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The Truth About Ilyne Nash, Dez Bryant’s Partner and Their Relationship

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Ilyne Nash (aka Ilyne Racquel Nash) is a speech therapist assistant at Kidz Therapeze, a physical therapy clinic in Killeen, Texas. Furthermore, Nash has mentioned herself as the creator of Bella Rose Brand and Pediatric Speech on her Instagram profile.

Aside from her professional endeavors, Ilyne has been in the light as the long-time girlfriend of Dez Bryant, a former wide receiver at Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. Over the years, the two have been allegedly involved in a couple of domestic abuse controversies. However, as of the present, their relationship also remains a little enigmatic because of their less public presence.

So, it is evident that lots of Nash’s boyfriend Bryant’s fans are curious to know whether the couple is still together or it is over? Well, here we have come with some interesting facts about their love story & other details regarding Nash.

How Old is Ilyne Nash? All About Her Early Life

Her age is 34 as of 2022. She was born in late July of the year 1987. As for her birthday, it is a little bit confusing when exactly Nash celebrates her born day. The confusion arose after her colleagues and relatives congratulated her on her birthday on three different days 26th July, 27th July, and 28th of July.

For childhood, Ilyne spent most of her time growing up in her hometown of Killeen, Texas, a city that is around 70 miles from north of Austin.

Who are Her Parents? Comes From a Highly-Devoted Christian Family

Nash is the daughter of Roosevelt Nash Jr and Kyong Lee Nash. She belongs to a family that has a strong faith in Christianity. She has even mentioned herself as the “lover and follower of Christ,” on her Instagram bio.

Ilyne is an Afro-American by her ethnicity and belongs to American nationality.

Her School and College

Dez Bryant’s girlfriend Ilyne went to Robert M. Shoemaker High School, in Killeen, Texas. She then enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin in 2009, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2013. Sources say that her long-time partner Dez and their son Dez Jr. were also present in her graduate program.

Professional Career: What Does Ilyne Nash Do at present?

Like we have mentioned above that Nash now is a speech therapist assistant at Kidz Therapeze as per her Linkedin bio. Situated in Killeen, Texas, the Central Texas provider of physical, occupational, and speech therapy aims to help children with disabilities to live a quality of life.

what is ilyne nash doing now?
Ilyne is a speech therapist assistant at Kidz Therapeze.
Source: Facebook

Furthermore, Nash has also described herself as the creator of Bella Rose Brand and Pediatric Speech on her personal Instagram.

Ilyne Nash Relationship With Dez Bryant: Is now the mother of two children with her Boyfriend

Although neither Nash nor her boyfriend Bryant has ever disclosed about their first meeting, they reportedly began dating back in the late 2000s. After some time they got involved in a romantic relationship, the two also started a family together.

A former wide receiver Dez Bryant’s partner Ilyne Nash gave birth to their first child, a son Dez Jr. on June 25th, 2010. The two welcomed their daughter Isabella Rose Bryant on December 5th, 2014. More than a month after their daughter’s birth, the proud mother of two kids posted a beautiful photo of her children on Facebook.

ilyne nash kids
Ilyne has two kids with her partner Bryant.
Source: Facebook

She has also a few other photos of her kids on her social media handles.

Her Beau Bryant Dated Another Girl At The Same Time As Ilyne

It was back in 2013 when Dez Bryant was still in a relationship with his bae Nash, the former wide receiver also started dating Brian Hooks at the same time. It came out that Dez and Hooks were an item when both of them appeared on Hooks’ Twitter account.

Like Nash, Briana is from Dallas, Texas, who studied at the University of North Texas.

Ilyne Nash Controversy With Her Beau Bryant: Also Details on Their Reported Domestic Violence

Over the years, the couple went through some reported serious issues including domestic abuse. Back in mid-2011, Nash and her boyfriend Bryant became the subject of media outlets when they were involved in a Wal Mart parking lot incident. A witness who called the police reported that an unknown black man dragged Nash across a Texas Walmart parking lot.

After the investigation of all the suspects who were at the scene, the police officer said that there was no crime. The officer also decided to let all of them go without being charged.

ilyne nash boyfriend Dez Bryant
Nash with her beau Dez Bryant.
Source: Facebook

But things became a little bit suspective when a security guard reported to a police officer that the unidentified man dragged a woman from a white Mercedes, which was under the name of Bryant. Later on, the car was found empty.

At the time of the parking lot incident, although some believed that Dez was the one who dragged his partner Ilyne, the police officer was never able to make it whether or not Bryant was involved in domestic violence with his partner at the scene.

Are Ilyne Nash and Dez Bryant still dating?

Although several online tabloids reported that the two are still good partners, there is a little bit of confusion about whether their relationship is still alive or not. It is all because of their inactivity over their social media platforms and their zero joint public appearances over the past few years. Additionally, they have posted numerous of their own pictures on social media but have yet to share a single picture of them together.

So, as of now, we can only say either the duo have parted ways or they are secretly dating.

What is Ilyne Nash Net Worth?

Her net worth is estimated to have $300,000 as of 2022. On the other hand, Nash’s boyfriend Bryant’s fortune stands at $4 million. He has earned most part of his fortune from his lucrative contracts and multi-million endorsements with several brands like Nike’s Jordan, BodyArmor, and Panini.

Back in June 2016, Forbes reported that the footballer signed a five-year agreement with the Dallas Cowboys for $70 million.

Social Media Presence

Nash is active on social media handles like Facebook with over 4k followers. Additionally, Ilyne also has an Instagram account under the name #queenilyne with over 5.2k followers.