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Scarlett Schoeffling: The Model Daughter of Michael Schoeffling

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Scarlett Schoeffling is famous as the daughter of American actor Michael Schoeffling. Scarlett is also an actress and a model. Although she is the daughter of a celebrity, she has a fanbase of her own. Her modeling career is going really great, and she has decent followers on social media.

However, despite being out in the open, her private life is always under shade. So, fans are always eager to know about her.

In this section, we will dive deep into the life of lovely Scarlett Schoeffling and try to learn more about her. We will take about her upbringing, family, career, and love relationships. So, let’s zoom right in.

Scarlett Schoeffling is the daughter of eighties heartthrob Michael Schoeffling

Scarlett Schoeffling is the daughter of Sixteen Candles star Michael Schoeffling. He is a former American actor and model best known for his role as Jack Ryan in Sixteen Candles.

She was born on May 6, 1991, in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She is 30 years old as of now and has American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Her birth sign is Taurus, the sign of the bull. People with Taurus’ sign are delightful and kind, but fiery like bulls as well. Her mother is Valerie Schoeffling. She also has an older brother named Zane Schoeffling.

Scarlett Schoeffling brother Zane Schoeffling
Scarlett with her brother Zane during their childhood.

She seems to have a good relationship with her parents. She frequently posts pictures of her mother and father with captions full of love and gratitude.

Young Scarlett with her father Michael Schoeffling
Scarlett with her papa Michael.

Thanks to the aesthetic genes of her model mother and father, she inherited the good looks from them both. Plus, her Hollywood heritage must have helped her a lot down the road.

Early education

Scarlett is a very private person and she has chosen to not disclose her private affair to the public. Her educational information suffers the same fate.

But, depending upon her artistic and intellectual endeavors on her Instagram, it is safe to say she is a curious soul. We believe she completed her early education in a local Newfoundland high school.

She must have gone to college, but we are not sure given her early entry into the modeling industry.

Physical measurements of Model Scarlett Schoeffling

According to this verified source, the 30-year-old model stands tall at the height of 5’10”. Her bust-waits-hip measurements are 34”-24”-35”. She has luscious dark brown hair and brown eyes to compliment her attractive face.

Scarlett Schoeffling body measurement
Scarlett is an accomplished model.

Just this random information might give you an inkling of the idea of how beautiful Scarlett really is. She will take your breath away if you ever met her.

Scarlett Schoeffling career in showbiz and the modeling industry

Scarlett is a professional model from New York City. Judging from the posts of her Instagram account, she has had a lot of modeling gigs going on lately. We frequently see her in commercials, advertisements, brand campaigns, and magazines.

She also got into the showbiz industry, as she was interested in acting. She appeared in movies like Blackjack: The Jackie Ryan Story (2020) and Billions (2016). She is just starting out on the showbiz field, but her roles have received wider acclaim already.

We wish her well in her career.

Scarlett Schoeffling is insecure about her looks?

Even the most beautiful people can be insecure, and Scarlett falls under that category. Despite her drop-dead gorgeous body and equally attractive face, the Billions star is insecure. In one of her early Instagram posts in 2018 (now deleted), she revealed,

I used to have a gap between my front two teeth. My mom said that Madonna had a gap in her front teeth. My Mom was mad at Madonna because she flirted with my Dada on the set of a movie. So, she took me to a dental surgeon and had my gap removed. Now my front teeth overlap because they don’t have space. This could have all been avoided if Madonna didn’t flirt with my Dad.

We are sure tiny overlapping teeth won’t stop her from her career path. And, it seems the Ralph Lauren model is already over it, the way she oozes confidence on catwalks and photoshoots.

Relationships and love affairs: Who is Scarlett Schoeffling’s boyfriend?

Despite being a social media whizz, we know little about her love life. The information we see on the internet is also unreliable.

However, we dug up the earlier posts on her Instagram and it seems she is in a relationship with a man named Sean Biloski. The photo had a caption, ‘having a moment,’ and the pair looked really intimate.

Here take a look.

Scarlett Schoeffling boyfriend
Scarlett with her rumored boyfriend.

The couple seems to be in a perfectly healthy relationship to this date. Going by how everything is going, we can say for a certainty their relationship is going smoothly.

Michael Schoeffling and Valerie Robinson: Relationship between her parents

Michael and Valerie married each other in the late 80s. Valerie, born Valerie Carpenter Bernstein, is an actress and model. She acted in movies like Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984), One shoe make it murder (1982) and Having Babies II (1977).

Meanwhile, Michael got famous for his role in Sixteen candles (1984). Apart from that, he also had a career in the sports of freestyle wrestling and even was a member of the National Junior Wrestling Team.

Shortly after their marriage, the pair decided to leave Hollywood.

Do they work in a furniture store now?

After quitting Hollywood, Micheal and Valerie went to live in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. They own a furniture store there. Scarlett and her brother Zane grew up around there, away from the media gaze.

Since then Michael’s name has dissipated from the media. However, fans started noticing his daughter after she started her modeling career. And now it has found its way to the public ears once again.

She is an avid art enthusiast

Her Instagram is full of various paintings she loves. Mark Rothko, Bernard Piffareti, Lee Krasner, and Claude Monet are the painters living on the walls of her Instagram. She regularly visits art galleries when she is free.

Scarlett loves Brad Pitt

We have seen the 5′ 10” model thirsting over legendary actor Brad Pitt on her Instagram. Her Instagram also features many other legendary artists, such as Al Pacino and Lana Del Ray. She certainly has great taste.