai’s mother Burgos had multiple relations in the past, which might be the reason the Instagrammer has not revealed the identity of her father yet.

However, it is concluded that the anonymous person was not among the famous personality.

Siblings: Her Sister Ashley is a Promising Instagrammer

As mentioned earlier that Sarai is the youngest daughter of her mother. She has an elder sister named Amarie Burgos (aka Ashley Marie Burgos), born on 9th May 1996. As a matter of fact, at the time of her sista’s birth, her mother Bernice was just 15 years old. Although Bernice hasn’t revealed the name of her father yet, the model once revealed the baby’s father was reportedly a 19 years old guy from the street at the time.

Like her mother, Ashley is also pretty into social media handles. She has over 200k followers on her Instagram account. She also runs a clothing line in a collaboration with her famed mom.

Sarai’s Mother Bernice Burgos Has Her Own Clothing Line

Apart from being a model, Bernice is also a businesswoman who started her own clothing line, Bold and Beautiful back in 2017. The brand basically sells women’s clothes from activewear to sleepwear.

Soon after launching the line, Burgos said Harlem World magazine that, “she has created Bold & Beautiful to offer women a flexible option for nightwear or lounging around while at home.” She added,

I felt there was a gap in sleepwear options and wanted to create a line that serves multiple purposes and still manages to make a woman feel sexy

Along with her daughter Amarie Burgos, Bernice created the clothing brand and said,

I’m really excited to have my daughter included in the process of creating and developing this line because it allows me to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit within her while getting insight to make this collection relevant to women of various ages.

Burgos Is Close To Her Mother Bernice Burgos

It is quite clear Burgos,42, has been providing good parenting support to her daughter since her birth. The daughter-mother duo shares quite good bonding among themselves.

Many assume that due to her ongoing success and busy schedule, Bernice generally spends less time with her younger daughter Sarai. However, the doting mother denied such gossip and often shares photos and videos of her younger daughter on her Instagram handle.

Back in July 2017, Bernice posted an Instagram reel with her baby girl, Sarai, in which, the mom-and-daughter duo is seen strolling in Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Sarai Burgos Mother’s Multiples Past Relationships 

Over the past several years, Bernice has been in multiple high-profile relationships. She first made headlines after her dating rumors with popular rapper Drake started circulating in the media in 2015. It all began when the reported duo was photographed kissing in Australia. But, as soon as the tittle-tattle about their possible romance hit the media, the model denied all the hearsays.

In an interview with Breakfast Club, the mother of child children gushed over her alleged-partner Drake. She mentioned him as, “the sweetest person ever.”

She added,

He’s always been good to me and I’ve always been good to him. I will go to his wedding right now if he gets married. He’s surely going to invite me. Why not? I’m cool.

Amidst their dating rumors, there was also some tittle-tattle that Drake bought her a Bentley. Like her reported relationship with the artist, Burgos also said it is a fake and clarified,

“It was a gift, I did a trade with my car and they brought it to my house. No, it wasn’t from Drake.”

The Instagram star attracted further media attention after her reported relationship with T.I. hit the media. Back in 2017, the two posted several photos of each other on their social media handles. There were also rumors that her then-growing romance with the artist also put a strain on TI’s marriage with Tiny.

Bernice Burgos relationship
Bernice Burgos and her alleged ex-boyfriend and rapper, T.I.

Reportedly, Bernice once also dated the rapper Meek Mill.

Is Sarai Active On Social Media Platforms?

Well, the star kid is too shy to face the camera. So, Burgos is yet not active on any of the social media handles. On the other hand, Sarai’s mother Bernice is very active on Instagram and other social media handles. She has almost 7 million followers on her Instagram handle. Likewise, Sarai’s elder sister Ashley’s Instagram also has a high number of followers.

What is Bernice Burgos’s Daughter’s Net Worth?

Sarai is not actively involved in any of the professions and is still minor. So, it is obvious that Sarai doesn’t have her own earnings. Whereas, her mom Bernice Burgos’s net worth is to be estimated at around $4 million as of 2022.