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The Untold Facts About Frankie Scott, Adam Scott’s Daughter

Frankie Scott is famous for being the youngest daughter of veteran American actor, Adam Scott. Her dad Adam is popular for his role in The Good Place, The Aviator, Step Brother, The Overnight, and many more.

Born as the daughter of one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood, Frankie was exposed to media from her early childhood days. Like her father, is Frankie also pursuing her career in acting? Who is Frankie Scott’s mother?

In this article, we will explore everything about Adam Paul Scott’s daughter Frankie including her education, upbringing as a celebrity kid, and many more!

Frankie Scott’s Birth Details And Early Life

Frankie Scott was born in 2009, in Santa Cruz, America. She is the youngest child in her family. She has the eldest brother, Graham Scott.

Besides, talking about her ethnicity, Frankie has a mixed ethnical background as her father Adam’s of Scottish descent, and her mother is of Indian and English ancestry.


Even though her parents haven’t revealed the name of the school Frankie studies in, her father Adam often appears with his daughter taking his girl to school in California with a school bag.

Who Are Frankie Scott’s Parents?

Frankie is born as the youngest child of Adam Scott (father) and Naomi Scott (mother). The couple married in 2005. The duo together played in many movies and series including Parks and Recreation, Ghosted, and The Overnight. 

Besides, Frankie’s dad Adam frequently praises his wife Naomi through Instagram posts. In one of his interviews, Adam replied when asked about his wife Naomi,

“I just love [Naomi]. I think she’s the coolest, the smartest, the funniest, and the most beautiful. It’s pretty simple,”

Frankie's mom and dad
Frankie Scott’s Parents Adam Scott and Naomi Scott

Frankie Scott’s Farther is an Actor

Adam Scott who was born on 3rd April 1973, in California, US is best known for his act in Park and Recreation as Ben Wyatt. His other works include Party down, The Aviator, Big Little Lies, Step Brother, Big Mouth, Loot, I’m Sorry, and several others.

Besides, the actor has also worked in TV show hosting and podcasting. He appeared as a guest in podcasts like Bang!How Did This Get Made?, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, and Comedy Bang.

Furthermore, for his role in Park and Recreation, Adam also got a nomination for the Critic’s Choice for Best Actor twice. He received two individual awards at different festivals for his role as Caleb Sinclaire in the film The Vicious Kind.

Frankie Scott’s Father Adam Scott

In addition, Frankie’s dad Adam is a die-hard fan of REM, one of the rock music bands. Later, the actor also got a chance to appear as an extra in their music video for the song, Drive.

Frankie’s Mother Naomi Worked in Production Team on The Show Jimmy Kimmel Live

Her mom Naomi Sablan who is better known as Naomi Scott is an American producer and actress. She gained popularity from her roles in The Overnight (2015), Other People (2016), Parks and Recreations, and many more. Besides, in 2003, the the-48-year-old actress also served in the production unit for the show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

However, many people know her as the wife of Adam Scott.

Adam Scott’s Daughter Frankie Scott Enjoy Watching Comedy Shows

Frankie Scott is a daddy’s girl who enjoys watching her father’s work on TV. Despite maintaining privacy, Adam often opens up about his daughter through Instagram posts. Frankie said his daughter in her free time prefers to watch Parks and Recreations and loves her dad’s role as Ben Wyatt in the NBC sitcom.

Frankie Loves To Torture Her Father Adam Scott

As mentioned before, Frankie is very close to her dad. During an interview with Conan Brien, Adam mentioned about his daughter that she always put him in trouble. Once, Frankie slid a note in his backpack writing You Suck while he was traveling for a movie shoot.


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Adam Scott Posted a Photo on Twitter of Frankie Holding a Banner ‘Trump Eats Farts’

Adam Scott’s daughter Frankie Scott caught public attention when his father Adam posted a photo of his daughter carrying a banner ‘Trump Eats Farts’ during a women’s March Protest in LA.

In addition to her love for dramas and TV shows, Frankie Scott also seems to be active and aware of political activities.

Frankie Scott
Adam Scott’s Daughter Frankie Holding a Banner in a Protest in Los         Angles

 Frankie Scott’s Luxurious Life; Net Worth

As Frankie Scott is born into the star family, her upbringing has been quite luxurious. Talking about Frankie’s father Adam Scott’s net worth is estimated at around $60 million. Adam earned this fortune from movies and Shows.