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Unknown Facts About Debbie Higgins: The Late Ex-wife Of Phil McGraw

Debbie Higgins was the ex-wife of TV personality and author Phillip Calvin McGraw. Her then-husband is better recognized as Dr. Phil and is known for hosting the talk show Dr. Phil. Nonetheless, Debbie also has her personality as an editor.

Besides, Debbie and her husband Dr. Phil were in a marital relationship for only three years. So, what was the reason behind their separation? and did they share any kids?

Hence, this article will examine all of the facts and information related to Debbie. Furthermore, we will also look into the details regarding her age, bio, career, and even the cause of her death. So, let’s get started!

Early Life Of Debbie Higgins: She Was Born In Las Vegas

Debbie Higgins was born Deborah Higgins McCall in the early 1950s in Las Vegas, US. She is the daughter of Georgia Swartz (mother), but her father’s information is yet to be revealed.

Similarly, she had two siblings, a sister Linda Craft and a brother Bill Higgins. Besides, she had American nationality and was of White ethnic descent.

Moreover, talking about her education status, Higgins attended Shawnee Mission North High School in Overland Park. It is the same high school where she met her ex-husband, Dr. Phil. Later, she went to the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Dr. Phil was born on September 1, 1950, in Vinita, Oklahoma, U.S. He is 72 years old as of 2022.

The TV star grew up alongside his two older sisters in his hometown. Further, he graduated from Midwestern State University in 1975 and earned a B.A. certificate in psychology.

Debbie Higgins Was An Editor/Producer: Her Professional Career

Phillip Calvin McGraw’s ex-wife Debbie has one credit as an editor in the TV films Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence (2013). Similarly, she has also worked as a producer in the short movie, Morning Monsters.

Further, Higgins has also worked in the Documentary named Christy Mathewson Day. Additionally, Dr. Phil also appeared in the Scary Movie (2006).

Debbie Higgins’ Former Spouse Dr. Phil Is A Host: A Look Into His Professional Life

After earning the certificate of his doctorate, Phil started to work with his father in Wichita Falls, Texas at the private psychology practice. In 1991, the host sold his share in the company for $325,000.

Later, in 1990, Phil co-founded Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (CSI) alongside lawyer Gary Dobbs. The TV show named Bull is also based on Dr. Phil’s trial consultant experience, and he even has the credit of the creators of that series.

Debbie Higgins' husband is recognized as the TV host for the talk show Dr. Phil
Debbie’s ex-husband Dr. Phil

Not long after that, he started working with Oprah Winfrey through CSI in the mid-90s. McGraw’s CSI means his legal consulting firm CSI was hired to prepare Oprah for the Amarillo Texas beef trial.

Similarly, his work provided Winfrey a victory in that case. Later, she even invited him to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The episode was so successful that he started to make weekly appearances as a relationship and life strategy expert.

Likewise, producer Winfrey even helped him to launch his own syndicated daily show named Dr. Phil in 2002 with the help of her Harpo Studios. Similarly, moving to the present, the talk show has released a total of 21 seasons to date.

Debbie Higgins And Her Ex-Husband Dr. Phil McGraw Were High-School Love Birds: When Did They Marry?

As said before, the two had been in a relationship since high school. At that time, Debbie used to be a beautiful cheerleader, and her ex-husband Phil was a football player. The former flames were in their 20s at the time of their marriage.

Henceforth, in 1970, Debbie Higgins and her then-husband Dr. Phil exchanged their vows at the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church. However, their marital relationship lasted for only three years.

Why Did Debbie And Her Former Husband Dr. Phil’s Relationship Ended With Divorce?

In 1973, the former flames decided to part ways. As per Debbie, the author Phil had been always domineering and didn’t let her be involved in any family business. She even accused him saying, she was instructed to begin lifting weights to improve her bustline and confined to domestic duties.

The other reason that Debbie seek divorce was her husband having extra affairs at the time of their marriage. Sources even suggest that Phil didn’t deny the allegations that were made by his late ex-wife.

Did They Share Any Kids?

Many of you may be wondering whether or not the exes had shared any kids while still being married to one another. Well to tell you the truth, despite being in a marital relationship for three years, Debbie and her ex-partner Phil never shared any children.

Did Debbie Re-Marry After Their Divorce? What About Her Ex-Husband?

After her separation from Phil, Debbie Higgins married a man named Tony Burasco. However, Debbie never disclosed the details of her new relationship including their dating history, and marriage.

Aside from that, they shared two children a daughter named Marci McCall Burasco and a son Jeff McCall Burasco. Further, she also had two step-children, David and Kim Burasco.

On the other hand, Dr. Phil met and started dating the actress Robin Jo Jameson. Moreover, Debbie’s ex-husband McGraw and his new partner Robin walked down the aisle in 1976. Three years later, in 1979, they even welcomed their first son Jay McGraw likewise, their second son Jordan McGraw was born in 1986.

Debbie Higgins former husband Dr. Phil has been in a blissful marital relationship
Higgins’ ex-husband Dr. Phil with his current family

Debbie Higgins Passed Away: Cause Of Death

Debbie lost her life to cancer on September 14, 2014. The information was revealed by her brother Bill. Unfortunately, to everyone’s concern, the exact type of cancer is yet to be disclosed.

Likewise, the editor was 63 years old at the time of her passing. All of her family members were by her side including her husband, kids, and her siblings.

Was Debbie Higgins Active On Social Media Like Facebook?

Debbie Higgins wasn’t active on Facebook. In fact, she never got involved in any social media handle be it Instagram, Twitter or others. Besides, her ex-husband is active on Instagram under the name @drphil with over 1 million followers.

Debbie Heggins Net Worth

Debbie Heggins had a net worth of $500,000 till 2014. She mainly earned her wealth as an editor. Apart from that, there isn’t any specific professional career of Debbie’s.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Dr. Phil has an estimated fortune of $460 million as of 2022.