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The Mystery Behind Esmeralda Trejo; Danny Trejo’s Daughter

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Esmeralda Trejo is the daughter of a famous actor, Danny Trejo. Her father Trejo is an American actor. He has appeared in several films including Desperado, Heat, and the From Dusk Till Dawn film series, to name a few. Besides his acting career, Esmeralda’s actor father has been married four times and has five children from his several relationships.

The celebrity dad also has had a troubled history with the law including drug deals, and others. He, nonetheless, would later become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood and the actor has pretty much laid his personal as well as professional life out in the open.

However, the case isn’t so with some of his children. Despite all of them being full-grown adults, only a few of them prefers to remain under the media radar. So, is Esmeralda that kid of Danny or is the star kid rather an off-the-grid person? Know the answers in addition to facts relating to her career and her life as a celebrity kid all in the headers ahead.

When Was Esmeralda Trejo Born; How Old Is She Now?

While Danny has often mentioned most of his kids be it in the interviews or through some other way, one name that gets missed or has been missing since the beginning is that of Esmeralda.

Esmeralda Trejo's father and actor Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo, Father of Esmeralda Trejo, with his pets. Source: Trejo’s Facebook.

That being so, not even the specifics of her birth date have ever managed to come out in the open. In fact, Esmeralda is so much stranger to the media interest that some fans of Danny even have gone on to question if Trejo is actually his daughter.

Yes, Esmeralda is indeed one of the children of Danny Trejo. And that she might be one of Danny’s older kids; one of whom was born in the late 80s. So, it is believed that Esmeralda too was born somewhere around the same time. However, some people have accordingly taken her age to be somewhere in the mid-30s.

As for why the actor Danny has avoided speaking of Esmeralda is still a question to be answered.

Who Is Esmeralda Trejo‘s Mother? Was She One Of Danny’s Ex-Wives?

The next thing that falls in the spectrum of deep bewilderment is the whatever of Esmeralda’s biological mother. While her father, Danny has had several relationships, the lowdowns as to with whom he had each of his children are quite the perplexing subjects.

In the meantime, Danny’s marital life might be worth taking a look at. The Hollywood veteran has been married four times and has five children including Esmeralda Trejo.

Danny’s first wife’s name is Laura. He met her in 1962, during his release from Youth Training School. At first, Laura’s parents were against their marriage so they married in the backyard of Trejo’s family home. But their marriage didn’t last long as Laura sought separation during Trejo’s second confinement at Youth Training School.

After his first marriage, Danny went on to marry Debbie in 1971 but the couple would divorce each other after four years of courtship in 1975. Following that, the Grindhouse actor married Joanne. They tied the knot the same year Danny divorced Debbie (1975). However, the LA native and Joanne would also part ways just after a couple of years. They separated in 1978.

from left, Esmeralda Trejo half sister, Danielle with her father, Danny and Debbie Shreve.
Esmeralda’s father, Danny with his daughter, Danielle, and his ex-wife, Debbie Shreve in 2001. Getty

The now 78-year-old’s last recorded marriage was with Debbie Shreve (often confused with one of his ex-wives, Debbie). Shreve and Danny were husband and wife from 1997 to 2009. Since his separation from his last wife Shreve, Danny hasn’t married yet.

Esmeralda Has Several Siblings

Esmeralda Trejo might be a hard being to catch up on but since she is the daughter of Danny Trejo, she does have some relatives who do have some form of identity over the internet.

She has half-siblings namely Gilbert, Danielle, Danny Boy, and Jose Trejo. Among the aforesaid names, Danny Boy is the first child of the former child convict. He reportedly was born in 1981.

from right, Danny Boy, Danny Trejo, Debbie, and Gilbert.
from right, Esmeralda’s half-brother, Danny Boy, her father, Danny, her ex-stepmother, Debbie, and her other brother, Gilbert. Getty

While a confirmed order in which Esmeralda siblings were born is yet to come to public knowledge, it has been believed that the second child born to Danny was Gilbert whom the Guns star welcomed in the year 1988. And his third daughter Danielle was born in 1990.

All Of Esmeralda Trejo‘s Siblings Including Herself Were Born Out Of Wedlocks

Ironically despite being married multiple times, Danny never had children with any of his ex-wives. All the children he fathered are from the time when he was just in relationships with different women. As such, he had his first, Danny Boy during the time he was with Diana Walton whom he dated from 1978 to 1983.

Esmeralda’s father had his other children, Gilbert and Danielle with his other ex-girlfriend, Maeve Crommie. Crommie and the Californian actor were in a relationship from 1986 to 1997. However, concerning Esmeralda’s mother, the Con Air star or the media are yet to provide a legible answer on that.

Is Esmeralda Married; Does She Have Children?

As she is strongly a noncelebrity, much of Esmeralda’s life is quite a riddle. That especially is true with respect to her marital details and her current line of her work.

However, considering she is a full-grown adult, it is more than likely that she has had some form of relationship. Apparently, there are reports Esmeralda Trejo is the mother of three children and the family of four currently reside in Austin, Texas.

However, the details about who is her father are yet to be revealed.

A Quick Look Into Esmeralda‘s Father’s Checkered History And Acting Career

Danny Trejo, father of Esmeralda Trejo, was born on May 16, 1944. He was born in Temple street, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California to Mexican-American parents. They were Delore Rivera King and Dionisio “Dan” Trejo, a construction worker.

During his childhood, he was banned to see his mother as he once sprained his arm while taking care of her. Danny’s father often abused him. As a result, at the age of 8 and 12, Trejo began using marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. All the bad habits would eventually led him behind the bars.

Danny Trejo Got Jail At The Age Of 10

Trejo was just seven years old when he participated in drug dealing. The police, however, first arrested him when he was 10. Danny would spend most of his youth serving time at several juvenile centers followed by numerous California prisons between 1959 to 1969.

Some, however, say his final term in custody only ended in 1972. Though Danny served only 5 years of his 10-year prison sentence.

Esmeralda Trejo‘s Father’s Film Career; Has Been In Over 200 Films And TVs Combined

His film career began in 1985 when he accidentally got part in the indie film Runaway Train. Following that, Danny went on to appear in numerous notable films including Desperado, the From Dusk Till Dawn franchise, Con Air, Reindeer Games, the Anchorman franchise, and numerous others. Reports have said that Esmeralda’s father has been in over 140 movies.

Con Air actor Danny Trejo in March 2002 in Los Angeles, CA.
Esmeralda Trejo’s actor father, Danny Trejo in March 2002. Getty

Esmeralda’s father isn’t just famous through films and TV. He has also been in several video games. You can find his character in different games like The Fight: Lights Out, Def Jam: Fight For NY, GTA, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and Call Of Duty: Back Ops, among others.

Could Esmeralda Secretly Be As Rich As Her Actor Father?

Active since the mid-80s, Danny Trejo has been a pretty busy actor and throughout the decades, he has been in Hollywood, the actor has also racked up some serious money. In addition to his net worth reportedly being equivalent to $8 million, he is also the owner of several successful restaurants and other businesses.

Now having discussed the aforesaid numbers and keeping the figures against Esmeralda’s nonentìty, it seems unlikely that she is anywhere as rich as her millionaire father.