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The Extremely Private Life Of Bryce Pérez; The Son Of Rapper Pitbull

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Bryce Pérez is famous as the son of American rapper and singer Armando Christian Pérez (aka Pitbull). His father is known for his albums like El Mariel, Rebelution, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho), and many more. While his father is one of the prominent faces in the media, what about Perez’s mom?

Being the child of a renowned celebrity, there are lots of queries to be answered about Pitbull’s son Bryce. For example his life at present and similarly, his girlfriend. And what about his relationship with his parents and many more.

Let’s unravel everything untold and interesting facts about Bryce Pérez including his age, mother, and other details in the article beneath.

Bryce Pérez Is The Youngest Child Of Pitbull: Who Is His Mom?

The 19 years old Bryce Pérez was born on March 5, 2003, in the United States. As we all know he is the son of Armando Christian Pérez (father), but who is his mother? Well, his mother’s name is Barbara Alba. Similarly, his parental grandparents are Alysha Acosta and Armando Pérez.

Talking about his nationality, Bryce holds American citizenship and has a mixed ethnical background. Moreover, his birth sign is Pisces.

His Father Has A Tattoo On His Delt Of His Picture And Also Of His Sister

Bryce Pérez’s father Pitbull has tattooed Bryce’s portrait on his delt with his date of birth written. Not only that but, his father has also inked the tattoo of his biological sister Destiny Pérez on his forearm.

Bryce Pérez and his sister's tattoo on his rapper father, Pitbull's arms
Bryce’s father, Pitbull has a tattoo of his kids

Talking about his other siblings, Bryce has four half-siblings born from his father’s several relationships. Sadly, there isn’t much information about them. It might be for the sake of privacy and safety.

Bryce Pérez’s Parents Stayed Together For More Than A Decade: Did They Marry?

Bryce Pérez’s parents were in a relationship even before his father was recognized as a rapper. His mother Barbara is the first girlfriend of Pitbull whose identity is known in the media outlets.

They met back in the late 90s and were in an open relationship in the early 2000s. There are still queries raised by the public if they were a married couple or not. Well, to clear all the doubt, Bryce’s mother Barbara, and father Pitbull never exchanged their vows.

Bryce Pérez's father, Pitbull and mother, Barbara Alba
Pitbull and his ex-partner Barbara

Since they were together for over a decade, people had assumed that Bryce’s parents were husband and wife, but they weren’t. They never married and decided to part ways in 2011.

The exes called it quits when Bryce was just 8 years old and his sister Destiny was 9. It was an unexpected truth of their relationship.

Bryce Pérez’s Mom Reportedly Received Money In Child Support After Their Split

The matter we already discussed, Pitbull and his ex Barbara were parents to two children, and after their separation, indeed one has to look after the kids. So, Alba was the one to take care of them and the rapper Pitbull used to give her money for child support.

Bryce's mother and Pitbull's former girlfriend, Barbara
Bryce’s mother Barbara Alba

According to many sources’ suggestions, Bryce’s mom received around $3,000/per month in child support. But after Pitbull’s career success, the single mother of two kids eventually asked for an increment in child support. She also requested co-parenting after knowing his earnings.

Further, Bryce’s mom Barbara filed a request demanding a house in a gated community. On July 18, 2011, after a final judgment, sources say, the ex-celebrity partner received a satisfying share in support. But, the matter hasn’t been disclosed publicly.

Are His Parents Dating Anyone In 2022?

Although it has been more than a decade since their separation, Bryce Pérez’s mom and dad have never opened up about their current relationship status to the public. The matter of their new relationship has been a question lately. So, what is Bryce’s parent’s relationship status as of 2022? Are they in a marital relationship with new partners?

To be precise, neither Bryce’s mom nor his dad is dating anyone to date. And not even the media outlets have provided a single piece of information that relates to their love life.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that the matter is kept secret and that they each could be dating. If it is the case then it’s only a matter of time before people know about it.

Details On Bryce Pérez’s Father Pitbull And His Rap Career

Well, for everyone’s concern Bryce’s father Pitbull is a rapper. He started his rapping career in the early 2000s with much Latin hip-hop and crunk music. In 2004, his first album titled M.I.A.M.I. was released under TVT Records.

The timber singer Pitbull
Bryce’s father and rapper Armando Christian Pérez aka Pitbull

Two years later, in 2006, his second album El Mariel was released with huge success. Henceforth, some of Pitbull’s other music albums include Dale, Planet Pit, Globalization, Armando, and many more.

Besides, Bryce’s father has also tried acting, and some of his appearances are in TV shows like Shark Tank, Blood Money, When I Was 17, and UglyDolls.

Bryce Pérez Love Affairs & Dating

Bryce Pérez has kept his profile far from the media. And as he is a teenager, many people have expected him to be in a relationship. The star kid, however, hasn’t made any public appearance with anyone who could be suspected as his girlfriend.

But, there is a high chance that he has been dating his girlfriend privately without anyone knowing. Whatever the case is, we hope for Bryce a good life ahead.

His Dad Is A Multi-Millionaire

Bryce’s father has an estimated fortune of $100 million as of 2022. He earned his wealth from his music career which has spanned over a decade. It is quite obvious he has a huge amount of fortune.

Likewise, it should be safe to say, Bryce has been living a lavish lifestyle.