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Sultana Abdul Jabbar

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Sultana Abdul Jabbar is the youngest daughter of Habiba Abdul Jabbar and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Sultana rose to fame from her father’s well-known identity. Her dad, Kareem is a former professional basketball player, who has played for 20 seasons in NBA. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is also a retired coach for many clubs in LA.

Besides, her parent’s professional career, we will also talk about Sultana’s love life. Is she dating anyone or not? What about her parent’s marital relationship? Are they still together? Regarding this kind of query, we have answered below the content.

Further, we have added some information regarding Sultana’s early life, how old is she as of 2022, and more. Let’s dig into it!

How Old Is Sultana Abdul Jabbar? Her Early Age Detail

Sultana Abdul-Jabbar was born in 1979 to Kareem Abdul Jabbar Sr., (Father) and Habiba Abdul Jabbar (Mother) in Los Angeles, California. She grew up with her two biological siblings, Habiba and Kareem Jr., and her other two half-brothers Amir and Adam Abdul Jabbar. Furthermore, Sultana is in her late 40s as of 2022.

Sultana Abdul Jabbar with her siblings and father who is NBA player
Sultana Abdul Jabbar with her siblings and dad

On the other hand, we can assume that she completed her schooling in her hometown LA. Likewise, in 2002, she completed her bachelor’s in literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

What religion does Sultana follow?

Considering how she goes by her dad’s surname of Abdul-Jabbar, it is safe to say, she follows Islam.

Sultana Abdul Jabbar Professional Career

Talking about Sultana’s career, since Dec 2008, she has worked as an Assistant for Los Angeles Lakers for around five months. Similarly, in Dec 2009, she landed a job at Children’s Institute, Inc. as an Administrative Assistant, where she worked for over four years.

Sultana took 1-year gap from her career, and she again started a job as an Executive Assistant for the Children’s Defense Fund. As an Executive Assistant, she worked for more than a couple of years.

As of now, it seems that she isn’t working for any company. We can’t say what she is up to nowadays.

Is Sultana Abdul Jabbar married to anyone?

Moving onwards to Sultana’s love life, she hasn’t opened up about it. She keeps her personal life far from the media light, so it is hard to say whether she is involved in any kind of relationship.

We can assume that she doesn’t want to be in controversy like her father has been regarding relationships. Speaking of which, her father is also not in a relationship with anyone, as of now.

Sultana Abdul Jabbar’s Parents’ Relationship: When did they meet?

Sultana mom and dad met at a Lakers game, where her father, Kareem was attending his senior year at the University of California, LA. Likewise, after dating for some time they eventually tied the knot on May 28, 1971, in Washington, D.C in a Mosque led by Khaalis, the leader of the Hanafi moment.

For the wedding, Sultana’s mother, originally known as Janice Brown, even changed her name to Habiba, just to marry Kareem. Sadly, during their marriage which was held in the mosque, Habiba’s parents were not allowed to enter the place because of their Christianity religion.

Sultana's mom and her famous dad
Sultana’s mom, Habiba Abdul Jabbar, and dad, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

As per the source, even Kareem didn’t know that they were barred to enter the wedding place until the nuptials. This really caused a lot of rift between Habiba and Kareem, earlier on in their relationship.

Thankfully, Kareem settled the thing between the two families after several years of marriage. Sultana’s dad used to call his parents-in-law whenever he was on National Television saying, “Hi to Moms and Pops in New York”.

Why did Sultana’s Parents Divorce?

Sultana’s parents got split for two reasons, one was Kareem’s migraines, and another was Kareem’s affair with Cheryl Pistono. His migraines developed due to the death of his six relatives and one friend who were all members of the Hanafi group. They were reportedly murdered by rival Black Muslims in Washington D.C.

In addition to that, Kareem’s migraines, his ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Pistono convinced him to seek a divorce from Habiba, from whom Kareem was living separately since 1973. On October 11, 1978, Sultana’s parents finally parted ways after Kareem filed for divorce.

Sultana’s Relationship With Her Parents

During her early days, she spent most of the time with her mother. As she could hardly see her father’s face because of his busy schedule. Apart from Sultana’s father’s limited time for the family, he wanted to be the best father to his children.

Similarly, her mother started living separately in Washington D.C., giving the NBA star an opportunity to be the father he wished for. The busy person expressed his feeling,

” I Don’t get to spend as much time with the kids as I would like, but it’s more than I used to”

Likewise, Sultana hardly appears with her parents on her social media handles.

Sultana’s Father Kareem Is A Former Professional Basketball Player

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is considered one of the greatest players in NBA history. He started his basketball career in 1969 by joining the club Milwaukee Bucks. Before being a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, he was known for his high school games where he set the record of continuous 71 wins and 3 city titles. In his senior year, he was known as the game’s best player, under coach John Wooden’s wing.

During high school, while Kareem played for UCLA Bruins, he led the team to three national championships and was awarded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament for Most Outstanding Player.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar who is also a author
Kareem Abdul Jabbar with his daughter, Sultana Abdul Jabbar, and Zac Effron.

Following that, In his all-time career as a player, he has played for 20 seasons for Los Angeles and Milwaukee Bucks, where he has a six-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) record. After playing for several years he began his career as a coach for a club like Alchesay HS (assistant),   Los Angeles Clippers (assistant), Los Angeles Lakers (assistant), and Oklahoma Storm. In 2011, he retired from NBA.

Is Sultana Abdul-Jabbar Active On Social Media Platforms?

As mentioned earlier, Sultana is a private person, she isn’t active on any social media. Meanwhile, her father is active on Instagram, where he has a following of 1 million. Her father mainly shares pictures and videos about his personal life and professional career.

Sultana Abdul-Jabbar’s Net Worth

Given she is the daughter of Kareem, we can assume that she is living a lavish lifestyle. Her dad Kareem has an estimated earning of $20 million.