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The Untold Truth about Mosley Thompson Manning, Peyton Manning Daughter

Mosley Thompson Manning is the daughter of Peyton Manning who is a former NFL quarterback. Peyton is praised for his record-breaking performance of securing 509 career touchdowns in NFL history. Besides having such a high-profile celebrity father, is Mosley’s mother also a renowned name? Who is Mosley Thompson Manning’s Mother?

The paternal bond between father and daughter duo is also something to look out for. Apart from this, many might not know but Mosley also has a twin sibling. So, who is her twin sibling? Furthermore, where is Mosley Thompson Manning now?

Well, Let’s explore some more interesting facts regarding the star kid’s life including her age, early life, cousins, net worth, and many more!

Who Is Mosley Thompson Manning? Age and Name Meaning

Mosley Thompson Manning is a star kid who was born on March 31, 2011, in Indianapolis. She is the daughter of Peyton Manning and Ashley Manning.  Mosley has one twin brother, Marshall William.

As of 2022, Mosley Thompson is 11 years old. The exact reason behind the name Mosley Thompson Manning is not known but most probably it is the maiden name of her mother.

The details about the star kid’s educational background are yet to be disclosed. However, seeing her age, we can assume she might be in middle school.

Mosley Thompson’s Family Tree and Ethnicity

Mosley is the granddaughter of Olivia Williams Manning and Archie Manning a professional football player. On Mosley’s mother’s side, her grandparents are Marsha Thompson and Bill Thompson. Likewise, the star kid’s great-grandfather Elisha Archibald Manning was originally from Mississippi.

Talking about Mosley’s ethnicity, she belongs to a mixed ethnic background as her father belongs to English and German root and her mother belong to Swiss, German, and French ethnicity.

Mosley Thompson Manning Cousin and Twin Sibling

Mosley Thompson has two uncles named Eli Manning and Copper Manning. Eli Manning is the father of  Lucy Thomas ManningAva Frances ManningCharles Elisha Manning, and Caroline Olivia Manning.

Likewise, Copper Manning is the father of Arch ManningMay Manning, and Heid Manning. So, altogether Mosley has seven cousins.

Mosley thompson Manning Twin sibling
Mosley Thompson Manning has a twin sibling named, Marshall Williams.

In fact, Mosley also has a twin brother Marshall Williams who shared the same birthday as his sister. Their parents kept the pregnancy news secret and also the birth of the twins was disclosed only after ten days to the public.

Who is Mosley Thompson Manning’s Biological Mother?

Well, as mentioned earlier, Mosley Thompson Manning’s mother is Ashley Thompson who was born on December 2nd, 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee. Ashley is the owner of her own real estate company and is a successful real estate businesswoman.

She is also a minority owner of her hometown NBA team, the Memphis Grizzlies, sharing partnerships with renowned celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Penny Hardaway.

Ashley Manning
Mosley Thompson Manning’s mother is a real estate businesswoman.

In the meantime, Ashley is also actively engaged in charity activities. She is the co-founder of the PeyBeck Foundation which she founded along with her spouse. The foundation works for underprivileged and at-risk youth in Louisiana, Indiana, and Tennessee. She raises funds for breast cancer as her mother lost her life due to same disease.

Besides, Mosley’s mother also helped the frontline workers in Tennessee during the COVID-19 outbreak by providing meals and other financial support.

Mosley’s Parents’ Relationship: Are They Still Together?

Well, the couple meet each other while Ashley was in town for visiting the university. Peyton and Ashley were next-door neighbors and Ashely was introduced by her parents to the university-level football player. The two instantly felt the spark and started dating each other quite a few months later.

The pair were committed to each other and maintained their long-distance relationship. Peyton played football for the University of Tennessee and his wife-to-be, Ashley went on to pursue a marketing and finance degree at the University of Virginia.

Mosley Thompson Manning's parents
Peyton Manning and Ashley Manning are together since their marriage.

After spending together for a time, the couple exchanged vows in Memphis on 17th March 2001. It’s been 21 years since their marriage and the couple is still together. Back in 2011, when Peyton had a major neck injury, he gave credit to his wife, Ashley for encouraging him and not letting him retire early.

Mosley Thompson Manning Nearly Steals the Show

Back in 2015, Peyton Manning won ESPYS for his 509th career touchdown in the NFL last season. When he was in the biggest spotlight of the night, his daughter Mosley Thompson Manning seemingly grabbed the attention of the public at the award show.

While the footballer was posing for a photo, Mosley clung to his leg and nearly stole the spotlight. The incident also shows that the father and daughter duo shares quite a good bonding. Peyton also thanked Mosley for being his date tonight, while he received the award from actress Rachel McAdams and actor Kiefer Sutherland.

How Rich Are Mosley Thompson Manning’s Parents?

Mosley is lavishly living her life as both of her parents are quite successful in their respective careers. Mosley’s father, Peyton has an estimated net worth of $250 million as of 2022. The footballer has earned the majority of his income from his successful football career. Likewise, her mother is also working as a successful businesswoman and has an estimated net worth of $ 2 million as of 2022.