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Unknown facts about Ernest Ray Lynn

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Ernest Ray Lynn came to the spotlight as the son of famous American Country singer Loretta Lynn who is well-known for groundbreaking records in the country music industry.

The old-school singer has been active in the industry for several decades and rarely ever talked about his marriage life. He has one daughter but who is her mother? Who is Ernest Ray Lynn’s wife?

Today we will learn all the known and unknown facts about his personal life.

Ernest Ray Lynn’s Early life

He was born on May 27, 1951, in Kentucky, the United States. His parents are Oliver Lynn and famous country singer Loretta Lynn. He is the third child among his five siblings Betty Sue Lynn, Jack Benny Lynn, Clara Marie Lynn, Peggy Jean Lynn, and Patsy Ellen Lynn.

In his early years, Ernie grew up with a struggling stay-at-home mom who spent her free time canning beans and cleaning the house. He attended high school at the School of Hard Knocks. Other educational details are not disclosed to the media. When he was young he was a bit mean and always used to get into car wrecks. As of 2022, he is 68 years old.

Who is his famous mother?

His mother Loretta Lynn is an American country singer/songwriter. She is a well-known singer with a career spanning over six decades. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards and accolades such as Grammy Awards for playing a vital role in groundbreaking country music.

His mother began singing in local clubs in the 1950s and even formed her own band. During one of her performances, she was found by a Canadian company president who later arranged a recording session for her in Hollywood. She later went on to tour the country to promote her songs.

Her breakthrough came in 1967 with her song Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin (With Lovin’ on Your Mind). Her album became one of the first albums by a female country singer to reach sales of 500,000 copies. After that, she became a huge hit country artist and flourished in her career. She even released her 50th studio album, Still Woman Enough on March 19, 2021.

Ernest Ray Lynn’s Marital Status: Who is his wife?

Ernest is currently married to his wife Crystal Lynn. The duo seems to be very much in love and celebrate their anniversary every 1st of September. Not many details are known about their first meeting or their wedding year.

Further, on August 30 2020 the happy couple renewed their vows of marriage amidst their family and close friends.

Earnest Ray Lynn's Wife
Ernie’s second wife Crystal Lynn.

His wife is a digital content creator and also works alongside him on his mother’s ranch. Although they have been married for quite a while the pair do not have any known children. Currently, the duo resides in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Who is Ernest’s first wife?

Ernest first met his ex-wife Cindy Plemons through his sister Cissy when they were younger. His sister was good friends with his ex-lover since they were young girls. When his sister brought Cindy home he immediately took a liking to her.

Earnest Ray Lynn's Ex-Wife
His Ex-Wife Cindy Plemons.

They say it was love at first sight and the pair was head over heels for each other in a short period. The couple tied the knot when they were 18 years of age but the marriage wasn’t meant to last as they went through a divorce 3-years later around the time their daughter was born. They shared a friendly relationship with each other for their daughter’s sake until Cindy passed away on July 8, 2018.

Ernest Ray Lynn’s Daughter is also a singer

His daughter Tayla Lynn was born on 18th October 2019 in the United States. She attended Franklin High School. His daughter seems to have followed the family path when it comes to her career as she is a singer/ songwriter.

Although his daughter lived with her mother from a young age, she seems to have a good bond with her dad Earnie as well. She often posts pictures with him on her social media. Moreover, his baby girl is also quite close to her stepmother.

Earnest Ray Lynn's Daughter
Ernie’s only child, Tayla.

Besides, Ernie’s daughter is a married woman. She got married to Jon Cody Finger on April 6th, 2012 in Italy. His son-in-law is VP of Sales and Business Operations. She goes by the name Tayla Lynn Finger after her marriage. His daughter has two sons with her husband.

Ernest Ray Lynn Career

Most of the time celebrity kids follow in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to their career paths. Likewise, Ernie was already influenced by his mother from a young age and grew up knowing a lot about the music industry and show business. Ernest eventually joined the family business by becoming a singer.

Although his music career isn’t as well-known as his mother’s, he is a good singer. He often shares the stage with his mother and opens shows for her. Not much other detail is known about his career timeline. Ernie also was part of the documentary series, Pop! Goes the Country (1974) and American Masters (1985).

As of now, he often joins his daughter who is also a singer in show performances. Other than his music career, he also works at Loretta’s ranch with his second wife. He seems to be there all year round except for the time when he’s performing.

His DUI Controversy

Ernest once got into a car crash with his then-friend Larry Thomas Claxton. While driving his 1974 Jaguar on October 4th, 2003 he lost control and drove off a road near his mother’s ranch. Unfortunately during the crash, his friend passed away and he was charged with driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.

He pleaded not guilty and his late friend’s wife refused to pursue the case any further so he was released on a $10,000 bond. It was one of the most horrible times in his life and Ernie still carries the guilt of it all to this day. Previously he was also charged with another DUI in March 2000.

Ernest Ray Lynn Social Media Presence

Unlike his mother, wife, and daughter who are quite active on social media platforms, Ernest isn’t that active, although he has a Facebook account named Ernie Lynn where he posts occasionally.

Besides that, he doesn’t seem to be active on any other platforms. Maybe he’s too busy with his career to actually care about online platforms.

His Net Worth

Ernest has an estimated net worth of about $3 million to $5 million as of 2022. His primary source of income comes from his career as a country artist.

Meanwhile, his mother has a net worth of $65 million. She accumulated her wealth through her career of six decades as a well-known country singer/songwriter.