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Tony Campisi-Details On Kathy Bates’ Former Actor Husband; His Full Bio

Tony Campisi is an American actor, primarily known for works in Spider-Man 2 (2004), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, & others. Moreover, Campisi is also famous as the ex-husband of academy award-winning actress Kathy Bates.

Campisi and his ex-wife Kathy were together for nearly a decade but ended up their relationship in 1997. But what was the reason for their separation? Did Tony marry again after his split from his spouse? Where is the ex-celebrity spouse now?

Here we have come with all the answers to your questions. Also, take a look at the rumors and controversies regarding Tony’s death and many more!

Tony Campisi’s Early Life

Tony Campisi was born in Texas, United States. However, the details about his parents and early childhood are yet to be revealed. Talking about his ethnicity, Campisi belongs to the Caucasian ethnical group.

On the other hand, Tony’s wife, Kathy Bates was born on June 28th, 1928 in Tennessee. Bates is the youngest daughter of a mechanical engineer, Langdon Doyle. She later moved to New York to pursue a career in acting.

Campisi Began His Acting Career in the 1970s: His Movies and TV Credits

The multi-talented actor Tony’s career began to rise after his appearance in the 1986 TV series Matlock. In the same year, Campisi worked as a sound editor for the movie, Invaders from Mars and P.O.W. the Escape.

His other work includes Two Idiots in Hollywood and Exiled in America (1992). A Home of Our Own (1993), Tyson (995), Green Plaid Shirt (1996), and The Day Before (2000). He portrayed the character of Lloyd Foster in the latter one.

Additionally, Tony got further limelight after being featured in the 2004 Blockbuster movie Spider-Man 2, as a Train Passenger.

Tony Campisi wife was Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates’ ex-husband Tony Campisi

In addition to his big roles in movies, Kathy Bates’s ex-husband, Tony also worked in the TV series Days of Our Lives (1993-2003) and Blue Blood (2013). His most notable TV series appearances are Law and Order: Special Victim Unit (2000-2022), where the actor appeared as Judge Gutierrez.

Furthermore, Campisi has also worked in various TV sitcoms such as Living and Working In Space, Brooklyn Bridge, and EZ Streets.

Tony and His Ex-Wife Kathy Bates Worked Together In A Movie

Campisi and his former wife Kathy worked together in the 1993 movie, A Home of Our Own. In this movie, his ex-spouse Bates portrayed the character of a widow, Frances Lacey, while Tony played a guy named Norman. The movie has a 7.3 rating on IMDb.

How Did Tony and Kathy Bates Meet? Their Wedding Details

As mentioned earlier, Tony Campisi came into the media limelight after dating Hollywood actress, Kathy Bates. But, even after being engaged in the same profession, the two didn’t meet on any movie sets.

In fact, they were introduced to each other through a mutual friend who arranged a play ticket for them as it would be great to introduce both of them. The friendship gradually turned into romance and they started dating soon.

Tony with his ex-wife
Tony Campisi With her former partner Kathy Bates

After dating for a year, Tony and her then-wife Kathy exchanged their vows in 1991, the same year Kathy also won an Oscar. Even though they didn’t have any children, they had great mutual bonding.

Tony and His Then-Wife Kathy Divorced After 6 Years Of Their Marriage

The former couple was together for several years. However, the exes had to spend time apart from each other because of their professional commitments which gradually strained their marital relationship.

Further, Kathy’s new life as a high-profile star status after winning an Academy Award added fuel to the fire. The relationship between Tony and his then-wife Kathy, unfortunately, came to an end in 1997 after several misunderstandings.

In addition to that, living life in his wife’s shadow had made Tony in this situation. Many conclude that the reason for being apart may be Kathy Bates not mentioning the name of his husband in the Thank-you speech after winning the academy award.

Several years later in 2014, the actress recalled that day and said in an interview with New York Times,

I wish I could do it all over again. I didn’t thank my mother probably, I didn’t thank my husband who was in the audience at that time… We’re no longer married and I’m not sure that was it.

Did Tony Marry Again After His Divorce?

After his divorce from his ex-wife Kathy Bates, Tony lived his life away from the media limelight and there were no rumors or controversies regarding his dating life. On another hand, his ex-wife Kathy Bates didn’t marry again but the actress was in a relationship with a British actor Bernard Hill once.

Tony Campisi’s Ex-Wife is an Academy Award Winning Actress

The Academy Award-winning actress, Kathy Bates is one of the most recognized faces in the entertainment world. Over the years, Bates has worked in numerous hit movies and TV shows.

But, in fact, Kathy initially had to struggle a lot to get a role in movies. She recalled her old days while talking with New York Times,

“I’m not a stunning woman. I never was an ingenue; I’ve always just been a character actor. When I was younger it was a real problem, because I was never pretty enough for the roles that other young women were being cast in.

Her best performance in the 1990’s American horror movie, Misery gave her a breakthrough in Hollywood. The movie was based on the book by Stephen King and even got a commercial hit. She won Oscar for her role in this movie.

She also got 3 more nominations for best-supporting actress in Oscar in 1999, 2003, and 2020. Apart from academy awards nominations and winning, the actress has won 11 Primetime Emmy Awards for her roles in different movies.

Tony Campisi wife
Reunion of Titanic Cast, Kate Winslet( left) and Kathy Bates (right)

Her other works include Straight Time (1978), Annie (1999), Titanic (1997), The Office (2009), Midnight in Paris (2011), and several more.

Tony Campisi’s Death Rumors

The multitalented actor Tony was rumored to be dead by many reports. In fact, Campisi is still alive. But, the rumors about his death only spread out after the person who happened to have the same name as Tony passed away back in 2010. Actually, the guy who died was Anthony Sebastian ‘tony’ Campise who was a Jazz musician.

Campisi’s Lap of Luxury:  Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Tony luxuriously lives his life. His estimated net worth is around $6 million in 2022. He had earned this fortune from his acting and musical career.