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Sheldon Bream-All You Need to Know about Shannon Bream’s Husband

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Sheldon Bream is an American businessman who currently serves as a Principal at Bream Speaker Management LLC. Besides, Sheldon is also famously known as the husband of well-known FOX News Channel journalist, Shannon Bream. Sheldon and his wife Shannon have been married for nearly three decades, and they are easily one of the most adored celebrity couples.

Well, Shannon, the 51-year-old journalist is pretty active on social media platforms. She actively shares her professional life and personal life through her socials. But, unlike her, her husband Sheldon doesn’t indulge in being on social media publicly. He does have Twitter and Instagram handles, but, he rarely shares anything regarding his personal or professional life. So, it’s obvious that many of Shannon’s fans are curious to know about her husband’s life.

In today’s episode, we have brought a detailed article covering all the aspects of Sheldon Bream.

Sheldon Bream is Married to His wife, Shannon For Nearly Three Decades

Well, celebrity couples are notorious for their short-living romance, however, Sheldon Bream here is the epitome when it comes to relationships. He has been together with his wife, Shannon for nearly three decades and has been married to her for over 25 years. Sheldon and Shannon tied the knot on December 30th, 1995.

Shannon marked the couple’s 25th marriage anniversary in 2020 with a photo from their wedding. “25 years ago tonight! I knew I was crazy about this guy, but I couldn’t know what an incredible husband he would actually be.” Here is the post.


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Besides, Shannon frequently shares pictures with her husband Sheldon on her Instagram. In many of her posts, the television presenter has mentioned that she and her spouse Sheldon are not perfect but “perfect for each other.”

When Did Sheldon and Shannon Bream Meet?

Sheldon met his future wife, Shannon while they were undergrads at Liberty University, Virginia. As per her Instagram post, the pair met back in 1992, at a homecoming game of Liberty Football. She writes “The very stadium where we met 28 years ago during the Homecoming game,” alongside her post.


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Meanwhile, according to Heavy, Sheldon and his better half were dating other people at the time they were introduced to each other during their senior year. However, they got close and started dating soon after their college was over.

Talking about their first date, it was back on February 13, 1993. On the day in 2021, Shannon shared a photo of the couple on her Instagram celebrating the 28th anniversary of their first date. Have a look,

Sheldon and Shannon Bream went on their first date back in February 1993
Sheldon and Shannon Bream went on their first date back in February 1993

Back in May 2019, Shannon Bream called up her husband Sheldon on her show “Fox News @ Night” as she had just launched her first book, “Finding the Bright Side.” There Sheldon revealed that he had told his roommates that he was going to marry Shannon after their first date.

His Wife is a Pageant Winner

Many of you might not know the fact that Sheldon’s wife, Shannon Bream is the winner of Miss Virginia 1990. She was just 20 years old and was attending Liberty University at the time she earned the crown.

She subsequently went on to compete in the Miss America 1991, however, she couldn’t win the pageant as she was placed 10th in the competition. As a matter of fact, Miss Illinois, Marjorie Vincent was the winner of the pageant that year.

How Many Children Does Sheldon Share with His Wife?

Well, the happily married couple of over two and a half decades, Sheldon and Shannon don’t share any kids between them. They have never talked openly about them not having children. Nevertheless, the duo always looks happy and satisfied with each other without the kids.

Sheldon Bream and his wife with their dog, Biscuit
Sheldon Bream and his wife with their dog, Biscuit

In the meantime, Sheldon and his better half are dog parents. They have had a couple of dogs so far. Previously, the husband-and-wife had a chocolate lab named Miss Mocha. Shortly later, the pair adopted an adorable dog, Jasper. And as of 2022, the Bream-duo has a dog named Biscuit Bream.

Sheldon is a Cancer Survivor – His Diagnosis and Recovery

Bream was in his early 20s when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Shannon revealed it back in January 2020 on Fox Nation’s Ride to Work. It was a complete shocker,” said Shannon. She added,

“He was a college athlete, very healthy and strong and he’d had an ear problem – like a ringing in his ear – for a long time.”

Shannon continued saying:

“They treated him for everything, ear infections, all kinds of stuff, and they said ‘Well, we need to rule one thing out. It’s a longshot.’ But the test came back and they said ‘You’ve got a brain tumor. It’s about the size of a golf ball and it’s got to come out.”

Sheldon was reportedly 24 at the time, probably around 1994. At the time, Sheldon and Shannon were engaged to be married. Besides, he had just lost his father around the time of his diagnosis.

His Recovery

After the diagnosis, Sheldon underwent 9-hour-long surgery to get his tumor removed. Although the surgery was carried out successfully, the procedure brought several complications and ultimately Sheldon ended up with severe paralysis.

The tough conditions led Sheldon to go through a depression. But, months after the surgery, a miracle happened when the pair were at a Pizza Hut for a lunch buffet and everything changed thereafter.

A month before we’re supposed to get married and I thought I saw the corner of his mouth move,” Shannon recalled the moment. She further reminisced that doctors had told them they’d notice Sheldon’s mouth move first if he ever start to regain control over his facial muscles.

Sheldon and his now-wife were overjoyed to experience the change and as the former started biting, chewing, and trying to talk, the pair jumped up in Pizza Hut and started crying. Shannon said,

“People think we’re nuts and we do not care at all. From there, he slowly began to recover. And it still took a while. But thank God he’s good. No more return of that.”

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Shannon rarely talk about his diagnosis and fight with cancer. However, the 51-year-old journalist has mentioned her husband’s extensive battle in her book “Finding the Bright Side.”

Sheldon Bream Early Life, and Parents – When is His Birthday?

Sheldon was born as the youngest child of six children to his parents. Even though there is pretty scarce information on Sheldon’s birthday, we can say he was born on October 30th in Pennsylvania, the United States. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s birth year is not known as of now although several sources have mentioned he was born in 1970. Nevertheless, Sheldon Bream is in his early 50s as of 2022.

When it comes to his birthday, his wife, Shannon never misses wishing her hubby on his birthday through her socials. In 2021 also, the proud wife shared a photo of her and her husband on her Instagram on Sheldon’s birthday.

Sheldon Bream and his wife Shannon Bream
Shannon Bream wished her husband Sheldon on his birthday in 2021

Happiest birthday to my love and BFF. You are a steady rock, man of principle and loyal friend to all. You’re also a heck of a lot of fun. I could spend every minute of every day with you and still wish for more! 😍🎂,” wrote the FOX News journalist in the caption.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Sheldon’s ethnicity, he is a White American and holds an American nationality.

Sheldon Has Five Older Siblings – One of Them is Very Popular

As we mentioned before, Sheldon was born the youngest of six siblings. There is little to no information on Sheldon’s siblings, however, it’s pretty well known that his older brother is a renowned former baseball player, Sid Bream.

Sid played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for slightly over a decade before he announced his retirement. He started his MLB career in 1983 with the Los Angeles Dodgers and remained with the club until 1985. Afterward, Sid played for Pittsburgh Pirates (1985-90), Atlanta Braves (1991-93), and Houston Astros (1994).

Sheldon and his brother Sid Bream attended Liberty University
Sheldon (rightmost) and his brother Sid Bream (leftmost) with their uncle Leroy (2nd from right), and cousin Dave

Sid created several memorable moments during his playing career. However, more than anything, he is remembered for his incredible slide in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

His Education

The Virginia-native, Sheldon Bream is a Liberty University graduate. According to his LinkedIn profile, he attended Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management and Business at the university. Besides him, Sheldon’s older brother, Sid also studied at Liberty University. As a matter of fact, the university writes in one of its articles that more than 30 of the Bream family members have been part of it.

Sheldon Bream Career Involvement – He Played College Baseball

Bream is a businessman by profession. As per his LinkedIn profile, he worked as a director of Bureau Relations at Washington Speakers Bureau. He joined the company back in January 2005 and remained there until March 2018, working for over thirteen years.

Since then, Sheldon Bream became an entrepreneur and started Bream Speaker Management LLC based in Arlington, Virginia. The company was formed in April 2018 and Sheldon acts as the principal of the organization. The main motive of the organization is to provide event planners with talented speakers.

Sheldon Bream is a businessman
Sheldon Bream is a businessman

In the meantime, Sheldon also aspired to be a professional baseball player like his older brother. He used to play college baseball while he was at Liberty University. However, he couldn’t continue his playing career for long.

Sheldon Bream Net Worth – His Wife is a Multi-Millionaire

Sheldon doesn’t share much of his work life with the public. However, he has publicly shared his past and current career involvements. Based on these facts, we can safely say he has a net worth of around $500k in 2022, but the exact figure is still out of media reach. On the other hand, his wife, Shannon earns a handsome sum of money from her career.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shannon earns around $3 million in salary from her association with the Fox News Channel. And as of 2022, Shannon Bream’s net worth is speculated at $10 million.