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Thomas Seyfried Sadoski: Untold Facts About Amanda Seyfried’s Son

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski is a celebrity kid and media personality who is mostly known for being the son of a popular TV actress Amanda Seyfried. His mom is better known for her acting in Mean Girls where the actress played the role of Karen Smith.

He is the second child born to Amanda and her hubby Thomas Sadoski. Like his mother, his father Thomas is also an actor. Besides, Thomas also has an elder sister Nina Seyfried Sadoski from his parent’s marriage. However, his mom and dad are very secretive when it comes to talking about Thomas and his sista in public. So, people are curious to know more about Sadoski including his birthday, upbringing as a star kid, and more.

Let’s explore every fact of Amanda Seyfried’s son Thomas in the following article!

When Was Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Born? Details on His Age And More

Thomas was born on 29th September 2020. He is the youngest son of Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski. Similarly, talking about his age, the star kid is 1 year old and will celebrate his 2nd birthday on 29th September of this year.

Moreover, Thomas’s parents announced his birth in an Instagram post with INARA and War Child USA where her mother wrote,

“Since the birth of our daughter 3 years ago our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally affected by conflict and war has been a driving force in our lives,”

She further added,

“With the birth of our son, the work of INARA and War Child has become our North Star.”

As for his grandparents, he is the grandson of Ann Seyfried and Jack Seyfried from his mother’s side. His paternal grandparents are Mark Sadoski and Carol Sadoski. Thomas also has an aunt named Jennifer Seyfried.

His Name Meaning And Ethnicity

The celebrity son Thomas Seyfried-Sadoski shares the same name as his father. Thomas comes from the Hebrew word ‘ta’om’ which means twin.

Talking about his ethnicity, Seyfried-Sadoski is of mixed ancestry as his parents are of different racial backgrounds. His father has some Polish, Italian, German, Swedish, and English ancestry whereas his mother has German, Scottish, Swiss-German, Northern Irish, English, and a smaller amount of Welsh and French in her background.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski Sister Nina Seyfried Sadoski

The star kid is blessed to have an elder sister Nina Seyfried Sadoski born in 2017. She is 5 years old as of 2022 and 3 and a half years older than Thomas. Likewise, while giving birth to Nina, Thomas’s mother went through 24-hour labor, in which she spent most of her labor time in her home. In an interview, Amanda opened up about her pregnancy saying,

“I keep feeling like my eggs are dying off and need to get on it… I want a child. Badly. I want to be a mother, badly. I’m not ready but nobody’s ready. It changes everything… so how you can ever be ready for that?”

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski's mother Amanda Seyfried with her daughter Nina
Thomas’s sister Nina and his mom Amanda

According to their parents, both of the kids love spending time together and share a great bond. His sister must be very happy to have a little brother with whom she can play around.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski’s Mother Wasn’t Sure Of Having Him

Amanda wanted to wait for some years before having Thomas so that she could give more of her time to her baby girl. In an interview with People, she revealed,

 “I want to get pregnant again, but I’m not ready just yet to have a second. I would like my daughter to be in school and then have my own time with a new baby.

However, things barely go as per plan. The same could be said for the actress. She even admitted, stating,

“But it’s so hard to plan.”

Thomas Now Lives With His Parents And Grandmother

As we said earlier his grandmother has been taking care of Thomas Seyfried-Sadoski as a nanny from the day he was born. As both of his parents are very busy people, Thomas has been spending most of his time with his grandmother.

Seyfried’s mom opened up about what it’s like living with her mother and told,

“My mom lives with us — she’s our nanny. My life is awesome because she is the third parent for us. I am so lucky — I know I am,”

Amanda further said,

When my daughter gets up, she either comes in our room or she goes downstairs. And if we’re still sleeping it’s great, ’cause she can hang out with my mom. She wakes up early.”

His grandmother is also happy as she is spending most of her time with her two lovely grandchildren.

Amanda Seyfried’s Son Sadoski Seyfried Lives A Farm Life

Thomas and his family live on the farm which is reportedly located in upstate New York. He must love his farm life as we can see that his mom is constantly posting about her son playing with the animals.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski enjoying his time in his farm house.
The celebrity son of Amanda loves playing with his pet animals.

The future star is a typical farm boy and alongside his elder sister enjoys spending time with their pet animals which include goats, cows, donkeys, and horses.

How did Thomas Seyfried Sadoski’s Parents Meet?

Thomas’s parents Amanda and Thomas first met on the set of The Way We Get By in 2015. The duo presumably started seeing each other a couple of months later. However, it didn’t go unseen as their fans speculated about the pair being in a relationship. Though it wasn’t until March 2016 that Thomas’s parents went public about dating one another.

Similarly, the lovebirds further shared the same stage when they co-starred next to each other in the movie The Last World released in 2017.

His Father and Mother Exchanged Their Vows In Topanga

Shortly after Thomas’s parents started dating each other, the couple got engaged in September 2016. Similarly, the couple tied their knot on 12th March 2017 in a private ceremony held in Topanga.

They have been married for 5 years now. We also hope that the pair will be together and their bond will only get stronger with time.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski parents Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski enjoying their time together
The star kid parents: Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski

On the other hand, Thomas’s father was previously in a marital relationship with a woman named Kimberly Hope. They were together for almost 8 years but got separated in October 2015. Likewise, his mother Amanda had dated multiple stars in the past including Desmond Harrington, Dominic Cooper, and Justin Long.

Thomas Seyfried Sadoski’s Lifestyle & Net Worth

Although we cannot estimate Thomas’s net worth as he is just 2 years old in 2022, we can be sure that he is living a very comfortable life considering who his parents are.

Meanwhile, his mother has an estimated net worth of around $16 million whereas his father is roughly worth around $4 million. They have accumulated their fortune from their career as an actor.