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The Untold Details About Trinity Morisette, TikTok and Instagram Star

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Trinity Morisette is a social media influencer from Detroit, MI. She speaks up against cyberbullying with the help of the ‘Kindness Matters’ movement, a campaign aimed to deliver innovative programs to support the well-being of kids and teens. She has amassed millions of followers on her TikTok account with her motivational and positive content.

Additionally, Trinity has also a considerable fan-following on her Instagram and Facebook. In addition to her social media career, Morisette wants to be an anesthesiologist who studied neuroscience and biology at college.

Well, in the following article, we will talk more about the promising social media icon including her reported plastic surgery, weight loss rumors, and many more…

How Old Trinity Morisette? Her Early Life

Morisette is aged 18 as of 2022. She was born on 25th March 2003, in Detroit, MI. Her birth sign is Aries. For her childhood, the social media influencer grew up in her hometown of Detroit.

Besides, as far as her nationality is concerned, Trinity is an American and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Her Parents and Siblings

Morisette is the daughter of Michele (mother). She is incredibly closed with both of her parents. She often showcases her immense love for them via her social media posts. Back in May 2020, the TikToker shared an adorable photo of her childhood with her mom on the occasion of her Mother’s Day, showing an incredible likeness towards her. She wrote the caption,

“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world! She’s always been there for me through my best and worst days! I’m so grateful to have such a strong beautiful and smart mom to look up to.”

Trinity Morisette parents
Trinity with her mother.
Source: Instagram

Similarly, in Sept 2021, Trinity shared a short YouTube video of her father on her own channel in the honor of Father’s Day.

Here is the clip,

Trinity also has two siblings; a brother named Gino and a sister named Payton. Her brother has Down syndrome, whom, Trinity also considered as one of her inspirations to be involved in medications and clinical treatments for neurological disorders.

Trinity Morisette College

The Tik-Tok star attended A.D. Henderson University School and FAU High School. In a brief interview at The Maury Show, Morisette said that she went to college straight out of middle school. She got accepted at 13 but started at 14 at Florida Atlantic University. And the Instagrammer graduated from the college in December 2021 with a double major in neuroscience and biology.

Besides, in April 2018, Trinity was a part of the FAU Robotics Team. She and her team also won the regional competition which allowed them to participate in the world competition which was held in Texas. Her work during the competition was to organize the team properly and manage their booth as well.

Trinity Morisette Career Details: Her Modeling and Other Works

In June 2018, Morisette landed her first job as a summer camp counselor at Techgarage Summer Camp. She spent about a couple of months working with underprivileged kids of all ages and created a fun and safe learning environment for them.

In mid-2018, the then-yet-to-be social media star started working as a print model at Palm Beach Outlets, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Since then, Trinity has featured in multiple advertisements like Palm Beach Newspaper and DuPunt Registry.

Trinity Morisette bio
Trinity is a model.
Source: Instagram

Furthermore, since June 2018, the model has also been represented by CarsandCoffeePalmBeach. She there works with numerous exotic cars. She mostly represents Lamborghini Broward, HGreg Lux, and Lamborghini Palm Beach.

Rise To Stardom: Trinity is also a TikTok and Instagram Star

Soon after getting into modeling, Trinity started posting on her social media accounts. She soon noticed the numbers on her Instagram started growing. Gradually, she started making videos using Tik-Tok to post on her Instagram. Soon after, Trinity, however, received a lot of hate and backlash. At the time, she was mostly criticized for body-shaming.

Her mother Michele said of her daughter in The Maury Show,

“She’s dealt with a lot of body shaming because of her shape yeah that’s her.”

After being heavily criticized on social media, Trinity started a Kindness Matters Movement to spread the word against cyberbullying. She regularly started posting positive and motivational content on her TikTok profile which really helped to change the perception of many people in a better way.

Following her active participation in the movement, the hate comments Trinity mostly received have also severely decreased.

As of 2022, the social media icon has over 4 million followers on her TikTok. Similarly, Trinity has also decent followers of 680k on her Instagram.

Her Other Works

Aside from her modeling and social media, Morisette has been engaged in several other works. She works as a volunteer staff for Ride2Revive. She is also a brand representative for Elf Cosmetics. Additionally, she works as an influencer for Fighthoue and Ivory Ella.

Trinity Morisette as a school girl
Trinity, a social media influencer.

As per Trinity Morisette’s LinkedIn bio, she has also been a positivity influencer for Morisette since October 2020.

Know The Truth About Her Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

For the past few years, there are rumors that Trinity did plastic surgery on her body and also went through a weight loss journey. But, the social media star denied all the speculations. She often stated that her body is 100 percent natural and she never went through any weight loss journey nor did cosmetic surgery on her body.

Her Net Worth

Trinity has racked a good amount of money from her various works, especially her booming social media career helps her a lot to make a good fortune. As per sources, her estimated net worth is $1 million in 2022.

Who is Trinity Morisette Boyfriend?

Although Trinity Morisette is an avid social media influencer, she always declines to say anything about her love life. The 18-year-old TikTok star has remained tight-lipped about whether or not she is dating a boyfriend at present.

Because of the unavailability of valid information, we can’t say anything about her current relationship status.