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Several Interesting Facts About Jenny Popach; Her Hype House Scandal

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Jenny Popach, whose real name is Roselie Arritola, is a famous American social media star. She is popular for her dance clips, especially her belly dance, and also does tutorials, vlogs as well as challenge videos.

The 16 years old Roselie started doing YouTube videos back in 2017, however, she rose to fame after she started posting on TikTok. Popach has more than 6 million followers on her TikTok account as of 2022. Many of you may not know but Jenny is also a trained dancer and a gymnast.

On the other hand, Jenny’s name keeps coming into controversy along with her mother. She was more noticed after the social media star got into a lot of drama including the Hype House. Yes, Jenny and her mom reportedly broke into the Hype House in 2020. Not only this but Jenny’s mom was also accused of sexualizing minors after one of her videos on TikTok.

Here is everything you should know about her Hype House scandal, parents, and siblings!

Jenny Popach Real Name and Age

Jenny whose real name is Roselie Arritola was born on 15 November 2006, in Miami, Florida under the sign Scorpio. She is 16 years old as of 2022.

Besides, Roselie has an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

What is Jenny’s Height?

Her height is approximately 5 feet and 1 inch with a bodyweight of around 46 Kg.

Her Parents Are Also TikTokers

Roselie is the daughter of Maria Ulacia (mother) and Reno Popach (father). Both her mom and dad are active on TikTok with over 200k and 31.4k followers respectively.

Despite having 200k plus followers, Maria Ulacia’s TikTok account is banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations for some time.

Roselie Arritola Has Two Siblings

The TikTok star presumably has only one brother until she made a beautiful post on her Instagram with her newly born baby brother in early Jan 2022. The 16 years old wrote in the photo,

“My new baby brother. I m so happy to have him. He’s the most amazing being ever, and I already love his chubby cheeks. Truly a blessing from God. <3 ”

While Jenny’s small brother is now an infant, we can see her other brother in her videos alongside herself. It seems like there is not much age difference between the two and has a good relationship with each other.

How Did Jenny Popach Start Her Career?

Initially, Jenny Popach had an Instagram account “roseliearritola_” where she started posting her dance videos. Her first post was on 21 April 2017 where she posed standing on one leg.

Jenny's first social media photo
Jenny’s first Instagram photo.

After that, Jenny soon created her own self-titled YouTube channel and was then introduced to the TikTok platform. Her videos soon got viral and she was under the spotlight overnight.

Jenny’s dance videos were praised and loved by most of her viewers while some loved her beautiful face and fit body. Since then, she is mostly active on TikTok and is more popular among teenagers.

How Did Jenny Popach Get Famous?

Popach is famous for her agile dancing moves with a unique style that gained popularity over time. The social media star also makes fashion and lifestyle videos that are popular among her fans. Furthermore, she keeps posting vlogs and make-up tutorials on her social media handle every now and then.

Jenny Popach in black dress
Jenny has millions of followers on her TikTok, Source: Instagram

Even though Jenny has numerous fans, she also got tons of haters. Many tabloids suggest she is the most disliked TikToker in the TikTok world.

Why Did Jenny Popach Get Cancel?

While Jenny was getting a lot of fame in the social media world, she posted a video wrapped under the wrapping paper. Her brother unwrapped her and she was just in her bikini.

As soon as the video was out in 2020, a mass outraged with the allegation of parental abuse. There were many questions and comments where some people said “How could a mother let a 14-year-old post this with her brother,” while others said her videos “violate TikTok’s adult nudity and sexual activity guidelines.”

Following this, her video along with the rest of her account was removed. Though her account was allegedly permanently deleted, it looks like it was just banned for some time.

Jenny and Her Mother Reportedly Broke Into The Hype House

Jenny reportedly broke into the Hype House with her mother. But they didn’t agree to do that. Seventeen reported that Maria Ulacia claimed not breaking into the house and didn’t steal anything from it. She said there was a caretaker who let them in so they could film. She further added, “I am not a thief, never have been, and never will be.”

In contrast, Hype House member, Alex Warren said they “don’t have caretakers” and “every door was locked except one window.”

Jenny Popach mother
Jenny’s mom became emotional after the controversy.

Though how and why they get into the house is still unclear, this wasn’t allegedly the first time fans had shown up at TikTok houses.

Justice For Jenny Popach

Even though Jenny was followed by several controversies, she still has lots of supporters. After her alleged suspension from her main social media profile, many social media users started a movement with #JusticeforJenny. It started when most people thought she was exploited by her mom.

Many public posts allege that her mother is “making her post weird videos” for views. People find it inappropriate how the 16-year-old is twerking and wearing bikinis and revealing clothes in front of her parents at such a young age.

In addition, TikTokers have taken her videos similar to the #FreeBritney movement and think Jenny needs help. They are saying that Ulacia is making her daughter content to appear sexually appealing.

Regardless, these are just viral speculations and there is no evidence for them. None of the Popach family members have spoken anything regarding this.

Jenny Popach Social Media Accounts

Being a social media star, Popach is active on almost all social media profiles. Her official Instagram account goes by the name “#jennyypopach,” and another account by “#roseliearritola_.”

Also, her TikTok account goes by “#jennypopach.” She also has a self-titled YouTube channel with considerable subscribers.

What is Roselie’s Net Worth?

As per sources, Jenny Popach has a net worth of $1million. Having more than 6 million followers on TikTok and 20k plus subscribers on YouTube, her fortune is not a surprise.