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The Five Juanas’s Actress Sofia Engberg: Bio, Age, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Sofia Engberg is an actress by profession and is one of the lead characters in the Netflix hit series The Five Juanas. She has also appeared in many other movies & TV series like Everything Will Be Fine, Preso No. 1, Simply Right Here, & others.

With her latest appearance as Juana Bautista in The Five Juanas, she has gained global recognization. Well, with growing popularity, millions of her fans are curious about her personal life as well.

So, what’s up? Is Sofia Engberg married or dating a boyfriend? What about her earning and net worth? Here is a detailed account of every aspect of her life. Let’s begin to explore.

Sofia Engberg Was Born In Mexico

A successful actress Sofia Engberg is originally from Mexico. She was born in 1995 and is currently 26 years of age. Growing up, she spent a major portion of her childhood along with her parents. But unfortunately, she has not revealed much about either her father or mother.

Also, she has not discussed the rest of her family members as well.

Sofia Engberg is A Successful Actress

Well, she is a professional actress. She made her acting debut in 2016, where she was a part of a documentary named Simply Right Here. The same year, she appeared in a film named Chapo: el escape del siglo. In the movie, she portrayed a character named Malica.

Sofia Engberg Is A Mexican Actress
Sofia Engberg Is A Mexican Actress

A couple of years later in 2019, she appeared in a TV series named Preso No. 1. In the series, she played the friend of the lead character, Sara. She then appeared in another 2019 TV series The Club in the role of a club attendant.

Likewise, she has also been a part of a popular TV series Everything Will Be Fine, where she appeared in an episode named Black Rooster.

She Gained Popularity After The Five Juanas

Though Sofia has been active as an actress for a while, she only major role has been in Netflix’s The Five Juanas. Just upon the release of the series, the series became an instant hit, increasing her popularity across the globe.

In the series, she played a character named Juana Bautista, who has psychic abilities. The series revolves around the life of five girls with similar birthmarks, played by actors, Oka Giner, Zuria Vega, Juana Arias, and Renata Notni.

Sofia Is More Than Passionate About Acting

When it comes to acting, Sofia can sacrifice everything. She is one of the very few who love acting more than the fame or fortune that comes with it. In fact, the actress has talked about her love for acting numerous. In one of her interactions in the media, she stated that she was never a good student at school and that she always aspired to be an actress.

I always thought I was a bad student, but in acting I have found that I always want to learn more.

Besides, for the role of Bautista in La Venganza de las Juanas, she auditioned while she was traveling at around 2 am despite the fact that she was exhausted from all-day work. This only shows her dedication to acting. Regarding the same, she said,

We were traveling and the casting came to me. I did it at 2am and I thought: I can’t not do it. Then they talked to me and I left the production, everyone was super happy and it was like: come on!

Is Sofia Engberg Dating A Boyfriend?

With all rising popularity, a lot of her fans want to know if she is dating anyone. And that unfortunately the biggest secret about her. Despite all the fame, she has managed to keep her love life away from the limelight.

It is so far unclear if she is dating a man. But considering the fact that she has not been spotted with a potential partner, it is possible that she could be single at the moment. Also, there have been no reports of her past relationship as well.

Further, she does not seem to have any wedding plans on the card, just to make it very clear.

How Much is Sofia’s Net Worth?

Sofia has just made it in the entertainment industry and The Five Juanas happens to be her first major success. Thus, it is evident that she does not charge a large sum for her works. However, just to make the nearest assumption, her net worth could be somewhere around $100k to $300k.

She Is Not On Social Media

Since she has turned into a huge star with her latest project, a lot of her fans expect her to be on social. And yes, she is on Instagram, and already has over 41k followers on the platform. In fact, she is very regular with her posts and seems to love sharing her life with her followers.