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Taj Monroe Tallarico Bio With His Career, Wife, Net Worth & Much More

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Taj Monroe Tallarico is a singer, songwriter, & producer. He is famous as the only son of Aerosmith’s lead singer, Steven Tyler. Whereas his mother is the famous designer, Teressa Barrick.

Taj has famous parents as well as prominent half-sisters. He is the half-brother of the lovely actress Liv Tyler and Mia Tyler. Likewise, he has a biological sister named Chelsea Tyler who is also a popular singer and entertainment figure.

So, how is the inside life of Taj Tallarico? Who is Taj dating right now? In this article, we will discuss his personal, professional, and family lives.

Who Is Taj Monroe Tallarico?

As we mentioned, Taj Monroe Tallarico was born to Steven Victor Tallarico and his then-wife Teressa Barrick. The couple was truly blessed with a beautiful and talented son. Previously, Steven welcomed three daughters before having a son.

Taj was born on the 31st of January, 1990. The Tyler couple had him in Boston, Massachusetts. According to his birth date, his zodiac sign is Aquarius. Additionally, he shares his birthday with Justin Timberlake.

Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father Steven Tyler
Taj Monroe Tallarico with his father Steven Tyler at an awards show.

As we all know, Taj has a family full of celebrities. Despite it, he has made his life very secretive and private. He stays away from the camera and the paparazzi. He tries to keep very low eyes on him.

However, he does make public appearances on red carpets and award shows. He is there to support his family members when needed. We can say that Taj had a good upbringing and is a wonderful son.

Age, Height & Weight

As of 2022, Taj is 32 years of age. He has a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is equal to 168 centimeters. He has a short stature compared to his father who is 5 feet 9 inches tall. It is quite safe to say that Taj is quite not blessed in terms of height.

Accordingly, his net weight is only 132 pounds or 60 kg. Despite his weight, he has a great body with heavy muscles. According to his social media, he even works out every so often.

Taj Monroe Tallarico Is Already Married: Who Is His Wife?

Taj lives a secret life away from the media. So people are confused about whether the star is single or not. However, to the fans’ dismay, Taj is already married! Taj walked down the aisle with his wife Brittany Tallarico on 27 October 2018. He and Brittany dated for a long time before tying the knot.

Taj-Monroe-Tallarico and his wife Brittany Tallarico
Taj Monroe Tallarico and his lovely wife, Brittany Tallarico.

The lovebirds exchanged vows after dating for a while. It was his wife Brittany who first revealed that they are dating through her social media account. Besides, we don’t know yet how the lovely couple met for the first time.

Who is his wife Brittany?

His wife Brittany is a graduate of Business Management. She got her degree from Bentley University’s McCallum Graduate School of Business in 2016. Despite Taj’s private life, his wife constantly shares recent photos on her Facebook page.

Currently, she is working for Gilbane Building Company. While working for the company, she was a pivotal part of construction projects of Dearborn STEM Academy based in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

As for Taj’s ex-girlfriends, he has not mentioned any. Just like we mentioned, Tallarico lives a very secretive life. Even his Instagram is privatized and can not be accessed. His username is @tatertaj.

Taj Monroe Is An Actor & Singer

Taj Monroe started his acting career with the hit teen show Lizzie McGuire. The show also featured other members of his family. Steven himself acted in one of the episodes. His sister Mia also played in one episode. Apart from it, Taj has not appeared in any movies or shows.

Reportedly, Taj has also worked as a singer. But he is more into the backend of music. He is a music producer and songwriter. Moreover, Taj is an alumnus of Thayer Academy. His sister Chelsea also graduated from the same institution.

His Mother Cheated on Steven Tyler?

We all know Taj’s legendary father Steven Tyler pretty well. And we are informed about his notorious drugs, sex, and cheating scandals with his ex-partners. But did you know Steven himself was a victim of cheating by Taj’s mother, Teresa?

For those of you who do not know, Taj’s mother is the fashion designer Teresa Barrick. She worked as a fashion designer for the band Aerosmith. Subsequently, the two met during a dress fitting and started dating shortly after. They were in a controversial relationship for six years. Eventually, they married each other in 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Shortly after their marriage, they had two kids in three years. They were happily married for 18 years before they announced their split. But they did not release the reason behind the unforeseen separation.

Nevertheless, according to reliable sources, Teressa cheated on Steven with her contractor. The contractor’s name has not been revealed but it was reported that he was in charge of remodeling their house in Boston. Moreover, the sources revealed that Steven was heartbroken by the event and it led to their ultimate divorce.

Taj And His Famous Siblings: Does he have a biological sister?

Taj has three big sisters who are comparatively more famous than him. The siblings are pretty close to each other. They are seen together on many red carpets as well as on award shows. Being the only brother, Taj does get left out of his sisters’ feminine parties like their bridal and baby showers. However, he is present in their lives.

Taj with his Tyler family
Taj with his Tyler family

Liv Tyler is the oldest half-sister of Taj. She was born on 1st July 1977. Liv is the most popular among the Tyler siblings. She is an actor, model, and fashionista. She has worked in prestigious movies and also appeared in many songs by Aerosmith.

Mia Tyler is the second half-sister of Taj and the middle daughter of Steven Tyler. She has made a name for herself through plus-size modeling, acting, and working in multiple fields.

Chelsea Tyler is the only biological sibling of Taj Monroe. These two are pretty close to each other. The 33-year-old sister is only one year older than her brother Taj. Therefore, the two practically grew up together. Their parents also stayed together for 16 years until announcing for divorce in 2006.

How Much Is Taj Monroe Tallarico’s Net Worth?

Working as an actor and singer, Taj has accumulated some net worth. According to sources, he has a cumulative net worth of $1 million. With rich families surrounding him, Taj is likely to be a millionaire nonetheless.