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Taj Knight is the star kid who came to the limelight because of his father, Suge Knight. Suge is a former American music executive, the co-founder, and ex-CEO of Death Row Records. His dad has also released two albums that featured hip-hop icons, Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre.

Apart from Taj’s father’s profession, what about his own identity? Is Taj also involved in the music world like his dad? Besides, many people wonder to know if Knight is married.

Well, here is everything you are looking for Suge Knight’s son Taj including his mother, age, and more!

How Old Is Taj Knight? His Early Life And Birth Details

The celebrity kid is currently in his late 30s. He was born on 1991 to Suge Knight (father) and Davina Barnes (mother). He spent his early childhood days with his mother in Atlanta.

Other than that, Taj has kept his personal details far from the media light unlike his father and half-brother. He has an American nationality and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Siblings: Taj Knight Has Six Half Siblings

Apart from being the only child of his parents Suge and Davina, Taj has dozens of half-siblings from his father’s several marriages and romantic relationships.

Taj knight who is the son of famous American music executive
His half-siblings alongside their father, Suge Knight

He has three half-sisters named Posh Knight, Bailei Knight, and Arion. Likewise, the star kid has four half-brothers Legend Knight, Suge Jacob, Andrew Knight, and Sosa Knight.

Taj’s half-sibling, Suge Jacob is a successful person who is the CEO of OverKnight Entertainment. Jacob is also a member of the TV show Love & Listings. He has made a couple of appearances on VH1.

Taj half-brother, Jacob is also a media person
Taj Knight’s father, Suge, and his half-brother, Jacob

Is Taj Knight Married?

Taj is still an unknown figure to the media without making a single public appearance with any of his family members so far. He is neither active on any authorized social media handles nor has stated about his love life to the media.

So, as of 2022, there is no report on his relationship status.

Who Is Taj Knight’s Father Suge Knight?

As mentioned above, Knight was an American music executive and former CEO of Death Row Records. Prior to making his debut in the music world, his dad was an NFL player who played for Los Angeles Rams for a few years. Later on, Taj also worked as a bodyguard and concert promoter for well-known artists like Bobby Brown.

Suge Knight is former CEO of Death Row Records
Knight’s dad, Suge Knight

And in 1989, Suge started his own music publishing company, Death Row Records. He earned a huge profit from his smash hit Ice Ice Baby.

Suge later formed an artist management company named Black Kapital Records and partnered with West Coast hip hop artists DJ Quick and The D.O.C.

Taj Knight’s Dad’s Legal Problems

Taj’s father has been convicted of several crimes since his days at Death Row Records. Back in 1995, the artist was sentenced to five years probation for threatening two rappers. Following that, Knight was again sentenced to jail straight nine years for the probation violation on 28th February 1997 but got an early release in 2001.

Taj knight father is a criminal
Taj’s father when he was in the prison

His legal trouble didn’t stop there as the artist was also arrested for several other cases like altercation and gang accusation, bankruptcy, traffic violations, and more.

Taj Father Was Also Accused Of Tupac Shakur’s Murder

Apart from all his legal problems, rumors about Suge being involved in the murder of late legendary rapper Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls played a huge downfall in his business. When the late artist Tupac Shakur was shot in Sept 1996, Suge was also with him in the car.

Although the murder case of Tupac and his friend Biggie is still a big mystery to the media and public,  the LA Times once assumed that the Compton gang shot Tupac.

Taj Knight Net Worth

Since his professional details remain private in the media, it is also hard to estimate the exact amount of his net worth in 2022.

Whereas, his father has a net worth of $ 200k. But, at one time, Suge was a multi-millionaire, having a net worth of $750 million. Unfortunately, because of his criminal records, his career is no longer stable.