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Unknown Facts About Ranae Shrider! Ex-Girlfriend Of Late Actor Verne Troyer

Ranae Shrider is a model and actress who came to the limelight due to her relationship with the renowned late actor, stunt performer, and comedian Verne Troyer. Her ex-boyfriend is best recognized as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers franchise.

Aside from their professional life, Ranae and her former boyfriend Verne were in a toxic relationship. According to her, Verne was a heavy drinker and would always treat her badly.

In addition to their strained relationship, let’s explore every bit of Raner’s personal life including her age, career, wiki, and more.

Ranae Shrider Was Born In Kentucky; Details On Her Early Life And Age

According to various online tabloids, the model was born on September 22, 1985, in Kentucky, United States. Similarly, she is 37 years old as of 2022. Apart from this, Ranae was adopted and grew up in a broken home. She had a very rough childhood and felt like she never belonged.

Ranae Shrider parent's details are still unknown
Ranae looked like this when she was a child.

However, the identity of her parents and siblings is still unknown. Likewise, talking about Ranae’s ethnicity, she belongs to a White racial background and has American nationality.

Although she has kept details about her personal life far from the media outlets, we could find that she was interested in acting from an early age.

Is Ranae Shrider Mistaken With The Actress Ranae Shepherd? Her Career Details

It isn’t a mistake that Ranae Shrider is an actress. Well, to make things more clear, her IMDb name is Ranae Shepherd. She is mainly known for her role in TV shows including Heatherbrained!CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationPrend Time, and many more.

Ranae Shrider is an actress and a model by profession
Ranae is an actress and a model.

Her other acting credits include Desperate HousewivesUgly BettyTrue Blood, and New Girl.

On June 28, 2021, Ranae was also promoted to Managing Vice President at IST Management. They even uploaded it on their official website with the starting line,

“Congratulations Ranae Shepherd, Promoted to Managing Vice President in Los Angeles!”

However, there is no specific information about when she joined the company.

Ranae ‘s Toxic Relationship With The Actor Verne Troyer

Ranae and her then-boyfriend Troyer started dating in 2007. Further, talking about their first meet, the two came across a New Year’s Eve party organized by the late Playboy boss Hugh Hefner at his Hollywood mansion.

According to the model, she didn’t have feelings for Verne at their first meeting, and when he asked for her phone number she gave it to him as a joke. The next day, Troyer called her at 10 am and she, eventually, agreed to meet him for the first time out of interest.

Ranae explained their first date saying,

“Our first date was at his house. We just watched American Idol and played video games. Back then Verne was living in a guesthouse at the back of his manager’s house.”

Ranae Shrider and her ex-lover Verne Troyer
Ranae with her late ex-boyfriend Verne Troyer

After their first meeting, Ranae started visiting his house every evening. Similarly, they even had their first kiss after the first few dates. She disclosed the moment, “We were lying on the bed and I just leaned over and kissed him.”

Everything was going fine in their relationship until Ranae found her beau Verne to be a drunkard. Similarly, he used to misbehave and sexually assault Shrider, that’s why she was disappointed with him.

She Worked As A Waitress To Pay Half Of The Rent While Living Together With Her Ex-Partner Verne

Their relationship wasn’t a smooth ride, Verne was a sex addict and he always wanted Ranae to be his slave. She was like a ‘charity work’, meaning she was only the one doing things for Verne’s sake.

Whenever she disagree with being involved in sexual attachment with Verne, he used to threaten her saying,

‘If we were not having sex we could never be anything more than friends.’

Most importantly, when they started living together, she had to pay half of the rent of their house. At that time she had to do odd jobs like a waitress in a fast-food restaurant. The amount she paid every month was £1,100.

Separation: Ranae And Troyer’s Private Video Got Leaked

After facing many difficulties while in a relationship with Verne, Ranae finally decided to move on and eventually got separated from him in 2008. Many said the reason behind their split was because the home movie Verne filmed of them having sex got viral on social media.

But, according to PageSix, in an interview with Ranae Shrider said,

“I would do full nude, yeah, because you can do that tastefully and classy, and we were all born naked.”

So, probably this wasn’t the reason behind their separation. It was Ranae’s idea to make the tape just to fix her toxic relationship with Verne. But, despite solving the problem, the short clip ruined her personal and professional life.

Similarly, in an interview with Mirror, while she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, she said Verner would always boss her around. She explained stating,

“In the morning I would have to lay out all his fan mail in an assembly line. He would make me read them to him.”

She further added,

“Then he would sign a picture of himself and put it in an envelope to be sent back to the fan. I would then have to take all these letters to the post office.”

Was Ranae Shrider Dating Anyone Before Verne: Her Boyfriend Was In A Marital Relationship For A Day

After she grabbed media attention as the girlfriend of the actor Verne Troyer, many people speculated, if she dated anyone before him. Well, there isn’t any clear information about her previous relationship. So, probably she was single before 2008.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend was in a marital relationship with the yoga instructor Genevieve Gallen. The two reportedly dated for around two years before walking down the aisle on January 22, 2004, at a Beverly Hills courthouse.

Ranae Shrider's former partner verne was in marital relationsihp with Genevieve only for a day
Ranae’s ex-partner Verne with his ex-wife Genevieve Gallen

However, their marriage was short-lived. The former flames were in a marital relationship for just 24 hours. They divorced after being in a marital relationship for only a matter of a day.

On the other hand, Verne tried to claim that he never married Genevieve. Despite the claims, their marriage certificate and license proved him wrong and according to the evidence, their wedding was held in Los Angeles County Superior Court which was signed by Judge Richard Stone.

Life Of Ranae’s Boyfriend After Splitting With Verne Troyer: Is She Into Any New Relationship?

As we all know, after the sex tape of Ranae’s got viral on the internet her life was ruined. She thought she had no self-worth at all. Similarly, she was a Hollywood cast off, desperate for someone to love. So, she came to LA looking for a fresh start.

Similarly, a model named William Shepherd also came to California for a similar reason. Ranae and William first met at a party, in 2012. Likewise, their desperation brought them together. This time around, it was a perfect match for both of them. Ranae wanted someone to love and her now-husband Will wanted a place to stay.

Unfortunately, her husband Will was a drug addict. Nevertheless, after staying in a relationship for some time, Will stopped taking drugs. Further, Ranae noticed that wasn’t the only thing different about him. Will began to have a lot softer heart. She said,

‘He started to not be so angry. He started to be kinder to me.’

According to Ranae, Will started taking her out for a date and showed her the meaning of true love. Two years later, in 2014, the couple exchanged vows. Currently, the couple is leading a blissful marital relationship and reportedly they are also parents to three kids.

Ranae Shrider and her husband Will are leading a blissful marital relationship
Ranae Shepherd married her husband Will

On the other side, her now late ex-partner Verne was in multiple relationships after parting ways with Shrider. In 2008, there was a rumor about Verne dating Lynsey Nordstrom. The following year, in 2009, he was in a relationship with the British actress Chanelle Hayes.

Similarly, after that, he and a woman named Yvette Monet were romantically linked. Like all his past relationships, this also didn’t last long and the pair eventually got separated.

Know About Her Former Boyfriend Verne’s Professional Career

The 2’8″ tall Verne Troyer was an actor. He made his debut in the film Baby’s Day Out (1994). For his first show, he was approached by the president of Little People of America to play the role of a stunt double for an infant character.

Ranae Shrider's ex-partner Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer was a stunt performer

Aside from that, he came to the limelight after his appearance in the TV series Austin Powers as Mini-Me. Furthermore, the late actor has worked on TV projects including Men in BlackDunston Checks In, My Giant, Jingle All the Way, and many more.

Ranae Shrider’s Then Beau Died Of Alcohol Overdose

On April 21, 2018, Ranae’s ex-boyfriend committed suicide. He was 49 years old at the time. Similarly, as per the report of an autopsy given by the Los Angeles County medical examiner, he died due to suicide by alcohol poisoning. The report further stated he had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol content in his blood.

Later, Verne’s spokesperson uploaded a status on his social media page about his passing and gave a message talking about his depression. His rep cited,

 “Over the years he’s struggled and won, struggled and won, struggled and fought some more, but unfortunately this time was too much, Depression and suicide are very serious issues. You never know what kind of battle someone is going through inside. Be kind to one another. And always know, it’s never too late to reach out to someone for help.”

Many of his fans/well-wishers have mourned his passing and even commented on the post saying, “may his soul rest in peace.”

Ranae Shrider’s Net Worth

Ranae Shrider’s net worth is $500,000 as of 2022. Her hard work and dedication towards her multiple careers like acting, modeling, and Managing Vice President post gave her good fortune.

Besides Ranae’s wealth, her late ex-partner Verne had a net worth of $150,000 before he died.

Is Ranae Shrider Active On Any Social Media Handles?

Ranae Shrider isn’t active on any social media handles. Her now husband Will is also not available on any of the platforms. So, it has become a concern to many about what she and her partner have been doing in their day-to-day life. But, it is safe to say that the couple is very close to each other, and is leading a blissful marital relationship.