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The Life Of Adria Hight; NHRA Drag Racer John Force’s Daughter

Adria Hight is the daughter of popular NHRA racer John Force. John started his career early in the racing field and faced many challenges and troubles before getting success. After he started racing, Force lost many competitions before finally breaking through.

In addition to John’s daughter, Adria is known for being the spouse of an NHRA racer Robert Hight. Like John, Robert has also won many competitions in his career.

But here, we will discuss Adria more and her early life. Speaking of which did you know that most of her family is interested in racing? Learn about that in addition to subjects like how many children Adria has as well as what does she do for a living and much more.

Adria Hight Birth Details, Siblings, Grandparents, And Ethnicity

Adria was born in 1969 in California although her birth month hasn’t been revealed. As mentioned earlier, she is the daughter of John Force and Laurie Force. Aside from this, Hight has a sister named Ashley Force Hood, Brittany Force, and Courtney. She is the eldest of her siblings.

NHRA drag racer, John Force's eldest daughter and now 53 year old businesswoman, Adria Hight.
John Force Racing CFO, Adria Hight. Facebook

Talking about her family, she is the granddaughter of Betty Ruth Force and Harold Force.

As for her ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has American nationality. She is said to be a Christian as her dad follows Christianity. Likewise, Adria’s father is also Caucasian and American.

Regarding her physical appearance, Hight is 5ft 6inch tall and has a beautiful pair of brown eyes and blonde hair. As for her father, John stands at 5ft 11 inches tall.

Adria Hight Has Known Business Since She Was A Kid

During an interview with ESPN back in Sep 2008, John revealed his oldest daughter Adria learned the business from the very beginning as he used to take her everywhere. According to John, Adria used to sell shirts at the races when she was still a child. Her father said she really learned his business and that she would go on to work with him for years.

John also said his daughter Adria had a much different experience with him as a kid than her younger sisters in that at the time he was still struggling to become successful.

Adria Works at Her Father’s Company

As mentioned in the heading, she works at her father’s company named John Force Racing. Adria works as Chief Financial Officer and holds one of the top positions in the company. Aside from this, Hight also handles admins, FC race teams, and fuel teams.

Adria started working for her dad’s company in October 1988. John’s daughter has been working for the organization for about 34 years and doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon.

Aside from this, Hight was featured on a popular reality show Driving Force. Besides Adria, her parents and siblings also played in the show.

Adria Hight’s Marriage; Who Is Her Husband?

She is married to the love of her life Robert Hight. The couple dated for a long time before walking down the aisle in 1999. Adria and Robert’s wedding ceremony was very private and reportedly only their close friends and family were invited.

Adria Hight in a racing track with her husband and daughter.
John Force’s daughter Adria, in the middle, with her husband Robert and daughter.

Aside from this, not much is known about Adria and Robert’s marriage life as both of them tend to keep their personal life to themselves although we assume that the couple is happy together.

The lovers share a daughter named Autumn Hight. Hight welcomed her daughter soon after her marriage.

Adria Hight’s Husband is also a racer

Like her father, Adria’s husband is also an NHRA drag racer at John Force Racing. Besides being a racer, Robert holds the position of President at the company.

NHRA drag racer and Adria's husband Robert Hight in a racing gear
Adria’s spouse, Robert on a racing track.

Throughout his career, Robert has won many competitions and championships including Mello Yellow Drag Racing Series Funny Car Championship and NHRA Spring Nationals.

Overall Adria’s husband has won 61 trophies in his successful racing career. Besides, he went to the final rounds 95 times.

Adria And Her Husband’s Daughter Autumn Hight

Looks like the whole family is interested in racing as Autumn is also pursuing her career in the racing field. At just 8 years old Adria’s daughter began racing at NHRA Jr Dragster just like her father.

Adria's daughter, Autumn in a racing gear
John Force’s granddaughter Autumn Hight

Autumn joined Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School in 2003 where her father went in his early years. In 2020, she finished third in overall her class.

Her father was nervous when she first joined the school and about that he once said,

“I sat through some of the lectures, too, because Frank is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Having won three world championships, I still don’t have it all figured out and I enjoyed learning more, She’s maybe 5’2” and was the smallest in the class by a long shot. When I saw her go and make her first run, she could barely see over the dash.”

Robert praised Autumn by adding,

“She just put her foot down and did a full burnout, unlike some others who are too quick. In my opinion, she made the best first pass of everyone. She truly did a great job.”

She hasn’t been to many events as her father when he was her age but she is considered a talented racer.

The Truth About Adria Hight’s Accident And Illness

Back in 2018, there were rumors that the eldest daughter of John, Adria had endured a horrific accident. It however was her father, John, the man himself who suffered a horrific accident at NHRA in Feb 2018. It happened during his second-round race at the NHRA Arizona Nationals Sunday; the veteran racer’s car linked together with the vehicle of a fellow driver. John fortunately didn’t get any major bodily harm.

Earlier the same month, Adriana’s half-sister, Brittany too escaped a serious injury in a wall-banging crash in the then-opening Lucas Oil NHRA Winternationals. She however experienced no major internal injuries except some bruising of the lungs.

Adria’s Father John Force

As mentioned earlier, John is a talented NHRA racer and a highly respected person in the racing community. At the start of his career, John never won anything for 10 consecutive times although he came second the first nine times.

John won his first trophy on June 28, 1987, in Montreal Canada called Gradational. The racing team was led by Chief Austin Coil.

Adria Hight's father, John Force
NHRA drag racer, John Force

Force won two outright championships when he partnered with Coil and won 12 more with Coil and Bernie Fedderly together.

Aside from this Adria’s father has won 16 NHRA events and is the 21 times champion of Funny Car Driver and Car Owner. Overall John has a total of 154 career wins.

Adria Hight’s Net worth

Concerning her wealth, Adria has an estimated net worth of $1 million which she earned from her work in her dad’s company. In fact, her dad once revealed it is she who has been running all the money in the family business as he is not so good with it.

On the other hand, the lady’s father, John has an estimated wealth of $20 million.

Is Adria On Social Media?

Although her father and husband as well as her siblings are quite active on handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the CFO, Adria herself is pretty nobody on social media.

She however often gets mentioned in likewise spaces through her husband, father, and at times even her sisters.