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The Untold Facts Of Megan Fliehr: The Daughter Of Ric Flair

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Megan Fliehr is the daughter of former American wrestler Ric Flair. Her father Ric is a 16-times heavyweight champion with the title named the greatest professional wrestler of all time by several peers and journalists. Now, his daughter, Megan is recognized as an actress with some of her noticeable acting credits like 30 for 30 and WrestleMania XXIV.

Besides, Megan is also a mother to a daughter of her own. But who is the baby’s father? Also, what does her love life looks like? Who is Megan married to?

Here in this article, let’s know everything about Ric’s daughter Megan including the above-mentioned questions as well as her age, movies, Instagram, and more.

Megan Fliehr Is The First Daughter of Ric Flair: Details On Her Childhood & Age

Megan Fliehr is the eldest daughter of Ric Flair and his first wife Leslie. The star kid was born on January 6, 1980, in the United State of America which makes her 42 as of 2022.

On January 6, 2022, her father Ric shared an image on the occasion of her birthday with a short message,

Happy Birthday My Beautiful @mfliehr! You Have Been The Matriarch Since Your 18th Birthday! You Make All Of Us Better For Being You! ❤️

To make his daughter’s day special, the wrestler has never missed wishing her. Likewise, on January 6, 2015, Megan’s dad Ric posted an image with the sweet caption,

Happy Birthday Megan! My beautiful daughter. You have fulfilled every father’s dream. Beautiful inside and out, a great mother and wife !! Successful in every phase of life you venture into. I’m so proud and love you so much …. Dad

Megan’s famous father was an adopted son of Kathleen, an ex-employee of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Richard Reid Fliehr, who worked in obstetrics and gynecology.

ex-WWF Champion Ric Flair with his daughter, Megan Fliehr.
Megan Fliehr with her father and retired wrestler, Ric Flair. From Facebook

Her biological grandparents (paternal) were Olive and Luther Phillips. She supposedly has ethnicities ranging from English, Welsh, Scottish, and French.

On the other hand, Megan’s adoptive grandmother, Kathleen was the daughter of German immigrants and her adoptive grandfather was of German, Swiss-German, English, Dutch, and French descent.

Megan Fliehr Has Two Half-Siblings And A Elder Brother

Megan shares an elder brother David Flair, born on March 6, 1979. He was also a professional wrestler who joined the entertainment industry on January 17, 1999. And currently, he works in Law enforcement.

Fliehr also has a half-sister Charlotte Flair and a half-brother Reid Flair. Both of Megan’s siblings were born from Ric’s relationship with his ex-wife Elizabeth Flair.

Like their father, Charlotte Flair and her brother Reid followed in his footsteps. Charlotte is now a professional wrestler, actress, and author. She is currently working for WWE and has already set a record of eight-time WWE Women’s Champion.

Megan’s Half Brother Reid Flair Died Of a Drug Overdose

Back on March 29, 2013, in South Park, Charlotte, NC, Reid Flair died of a drug overdose. Everyone in his family shared a great bond with him and the news came out of the blue for them.

In an interview with WBTV, the head of the family Ric shared that he loved his son very much. His other words were,

Today is a very tough day for my family and me.

Likewise, Reid’s sister, Charlotte shared a post to pay tribute to his death.

When the dust settles down you’ve seen where you’ve been, you’re runnin’ on empty, broken within. When the dust settles down there ain’t nothin’ left. Turn it around, start over again 🎶. Red Light King. I miss you so much. Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday Champ ♥️ 👼
Prior to his death, some authentic online tabloids suggest he was arrested several times for drug and other criminal charges.

Megan Fliehr’s Career In Movies And TV Shows

Ric Flair’s daughter Megan got involved in the film industry in 2000 with her acting debut in a TV program named WCW Monday Nitro. The actress thenceforth appeared in a number of documentaries and TV series. Back in 2008, Megan made her appearance in a TV special titled WrestleMania XXIV. 

Ric Flair's daughter with Leslie Goodman, Megan Fliehr.
Megan, former wrestler, Ric Flair’s daughter with Leslie. From Facebook

Similarly, in 2017, Megan starred in the documentary TV series 30 for 30. Apart from this, she has an uncredited role in the WWE’s Royal Rumble (2002) and Most Wanted Treasures (2021).

What Does Megan Fliehr Do Now?

Unlike her father and half-siblings who are equitably defined in terms of career, Megan’s current professional pursuits are a bit of a hazy subject matter. Her low-key life has made it considerably hard to even construe what she does in the present outside her personal life.

Some records, nonetheless, do show she has something to do with a company named South Care Theraphy Inc where she apparently works or worked as an administrator. Professionally, Megan is often recognized as Megan Ketzner.

Megan Fliehr’s Husband Conrad Thompson Is A Podcaster: Details On Their Marriage

Fliehr married her husband Conrad Thompson on October 13, 2018, in a low-key wedding ceremony. Her father Ric Flair and her half-sister Charlotte were also present during the wedding. The big announcement was made by her father through Twitter.

Megan’s half-sister, Charlotte also took to her Instagram to congratulate her sister on her wedding. In the caption, the WWE diva wrote,

I just whispered…. “You better throw the bouquet to me!” 😂♥️ My sister Megan looks absolutely stunning on her big day. I couldn’t be happier for her and Conrad. She found her best friend. He’s also going to be a pretty awesome brother-in-law ♥️ Love you guys as big as the sky!!

Megan Fliehr's husband is a podcaster
Megan with her husband Conrad Thompson at their wedding. Facebook

The beautiful couple shares a strong bond and is closer than we see them on social media outlets. Similarly, the podcaster never forgets to make his better half feel special whenever it counts the most. Whatever the occasion may be, her hubby Conrad keeps uploading beautiful photographs, where we can see that the couple is in a blissful marital relationship.

The couple currently resides in Huntsville Alabama.

Do They Share Any Children?

Megan Fliehr doesn’t share any child with her current husband Conard. But, Fliehr has a daughter from her past relationship. Though there isn’t any confirmation if Megan was married before Conard.

Megan’s daughter whose name is Morgan Lee Ketzner was born on May 9, 2004.

Megan Fliehr's daughter celebrating her 18th birthday
Megan’s daughter Morgan Lee Ketzner

Furthermore, Megan’s husband accepted her daughter to be one of their family members. In fact, Conrad frequently uploads pictures of his stepdaughter on his social media handle too.

Megan Fliehr’ Father Has Been In Multiple Relationships

In the past, Megan’s dad Ric Flair had been in a marital relationship five times and his past four relationships couldn’t go as he wanted. As discussed above, the wrestler first married Megan’s mother Leslie Goodman. They got hitched in 1971 and legally separated in 1983.

His second wife was Elizabeth Harrell. The exes walked down the aisle in 1983. However, ending their marital relationship after staying together for over a couple of decades in 2006. It is said that the second marriage lasted for a long period of time in Ric’s life.

And again for the third time, Megan’s father found his love and got married to the fitness competitor Tiffany VanDenark. The former flames exchanged their vows in 2006 and split in 2008.

For the fourth time, Ric got romantically linked with Jackie Beems and tied the knot with her in 2009. Just like his previous marriages this too ended in a divorce with the pair walking their separate ways in 2014.

The former WWE legend then married Wendy Barlow on 12 September 2018 in Florida. And as of 2022, the couple is still together. We hope this time it wouldn’t just end with parting ways.

Fliehr Has Accounts On Instagram And Facebook

Previously, several sources have claimed that Megan isn’t active on any social media platform. It was widely believed that she preferred to keep her life away from the media or to some extent it still is the truth.

She, however, does exist on Instagram under the name @mfliehr and her handle is also pretty open for general users. The catch though is Megan’s this account which has a little over 2000 followers has remained pretty inactive since 2020 and only has a couple of posts.

On the other hand, her husband is fairly active on every social media handle. Conrad has 47k followers on his Instagram and over 105k followers on Twitter as of 2022.

Insight On Megan’s Net Worth

The actress is estimated to have a net worth of $700,000 as of 2022. Besides, her husband Conrad has an estimated fortune of $5 million. Megan lives a lavish life with her husband and daughter.