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Who Is Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks? Facts About Garth Brooks’ Daughter

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks is one of three daughters of Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl. Her father is a successful singer, and songwriter mostly known for his style of blending rock and pop elements into the country genre. He has released numerous albums like The Ultimate Hits, Ropin’ the Wind, In Pieces, & others.

Well, born as the oldest daughter of such a successful singer, Taylor’s life has also been a subject of attention. Many want to know about her personal and professional life. So, Is Garth Brooks’ daughter Taylor married or dating her boyfriend? What about her net worth?

Stay with us to know some untold facts about Taylor Brooks.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks Is The Daughter Of Garth Brooks: Her Bio and Age

As we said, Taylor is the oldest daughter of father Garth Brooks and mother Sandy Mahl. She was born on July 8, 1992, in Nashville, in the United States and her age is 30 as of 2022. Her father named her after American singer James Taylor and Comedian Minnie Pearl.

Born in a well-to-do family, the star kid had a decent upbringing and got to enjoy all the luxuries life can offer. As for her education, Brooks attended Oklahoma State University from 2010 to 2016, where she graduated with a major in history. Eventually, in May 2020, she finished her Master’s degree in Theological Studies at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Her Siblings: Has Two Younger Sisters

Oldest among all her siblings, Taylor has two younger sisters August Anna Brooks and Allie Colleen Brooks. August was born on May 3, 1994, whereas Allie was born on July 28, 1996.

While August is a lawyer with a law degree from the University of Oklahoma, her youngest sibling Allie is a singer and songwriter just like her father.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks With Her Mom Sandy And Younger Sister August And Allie
Taylor With Her Mother & Siblings

Apart from this, both her sisters are married. August is married to her husband Chance Michael Russell, whereas Allie is married to Jonathan Roberts. Well, all the sisters are pretty much close to each other and are often seen spending time together on different occasions.

Is Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks Married To A Husband Or Dating a Boyfriend?

When it comes to Taylor’s love life, very little is known. Over the years, Garth Brooks’ daughter Taylor has maintained complete privacy surrounding her love affairs and relationship. But has she ever been married?

Well, there are claims that the 30 years old is married to a husband, but there has been no concrete evidence to support the statement. So far, she has never come forward to speak up about her relationship status. Moreover, there are also no reports of her love affairs and boyfriends.

For now, it is safe to say Taylor is neither married nor dating a boyfriend. However, we hope she speaks up about her relationship status soon in the future.

Taylor Brooks Is Into Philanthropy

Not many know but Taylor is into philanthropy. Back in October 2019, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks helped on a project for Habitat for Humanity, which is a charity her father and step-mom Trisha Yearwood has been a part of for years.

She is expected to indulge herself in similar philanthropic works in the years to come.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks’ Parents Are No More Married: Their Wedding Details

Well, Taylor’s father Garth and her mother Sandy are no more in a marital relationship. Sources say, her mom and dad divorced when Taylor was still a kid. Her parents reportedly married back on May 24, 1986, in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks' Father Garth Brooks And Mother Sandy Mahl
Young Photo of Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks’ Father Garth Brooks And Mother Sandy Mahl

The former husband and wife were married for over 13 years before they filed for divorce in March 1999. Their divorce was finalized on December 17, 2001. At the time of her parent’s divorce, Taylor was around 9 years old.

Her Parents Had Timings To Be With Their Kids After the Divorce

Well, even after their divorce, Garth and Sandy managed enough time to be with their kids and take care of them. As per the reports, they worked on a timetable so as to be able to switch kids so that they got to spend time with both parents on daily basis.

Even after such a long time since their divorce, Taylor along with her siblings regularly get to spend time with both their parents. Back in 2015, Taylor’s dad Garth told People Magazine that he is lucky enough of being the father to his adorable daughters.

Taylor’s Father Married for The Second Time: Who is His Wife?

After divorce from his first wife, Taylor Brooks’ father Garth went on to marry Trisha Yearwood, a country singer and cookbook author. After dating for a few months, they married in a beautiful ceremony on December 10, 2005.

Taylor Brooks Father & His Second Wife Trisha Yearwood
Taylor Brooks’ Father & His Second Wife Trisha Yearwood

Since Taylor was still very young when her father remarried, Taylor also a big part in raising all three kids. As of now, they are married for over 18 years and their love seems to be only getting stronger.

Her Father Is Both Singer And an Actor

As we said earlier, Taylor’s father is both singer and an actor. Talking about his singing career, Garth Brooks released his debut album back in 1989, which was a self-titled Garth Brooks.

Soon after that, Brooks released his second album No Fences in 1990. Some of his successful albums include The Chase, Fresh Horses, Garth Brooks in…. The Life of Chris Gaines, Scarecrow, and many others.

Moving on to his acting career, Brooks made his acting debut in 1989, where he appeared as himself in Nashville Beat. Shortly after that, he was part of Hee Haw, where he appeared in over four episodes.

Some of his other TV works include Mad About You, Empty Nest, Sesame Street, and others. Further, he also appeared in Saturday Night Live in 1998 and 1999.

Brooks Is Not On Social Media

Despite being a star kid, Brooks does not seem to enjoy social media. She is not on any social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook.

In fact, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks even makes very rare public appearances and rather seems to enjoy a life away from all the glitz and glamour.

How Much Is Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks’ Net Worth?

As an educated individual Taylor definitely makes a good sum of money from her career. But she has not revealed the exact sum of her wealth. On the other hand, her father is pretty wealthy with $400 million in net worth as of 2022. Likewise, earns an annual salary of over $90 million.